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A Possible Reconciliation Of Genesis And The Big Bang Theory

By Ronald H. Brady

Music and Math meet in a path

that leads to an appreciation
of the Divine.
References to mathematical calculations
and musical celebrations
in the Kabbalah you will find.

Section I

In this section we will present a possible reconciliation of the

six days of creation, as described in the book of Genesis, with
the time-line of the development of the Universe (of several
billion years) as described in the Big Bang Theory. The author
will also discuss,in this section, his theory of Topological
Theological Cosmology (TTC). This is a theory that features an
application of topological concepts to theology and cosmology.

The theory of TTC involves the topological identification of the

solution set of a (possibibly infinite) system of interconnected
governing Partial Differential Equations (PDE’s) and/or Ordinary
Differential Equations (ODE’s) with the activity of an all
knowing and all powerful Supreme Being. It will be recalled that
the solution of a PDE (or an ODE) of Mathematical Physics
describes the time evolution (or the present and future
activity) of the associated physical system. Therefore the
(topological) identification of one set of activities with
another is not an unreasonable basis for an axiomatic

The interconnected set of PDE’s and/or ODE’s, referred to above,

is postulated to govern the behavior of all objects whose mass
and/or energy ranges all the way from the microscopic (or sub-
atomic) level to the cosmological scale. We theorize that this is
equivalent to accepting by faith the existence of a Supreme
Being who governs the behavior of all objects whose mass and/or
energy ranges all the way from the microscopic (or sub-atomic)
level to the cosmological scale.

This section will also present a possible answer, expressed

purely in scientific terms, to the question: what is the meaning
of the Universe?
The Universe is believed to have started with a Big Bang! This
event is believed to have occurred about 13.75 Billion years ago
according to a well researched article in (ref.W.1, p.1).
Initially the temperature of the Universe was extremely high:
approximately 100 Billion degrees K (Crisp, p.1). The Universe
continued to rapidly expand after the Big Bang. This resulted in
a cooling of the temperature of the Universe thus allowing for
the formation of matter.

Under the action of the force of gravity the matter began to

clump together. This was a prelude to the formation of the
galaxies, stars and planets.

The age of the Solar System has been estimated to be 4.6 Billion
years (, p.1). Most astrophysicists believe
that the sun and the planets were formed during the same
astronomical process.

The consensus view among most astronomers is that the Solar

Nebula Theory is the best theoretical description for the
formation of the Solar System.

“According to the Solar Nebula Theory, our

Solar System formed as the result of the
contraction of a diffuse, gaseous nebular
cloud (consisting primarily of hydrogen
and helium, but with some dust containing
heavier elements)” (Crisp, p.1)

This cloud, that contained some dust, may help us to reconcile

the qualitative description of the early stages of the formation
of the Solar System (and the earth), as described in the book of
Genesis, with that of the Solar Nebula Theory.
According to Genesis 1:2, “And the earth was without form, and
void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.” A possible
explanation for this is that there could have been a dense thick
sub-cloud (a cloud within a larger cloud formation) surrounding
the earth. This cloud could have prevented light from the proto
sun from reaching the surface of the still forming earth. The
earth was without (a regular spherical) form since it had not
yet accumulated enough mass to generate a gravitational force
field strong enough to transform the earth into a spherical form
or shape.

“And God said let there be light and there was light.” As a
consequence of this divine edict the sub-cloud of dust,
theorized to have existed above, could have dissolved thereby
permitting light from proto-sun to strike the surface of the
proto-earth during the day and light from the stars and the moon
to be visible on the proto-earth during the night.

It should be noted that the probability of the occurrence of

these events is no less than the probability of the Big Bang
itself. Also the probability of the occurrence of events, such
as the ones that we have theorized, is no less than the joint
probability that the values of all of the important physical
constants would be fine tuned in such a way that life, as we
know it, would be possible.

We estimate that the Universe was 9.15 Billion years old at the
time of the formation of the Solar System. This estimate follows
from a simple computation. Using the estimated age of the
Universe of 13.75 Billion years (Ref. W) and the estimated age
(4.6 Billion years per of the Solar System:
we have

Elapsed time since the Big Bang...................13.75 B yrs.

Time elapsed since the formation of the

Solar System.......................................4.60 B yrs.

Elapsed time between the Big Bang and the

formation of the Solar System .....................9.15 B yrs.

David speaks of the “God of gods” and the “Lord of lords” in

Psalms 136:2-3. God in his infinite power could make himself, if
he so chooses, to be the “God of gods of gods of gods...(to the
infinite order)”. In order to make himself at least partially
comprehensible to finite man, God could present himself in a
very very powerful but finite form. How could something that is
infinite be presented in a “finite representation”? To answer
that question lets review some introductory concepts in topology.

Topological Equivalence

We will now show via an informal discussion how an interval of

real numbers with a finite diameter can be topologically
equivalent to an interval of real numbers with an infinite
diameter. Let the sets S and T be defined by

S = {x ε R | 0 ≤ x < 1 }

T = {y ε R | 0 ≤ y < ∞ }

where R denotes the set of real numbers and the symbol ∞ denotes

Now define the function f:R ==>R by

f(x) = 1/(x-1) + 1 .

We have f(0) = 0 and f(1-) = ∞ where f(1-)denotes the left-hand

limit of f(x) as x approaches 1. Or, making use of the extended
real number line we may write f(1) = ∞

So since f(x) is defined and bounded at every point

x ε S where S = { x ε R | 0 ≤ x < 1}, we may then state that f
maps S into T = { y ε R | 0 ≤ y < ∞ } or f:S==> T.

We particularly note that f maps the set S, with a finite

diameter of 1, into the set T with an infinite diameter.

Next we calculate f’(x) the derivative of f(x)

f’(x) = -(1/(x-1)2)

We have f’(0) = -1 and f’(1-) = - ∞ where f’(1-)denotes the left-

hand limit of f’(x) as x approaches 1. It can be easily shown
that f’(x) ≠ 0 in S and so by the Inverse Function Theorem f(x)
has a differentiable inverse function. So f(x) is a
homeomorphism and therefore S and T are topologically equivalent
since f:S==> T is a homeomorphism

The domain S of our function f above is half open but the

literature also discusses the topological equivalence of all
open intervals in R with the set of real numbers R itself
(Palmieri, p.2)

So then a fundamental postulate of TTC is that, if God Almighty

should so choose, God could create finite representations of
himself and all such finite representations would be
topologically equivalent to God himself.

God could very well have chosen to have a finite representation

of his Spirit to reside in a finite volume of plasma (the fourth
state of matter) that had the ability to move with a velocity of
anywhere from zero to nearly the speed of light. For simplicity
we will assume that that velocity was constant during the time
intervals associated with our discussion.

We will also utilize the concept of proper time (from the Theory
of Special Relativity) to characterize the time in a frame of
reference, associated with the Spirit of God, moving with a
constant velocity with respect to a fixed reference point (on
earth). The formula for proper time, as the reader will recall,
may be obtained from the Lorentz Transformation and is a central
concept in the Theory of Special Relativity. We will return to
this concept later.

Different Types of Time Measurements

We will now define the different frames of reference and time

measurements that will be used in our analysis. Each frame of
reference, in this introductory analysis, will be assumed to
have only one spatial dimension. From the scriptures (Psalms
90:4, KJV) we learn that “For a thousand years in thy sight are
but as yesterday when it is past, and as a watch in the night”.
This is equivalent to stating that a thousand years (in the
temporal reference frame of man) are but a DAY from the
viewpoint of (a finite representation of) God. We of course are
aware of the fact that the men of today cannot personally
experience a time span of much over a hundred years. But man
does use instrumentation to estimate and speculate on the
passage of large intervals of time.

We may also express this relationship between the temporal units

of God and man as follows: 365,000 years to man is only one YEAR
to God. We can formalize these concepts in the following manner:

t = 365,000*t’ eq.(1)

where t denotes the time (in years) as measured by a human

observer situated in a fixed frame of reference (designated
by O) on earth. And t’ denotes the time (in YEARS) measured by
(a finite representation of) God with respect to a fixed frame
of reference O’ whose origin coincides with that of the fixed
frame of reference O. It is easy to see that if t’ = 1 YEAR
then t = 365,000 years. Therefore it is clear that

365,000 years = 1 YEAR.

Similarly to the fact that 365 days = 1 year in the temporal

frame of reference of man, we also have
365 DAYS = 1 YEAR

in the temporal frame of reference O’ of (a finite

representation of) God. And also, as would be expected,

1 DAY = (1/365)*YEAR

A temporal measure
usually involves a tempo
associated with something moving
to and fro.
But an expo as in exponential
has much growth potential
because it does nothing but grow.

Eq.(1) expresses a kind of a temporal “scale relationship”. For

example a map may be drawn to a scale of one inch to 50 miles. A
two hour long motion picture documentary, for example, may
(attempt to) recap the essential developments of a historical
episode (World War II for example) that was 5 years in length.

One practical interpretation of eq.(1) is that a certain finite

representation of God, working at a given locale on earth, is
able to do in only one day, the work that it would take a large
successive contingent of men, working one after another, one
thousand years to do. For example, a father working on a solo
basis on a given project could turn it over to his son after 40
years. Then the son could work solo for forty years and then
turn it over to his son...and so on until a thousand years have
transpired. Then the accumulated value of all of their work
(over the thousand year period) would be equal in value to the
work that God could do in only one day (as measured by man).

We will further postulate that God Almighty (if he so chooses

to) could create an “nth order” finite representation of himself
in which (1000)^n years to man would be only one Day(n) to the nth
order finite representation of God: where n is any positive
integer greater than or equal to 1. So then eq.(1) applies to
the case for n = 1 or a first order finite representation of
God. Hereafter we will restrict our attention to the case when
n=1 and we will also use the terms God and “finite
representation of God” interchangeably.

Now let t’’ denote the proper time of the “Spirit of God” (as
measured at the origin of a frame of reference O’’). We assume
that the origin of the O’’ frame of reference is moving along
the spatial coordinate axis of the O frame of reference with a
constant speed v. We then may write

t’’ = t’(1 – v2/c2)^(0.5) eq.(2a)

where c is the speed of light and v is the velocity of

the Spirit of God. In accordance with the usual conven-
tion, we may set c= 1 for convenience. We then obtain

t’’ = t’(1 – v2)^(0.5) eq.(2b)

The reader will recall that eq.(2b) has the same

algebraic form as the standard equation, given for
proper time, in the Theory of Special Relativity.

From (1) we have

t’ = t/365,000 eq.(2b.1)

Substituting into eq.(2b) will give us

t’’ = (t(1 – v2)^(0.5))/365,000 eq.(2c)

Now if we solve eq.(2c) for v2 and then take the

square root we will obtain

|v| = ( 1- (1.33225)*1011(t’’/t)2 )^(0.5) eq.(3)

According to the Book of Genesis God created the heaven and the
earth in 6 DAYS (with respect to the frame of reference of the
Spirit of God). We have

6 DAYS = (6/365)YEARS = 0.016438356 YEARS.

So we will set t’’, the proper time in the frame of reference of

the Spirit of God, equal to this value.

t’’ = (6/365)YEARS. But 1 YEAR = 365,000 years, so we have

t’’ = (6/365)(365,000 years) = 6000 years or

t’’ = 6000 years

as would be expected since 6 DAYS to God is like 6000 years to

Now let us suppose that a human - like observer was stationed at
the origin, of the fixed frame of reference O referred to above,
immediately after formation of the earth in accordance with the
time lines associated with the Big Bang Theory. Let us suppose
further that our observer had at his disposal
1) the use of all types of modern instrumentation and techniques
for the estimation and the measurement of time and
2) all of the theoretical tools associated with cosmological
theories such as the Lambda-CDM Concordance Model and the
Nebular Hypothesis. Then he would be expected to measure the
elapsed time t since the Big Bang as being equal to 9.15B years.
We will therefore write

t = 9,150,000,000 years

Substituting this value of t into eq.(2b.1) will give us

t’ = 25068 years eq.(3b)

rounded to the nearest whole number of years. We

note that the sum of the digits of 25068 is

25068 ==> 2 + 5 + 0 + 6 + 8 = 21

which is a Fibonacci number just as 2, 5 and 8 are also.

The center of the Milky Way Galaxy has been estimated to

be 26,000 ± 1400 light years away from (the center of) the sun
(Ref.W#2, P.1). It is an amazing co-incidence that eq.(2b.1),
with t = 9,150,000,000 years, will result in a number of
years (as measured in the O’ frame as t’ = 25068 years)
that closely approximates the number of years that it takes for
light to travel from near the center of the Milky Way galaxy to
the vicinity of the sun!

Now to get back eq.(3). We will substitute

t = 9,150,000,000 years and t’’ = 6000 years to get the

value of the absolute value |v| of the velocity v, that
corresponds to those time values of t and t’’. The reader will
recall that eq.(3) was obtained from the formula for proper
time. After a careful calculation we arrive at |v| = 0.9709 or

|v| = 0.971
when rounded to three decimal places. Please note that c = 1.000
is the speed of light (in vacuum). We will denote this special
value of velocity by a special symbol vE. So we have

|vE|= 0.971 eq.(3c)

The following passage, “And God saw the light, that it was
good...”, from Genesis 1:4, indicates that God can act as an
observer if he so chooses. The same applies to the Spirit of
God. Therefore if the Spirit of God were to travel at a rate
of 97.1% of the speed of light, then that Almighty Power, in
accordance with the laws of Special Relativity (which were
activated by God himself) will measure an elapsed time of 6 DAYS
= (6/365)YEARS, during the same temporal interval that a fixed
earth bound time measuring device would measure an elapsed
time of 9,150,000,000 years.

Of course no such man made time measuring device exists but for
the sake of our discussion we will assume that it does.

The reciprocal of |vE|= 0.971 is 1/|vE|= 1.02987.

It just so happens that if we use this quantity as the argument

of the exponential function, one of the most important functions
of mathematical physics, we will obtain

exp(1.02987) = 2.80 rounded to nearest hundredth.

So we have

exp(1.02987) = 2.80

10*exp(1.02987) = 28.0

The reader will recall that the roots of the equation

F(x) = x2 + 1

are the imaginary units ±i where i = (-1)^0.5. The quantity i

will play an important role in our later analysis but for now we
will evaluate F(x) = x2 + 1 for x = 28. We have

F(28) = 282 + 1 = 784 + 1 = 785. eq.(3d)

Now let s be the proper time of a God fearing human observer who
is moving with a constant velocity u with respect to the frame
of reference O that is fixed upon the earth. Let t be the
conventional time as measured by an observer at the origin of
the fixed frame of reference O. Then the proper time s (of the
moving observer) is given by

s = t*(1 – u2)^0.5 eq.(3.1)

where as usual, in the derivation of eq.(3.1), we have

set c (the velocity of light) = 1.

Therefore the absolute value of the velocity u of the

moving observer is given by

|u| = ( 1- (s/t)2 )^(0.5) eq.(3.1a)

Now if the Supreme Being had allowed such a human

observer to observe the 9.15 Billion years of
creation, from the Big Bang up to the formation of the
Solar System, in six “conventional” days, then how fast
would the human observer would have had to travel:
assuming (for this preliminary analysis) that his
velocity was constant?

We can find out by substituting

s = (6/365)years = 0.016438356 years and

t = 9,150,000,000 years into the right side of eq.(3.1a).

After performing the indicated operations, we arrive at

|u| = 0.999999999999999999999998386219069 eq.(3.1a)

So then if the moving observer was traveling at the

constant speed indicated by eq.(3.1a) then he would
have measured (using the clock moving with him) six
days of elapsed time during the same space-time
interval in which a time measuring device, fixed on
earth, would have recorded an elapsed time of
9,150,000,000 years.

The digits, after the sequence of nines on the right side of eq.
(3.1a), are 8,3,8,6,2,1,9,0,6 and 9. The sum of these digits is
52, echoing the number of weeks in a year. The average of these
digits is 52/10 = 5.2. The average of the sequence of 9’s is of
course 9. We are therefore motivated to calculate the
ratio of 5.2 to 9.
We have 5.2/9 = 0.578 rounded to the nearest thousandth. It will
be noted that 1000*0.578 = 578 which is a just a transposition
of 758, a number that we have previously encounter.

The Number 785

Now we will take a look at the three digits, namely 7, 8 and 5,

of the number 785. Recall eq.(3d)

F(28) = 282 + 1 = 784 + 1 = 785

where F(x) was defined by F(x) = x2 + 1

The fact that F(28) = 785 and 282 = 784 inspires us to perhaps
look in the Book of Numbers for a reference to 785 and/or 784.
Sure enough, passages that can be associated with 784 and 785
can be found in Numbers 7:84 & 7:85.
There are referenes to chargers of silver and bowls of silver.
From Numbers 7:85 we learn that “Each charger of silver weighing
an hundred and thirty shekels, each bowl seventy:...”

We therefore have

12 x 130 = 1560 (shekels of silver)

12 x 70 = 840 (shekels of silver)

Now lets examine each of the numbers 1560 and 840 in their
relationship to the number 785. We note that

1560 = 2 x 785 – 10.

Twice 785 less 10 is 1560. There is a slightly more complex

relation between 840, 10 and the digits, 7, 8 & 5.

840 = ((7*8*5)/10)*((7+8+5+10)


840 = (280/10)*(20 + 10) = 28*30

We also have

1560 ==> 1 + 5 + 6 + 0 = 12 and

840 ==> 8 + 4 + 0 = 12
That is to say that the sum of the digits of both 1560 and 840
is 12: the number of the tribes of Israel. The number 12 also
refers to the number of chargers of silver and the number of
silver bowls in the scriptures cited.

There are also some interesting relationships between the atomic

numbers of silver and gold. The reader will recall from high
school chemistry that the symbols for the elements silver and
gold are respectively Ag and Au and that the respective atomic
numbers are 47 and 79. It will be observed that

79 – 47 = 32 (the number of the pathways to wisdom)

And 47 and 79 both contain the number 7 (an obviously important

number in the Torah) as a digit. The 4 (from 47) given by 22 = 4
and the 9 from 79 is given by 32 = 9. And 4 and 9 are the squares
of consecutive integers.

Recall the number 785 from eq.(3d).

785/10 = 78.5 = 79 (rounded to the nearest whole number) is the

atomic number of gold: a very important metal.

We also note that 3/5 is the ratio of two consecutive Fibonacci

numbers: 3/5 = 0.6. It is very interesting that

(3/5)*(atomic number of gold) = (0.6)*(79) = 47.4 = 47

(rounded to the nearest whole number) and 47 is the atomic

number of silver.

The three digits of 785 and the number 784 are related by the

((7*8*5)/10)2 = 784


((7*8*5)/10)2 = (280/10)2 = 282 = 784.

Now recall the 1560 shekels of silver and the 840 shekels of
silver referred to above. The ratio of 1560 to 840 to three
decimal places is

1560/840 = 13/7 = 1.857. Rounded to the nearest thousandth.

Note that the sequence of digits to the right of the decimal
point, 857, is just a transposition of the number 785. Note also
that 13, from the ratio 13/7,is the 7th entry in the Fibonacci

We will now turn our attention to the pair of equations

7.85 ≈ 2.499* eq.(4a)

20 = 2.5*8 eq.(4b)

where the symbol ≈ denotes “is approximately equal to” and

= 3.141592...

The left side of eq.(4b) may be obtained from the left

side of eq.(4a) as follows:

7.85 ==> 7 + 8 + 5 = 20.

The factor of 8 on the right side of (4b) may be derived, from

on the right side of eq.(4a), in the following manner :

≈ 3.14 ==> 3 + 1 + 4 = 8

and 2.5 = 2.50 may be obtained from 2.499 by rounding off to the
nearest hundredth.

Topological Theological Cosmology (TTC)

Physical laws, as is well known by science/math scholars, find

their most general expression in the form of sets of one or more
Ordinary Differential Equations (ODE’s) or Partial Differential
Equations (PDE’s). If the solution(s) to these equations,
subjected to the appropriate boundary conditions, exist and are
unique then the physical behavior of the system is described by
these solution(s). These equations are aptly referred to as
governing equations. Many examples of governing equations,
describing diverse sets of physical phenomena, may be readily
found in the literature.

The goal of many theoreticians (in physics and in other

sciences) is to discover a unified “Theory of Everything”. The
present author does believe that such a theory does indeed exist
and that man will make progress in moving in the direction of an
understanding of a finite version of such a theory. But a
thorough knowledge of the full and complete Theory of Everything
is frankly beyond the intellectual reach of man-kind: in the
opinion of the present author.

The reason for this belief is that such a complete theory would
possibly consist of a virtually infinite set of high order,
highly non-linear interlocking PDE’s (and or ODE’s) that involve
an unlimited number of dependent and independent variables. For
example, the n-body problem of celestial mechanics consists of a
relatively tame system of ODE’s. But if the n-body problem was
set up to apply to only every object in the Solar System, the
size of an asteroid or larger, then it would still involve an
intractable number of dependent variables: since each object
would have a triplet of spatial coordinates that are functions
of the time t. And this would be only a non-relativistic problem
restricted to the Solar System. But the Sun (the principal
constituent of the Solar System) is only one of a hundred
billion or so stars in the Milky Way. And the Milky Way, in
turn, is only one of a hundred billion or so galaxies!

Bless God for his wondrous creation

which is much too extensive for
complete observation
at any one time or place.
Bless God for his infinite power
and might
and his knowledge of the truth
and the light
of all of the mysteries of time and

The Meaning Of The Universe

What is the meaning of the Universe in strictly scientific

terms? Well let us examine the meaning of the mean. The mean is
simply the average: an important concept in stats. The Universe
is an exceedingly large entity. Scientists have defined a large
number of variables to describe it. Since these variables vary
over a large range of values in space and time it is extremely
difficult to define them precisely as functions of the
fundamental variables of space and time. So sometimes the best
that science can do is to estimate or calculate the mean value
of the important cosmological and sociological variables. The
mean is particularly important in quantum mechanics.
We will defer an answer for the time being to the question posed
above. But we will pose another possibly related question: What
is the meaning of the set of all the mean values of all the
scientifically defined variables: including the variables
associate with plant, animal and human life? Could the answer to
this question have anything to do with the meaning of the
Universe: in strictly scientific terms?

There are scientists and there are poets

but must they always be poles apart?
Can one carefully measure the real world
using his hands and his eyes
and the analytical tools
of the math of the wise
but dream of utopia in his heart?

The Seasons Are The Sons Of The Seas

The Seasons Are The Sons Of The Seas

and the birds make their homes in trees
and fill the air with musical sound.
The birds have wings and so they fly
taking majestically to the sky
from their habitats on the ground.

Nature was here before man

so who put him in command
so that he would be in control?
He who fashioned man from the dust
and the moisture of the clay
and lifted him up from where he lay
by breathing the breath of life into his soul.
God put man in control.

But man is not in complete control

for he can’t put a storm on hold
or change the course of a hurricane.
But the seasons are the sons of the seas
and when the wind is not a gentle breeze
it may hurry to raise much cain.

But there are men who are wise and “smod”

who believe not in an evolutionary god
but in a God of gods who made it all.
And who deserves a full measure of praise
for his wonderful creative ways
throughout all the 4 seasons
of winter, spring, summer and fall.

The Fundamental Postulates of TTC

1.) The set of Governing Equations of the Universe consists of a

system of PDE’s and/or ODE’s that describes the interactions of
every particle in the universe with every other particle. The
space-time coordinates, velocity, acceleration, the jerk and all
higher orders of motion, as well as the mass, momentum and the
energy, of every particle, are among the independent variables
and/or dependent variables associated with the system. The order
m (order of the highest derivative) and the degree n (which
indicates the level of non-linearity) of the system approaches
infinity as the predictive error of the system approaches zero.
The solution of the system is postulated to exist and to be
unique whenever a set of suitable auxiliary conditions are
specified. Such a solution set will determine the actions and
behavior of every particle in the Universe for all times (past
and present).

Moreover, the solution set will describe all physical activity

of all objects, whose mass and/or energy ranges all the way from
the quantum level to that of the cosmological scale, throughout
all time and space (of dimensions possibly higher than three).

2.) The existence of a governing equation implies the existence

of a governor. The abstract factuality of this should be readily
apparent. The existence of a unique Governing Equation of all
governing equations is assumed to be axiomatic. The existence of
a Governor of all governors is therefore then implied. We
further postulate the existence of a unique Supreme Being of all
of the Universe and topologically identify him with the Governor
of all governors.

It is further postulated that the actions of this Supreme Being

of the Universe may be topologically identified with the set of
actions described by the above mentioned set of Governing
Equations. This Governing Equation may be considered to be the
Governing Equation of all governing equations. It is also
expressly postulated that the Supreme Being, in the exercise of
his infinite power and precision, is not restricted by the speed
of light in his movements nor by the Heisenberg Uncertainty
Principle in the precision of his observations and micro scale
manipulations. Nor does he have any difficulty in distinguishing
between sub-atomic “identical” particle that are
indistinguishable to human observers. The Supreme Being also has
the power to do an infinite number of calculations of multi-
variate polynomials and power series simultaneously and
instantaneously. He is not affected by any type of numerical
instabilities that are propagated by rounding or truncations

3.) The Supreme Being, upon his option, in limited regions of

space and time, may activate finite representations of himself.
These finite representations may have differing levels of power
and are under the direct and exclusive control of the Supreme

Reference Citations will be provided in a later edition