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Smart railway ticket authentication system

To build an android application for railway ticket authentication system using barcode as
parameter for authentication.

Literature survey:
The existing system does not have any standard system of allocation of reservation system for
RAC (Reservation against Cancelled) and waiting list. The rights of ticket allocation solely in
hands of TC(ticket collector). The allocation of seat may be or may not be to the intentded
person. This can lead ineffective reservation system.

Proposed method:
In this system, we have proposed an barcode authenticated RAC and waiting list ticket
reservation. In this system , TC is not intervent in the allocation of seat. The seat confirmation is
made automatically in the real time with first come first serve basis. This system ensures that the
seat is allocated to the intended traveller only.
When a reserved traveller cancels his ticket, the system automatically allocates the seat for RAC
traveller. In case, if the reserved traveller does not board the train, his allocated seat is cancelled
automatically and allocated to the RAC traveller. An immediate message is sent to the RAC
traveller that the seat is confirmed.
We propose to develop a barcode based train reservation ticket system where , each ticket is
given a unique barocde. TC is given a barcode reader device(mobile) which displays the
travellers details and hence ticket checking made easy and digitalized.

Android smart phone to scan the barcode and display the details
Reservation ticket system with barcode
Cloud platform for data storing and processing

Submitted by ,
Mohammed Zahid(1M16CNE09 )
Ankush karwa( 1MS16SCS03 )
Mohammed Imtiyaz( 1MS16SCS11)