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DATE 03rd March 2017

TIME 07.40 08.10 a.m

CLASS 5 Arif



THEME World of Storied

TOPIC Unit 4:Malaysian Legends

FOCUSED SKILL Language art

INTEGRATED Listening and speaking


4.3. By the end of 6 year primary schooling, pupils will be

able to enjoy and appreciate rhymes, poems and songs

LEARNING 4.3.1. Able to plan, produce and display creative works

STANDARD(S) based on literary texts using a variety of media with

By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:

OBJECTIVE(S) a) List out the correct steps in producing a small booklet
based on the video clip in presentation stage.

b) Produce their own booklet using colour papers in

practise stage.

EDUCATION Contextual learning,


THINKING Recalling, Listening


MORAL VALUE : Be-careful

TEACHING AIDS: Video clip, LCD, Speaker, Colour papers

Stage/ Teaching and Rationales Remarks/ Teaching
Time Learning Activities aids
1. Teacher greets the pupils 1. To start the lesson Thinking skill:
2. Teacher demonstrates on how to play in a fun, meaningful
Set Induction the Simon says way 1. Listening
(5 minutes) 3. The pupils need to listen carefully
and follow the rules of the game. . 2. To enhance
4. Teacher introduces the topic of today pupils listening skills

1. Teacher plays the video clip on how 1. To contextualise Teaching aids:

to make a small booklet. the learning
1. Video clip
2. Teacher asks the pupils to watch the process. 2. LCD
3. Speaker
Presentation video carefully and list out the steps on
(10 minutes) how to produce a small booklet 2. To develop pupils
3. Teacher asks the pupils if there are thinking skills prior
some parts that they did not understand to the context given.

1. Teacher distributes colour papers to 1. To enhance Teaching aid:

Practice the pupils. pupils creativity in 1. Colour papers
(10 minutes) 2. Teacher demonstrates on how to producing their own
make a small booklet. booklet
3. The pupils need to produce their own
booklet. 2. To promote
4. Teacher asks pupils to pastes their collaborative Moral value:
superheroes pictures and describe their learning
1. Be-careful

1. Teacher asks the pupils what they 1. To ensure the Thinking skill:
Closure have learnt pupils learnt 1. Recalling
( 5 minutes ) 2. Teacher ends the lesson something during
the lesson.