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Year Level: 4 Subject: English Key concept: Sizzling Date: 21/2/2017

Writing Starts

Lesson title: English Writing Sizzling Starts Curriculum:

Use comprehension strategies to build literal and inferred meaning to
Duration of lesson: 60mins. expand content knowledge, integrating and linking ideas and analysing
and evaluating texts (ACELY1692)
Read different types of texts by combining contextual , semantic,
grammatical and phonic knowledge using text processing strategies for
example monitoring meaning, cross checking and reviewing (ACELY1691)
Identify characteristic features used in imaginative, informative and
persuasive texts to meet the purpose of the text(ACELY1690)
Create literary texts that explore students own experiences and
imagining (ACELT1607)

Considerations for diversity (extension/alteration):

To assist with catering for diversity, students are given five sentences to
write about, they must report one to the class. This allows the student to
read their best work to the class and leave the other sentences out.
The teacher will draw a students name from the name box, and they will
be the students who will read out their work.
(Purpose and learning outcomes)
Aim of the lesson: Students will understand how to write a sizzling start.

Resources: Whiteboard, resources, Appendix A and B resources.

Students writing books and resources.

Introduction: (10min)
Introduce myself and set the expectations, regarding behaviour.
Recap the lessons previously on sizzling starts.
Teacher show YouTube clip on writing sizzling starts: This is on how to write
a sizzling start, not a fizzling start.

(Class lesson)
Teacher - Stop the clip at 1:40mins and discuss with the students if this is a sizzling or fizzling start, and why they have
chosen their answer.
Teacher Stop the clip at 2:00mins. Students with your elbow buddy or in groups of three, discuss why this is a sizzling start?
What makes it a sizzling start?
Teacher Over the last few weeks we have spoken about sizzling starts and what you need to make it a sizzling start. Recap
question - What does it need, to be a sizzling start?
Students - Work with their elbow buddy and write down a few words that makes your opening paragraph a sizzling start to the
Teacher - Building on from last week, show the picture on Appendix A, regarding Sizzling Starts make your story start.
Teacher advise the students they need to hook their audience in with their start (Appendix A How to get the Hook and
Show dont tell).
Teacher any questions before we practice sizzling starts?
Practicing sizzling starts.
Teacher will put the block of five sizzling starts on the board (Appendix B).
Students will write their sizzling starts from these sentences (5 1min sentences).
Once completed the teacher will draw five students name out of the box of names, and they will go to the back of the
classroom and share one of their sizzling starts.
Teacher will rate it either a sizzling or fizzling start.
This will continue until there is ten minutes of the lesson left.
Teacher - recap the lesson on sizzling starts and what makes a sizzling start effective.
Teacher will advise the students to clean up their desks and get ready for lunch.
The teacher will release each table group when they can come up with a sizzling start for any topic they can think of.

Formative Teacher will provide verbal feedback to the students who present their sizzling starts. Teacher will make observations of
students work when walking around the classroom.


Follow up lesson: Students will move from sizzling starts to tightening tension.

Back up resource:

Reflective comments and future alterations: