Trump Dossier Analysis

Corroborating Evidence in the Trump/Russia Dossier

Scott J. Dworkin
Co-Founder & Senior Advisor
The Democratic Coalition

February 20, 2017
Page 1

Item to note:
● Dossier claims Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry
Peskov had a file on Hillary Clinton
Photos: Dmitry Peskov is the spokesman for the
Kremlin as described in the dossier (middle) with Aras
Agalarov-the Russian billionaire who paid Trump to
have Miss Universe in Moscow.
Page 7

Items to note:
● Dossier claims Paul Manafort & Carter Page were
colluding w/Russians
● Dossier claims Wikileaks is a front for the Kremlin
● Dossier claims Russia had moles within the Dem
● Former Trump Adviser Carter Page was in Russia
multiple times during & after the campaign
● Carter Page did an interview with ABC News in
February 2017 during which he denies he's the
middleman in Russia
● Photo: Carter Page on the Russia Today
network-Russia’s propaganda network
Page 9

Items to note:
● Dossier claims Carter Page met with CEO of
Russian oil company Rosneft Igor Sechin & with
Igor Diveykin-a Russian intelligence officer
● Yahoo News confirms Carter Page met with
Russian oil CEO of Rosneft, Igor Sechin-as
described in the dossier
● Carter Page wrote a blog post defending Russian
oil company Rosneft’s CEO Igor Sechin-the same
person as in dossier
Page 15
Items to note:
● Dossier claims Kremlin funded trips for Michael
Flynn, Dr. Jill Stein & Carter Page
● Dossier claims Kremlin underestimated liberal
reaction to DNC Hack
Video: General Flynn was paid by Russia Today, the
propaganda network-he confirms and defends the
payment in this video:
Video: Gen Flynn gave Putin standing
ovation-Flynn was paid by Putin to be there-as in

Photos: Michael Flynn, Dr. Jill Stein & Putin at an
event in Moscow that they were paid by Russia
Today Network to be at. Exactly how it’s
described in the dossier.
Page 20

Item to note:
● Dossier claims ex-Ukrainian President
Yanukovych told Putin he paid Manafort money
● Paul Manafort was paid $12.7 million in cash by
pro-Russian, Ukrainian leaders-as alleged in the
dossier-below is a ledger presented by the
country of Ukraine as evidence against Manafort
Page 23

Item to note:
● Dossier claims Russian diplomat was sent back to
Russia because of his links to the US election
hack by Russia
● Russian diplomat in dossier-Mikhail Kulagin-was
sent back to Russia in August of 2016
Pages 25-6

Items to note:
● Dossier claims Alpha Group/Bank is close w/Putin
● Dossier claims Mikhail Fridman & Petr Aven
advise Putin on US
● Dossier claims Putin traveled with Oleg Govorun
to Uzbekistan
● Dossier claims Alpha Group hasn’t given Russia
the money it was supposed to after their TNK oil
sale to Rosneft
● Alpha Group/Bank is VERY close with Putin-just
as described in dossier
● The Alpha/Alfa Bank in the dossier-is the same
bank with an alleged Russian server
communicating with Trump Towers
● Photos: Mikhail Fridman & Putin; Petr Aven of the
Alpha Group & Putin-mentioned in dossier as
advisors on US issues to Putin. They are indeed
advisors to Putin

● Putin went to Uzbekistan in the same
timeframe as described in the dossier
● Alfa Group ran TNK Oil sale as described in
dossier & sold it to Rosneft-the Russian oil
Page 27

Item to note:
● Dossier claims Russian Aras Agalarov is close to
● Trump is close to Aras Agalarov just as described
in the dossier.
● Trump was paid $20,000,000 by Russian Aras
Agalarov- in the dossier it said Agalarov was
close to Trump.
Pages 30-1
Item to note
● Dossier claims Rosneft CEO offered Carter Page
19% of Rosneft sale if sanctions lifted
● Rosneft sold 19.5% of the company & the dossier
stated it would be sold for 19% if Trump lifted
Russian sanctions
● One of the companies Rosneft sold to is the Qatar
Investment Authority which via Qatar Airways had
offices in Trump Towers for years
● Photos: Trump/Ivanka/Melania w/CEO of Qatar
Airways-owned by Qatar Investment Authority
which bought part of Rosneft months ago
Pages 34-5
Item to note:
● Dossier claims Oleg Solodukhin runs Russian
NGO in Prague
● Oleg Solodukhin does indeed run the NGO in the
dossier out of Prague, Czech Rep.