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Year Level: 4 Subject: History Lesson Key concept: First Fleet.

Date: 23/2/2017

Lesson title: First Fleet Convict life During, Questioning. Curriculum:

First Contacts Stories of the First Fleet, including reasons for the
Duration of lesson: 50min journey, who travelled to Australia, and their experiences following
arrival ACHHK079
Chronology, terms and concepts
Sequence historical people and events ACHHS081
Use historical terms ACHHS082 Historical questions and research
Pose a range of questions about the past ACHHS083 Analysis and
use of sources Locate relevant information from sources provided
ACHHS084 Explanation and communication
Develop texts, particularly narratives ACHHS086
Use a range of communication forms (oral, graphic, written) and
digital technologies ACHHS087

Considerations for diversity (extension/alteration):

Students will be working together as a class for most of this task.
The teacher is going to explain what a Before, During and After
graphic organiser is.
Once students have understood this concept, they can work on
their own designing questions for the During section of the

If computer room is free, students are able to use the computers in

there to research their convict for Part B.
(Purpose and learning outcomes)
Aim of the lesson: Students will understand a Before, During and After graphic organiser, and how to complete one.
Students will understand how to formulate different questions for each section of the graphic organiser to extend
their knowledge about the First Fleet.

Resources: Whiteboard and accessories. Computer, Before, During and After (BDA) graphic organiser.
Students will need their history books, pencils and erasers.

Introduction: (5min)
Introduce myself and set the expectations of the class regarding behaviour, stressing that there is a lot of information to get
Advise the students the aim of the lesson. This is continuing from the other History lessons they have completed so far.
Reconfirm, the BDA graphic organiser will make up the first part of their task for this subject.
Students homework or at school work you will find a convict from the First Fleet who you wish to use for your
task. You are to give your convicts name to Mr Brown by Tomorrow afternoon. YOU WILL NEED TO RESEARCH
Today we are focusing on the During show clip of to engage the students.
Transition the students to the floor to start the During section.

Body: (40mins)
Teacher will recap last weeks lesson on Before, before moving to the During column.
Teacher will move onto the During column.
Teacher will explain that this section is now looking at the voyage and the ships of the first fleet.
Teacher will display which will show the students the ships of the first fleet
and what they carried on them.
The Journey and

Teacher will commence I do make the first question for the During column. What ship will I be travelling on? (John Hudson 9yr
old convict).
We do teacher and students will work together to come up with questions for the During section (6 questions should be
enough for students to understand the requirements of the task).
Recap what we have done on the Before and During sections and students will need to do the same for their task.
Read more of Tom Applebys book and other books discussing the Journey.
Conclusion: (5mins)
Recap these are good resources to assist them with their task:
Recap the lesson on filling in the questions for the Before and During sections of the graphic organiser.
Remind students of the due date for Part A of the task.
Clean up and ready to go home.

Assessment: Part A of the task sheets is the assessment for this unit.


Follow up lesson: Photocopy the ships and journey for the students to past in their History books. See where this lesson finishes
and to where the next lesson will start. Moving onto the After section of the BDA graphic organiser.

Reflective comments and future alterations: