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Leon Bernard

The Feline House

The sun timidly illuminates the room of STEVE GARNET, going

through the windows and reaching his eyes. In a
semiconscious state, Steve turns his head to the little
night table where his alarm clock is flashing with red
numbers 7:15 a.m. It's kinda early, considering he usually
gets up for work at 8:00 a.m. and rushes out of the
apartment at 9:00 a.m. Turning his head to the ceiling
Steve takes a deep breath and gets out of the bed.


Water flows out of the tap splashing some dirty dishes from
the night before. Steve's skinny hands dive in the cold
water and grab a bowl, he washes it and gets it ready for
some milk and cereal, then sits by the kitchen bar and eats
his breakfast watching some morning TV. When the bowl is
empty he puts it aside and takes a look at the clock in his
phone, he knows he needs to take a shower now or he’s gonna
be late, but the show about time traveling through hidden
memories is keeping him interested, so he turns up the
volume and enters the bathroom leaving the TV on.


After a quick shower Steve gets out of the bathroom and

starts dressing up making little stops to look at the TV,
once he was ready he decided he could stay a bit longer and
watch the end of the show, his watch marks 8:30 am, so he
sits on the bed and pay extreme attention to the screen.
After a while the show reaches its end, Steve looks at his
watch again and his expression changes from relaxed to
freaked out, it’s 9:10 am and he’s gonna be late again, so
he jumps out of the bed, grabs his coat and runs to the

Standing in front of the elevator Steve taps his feet

anxiously and pushes the call button continuously hoping
the damn thing would move faster.


Finally inside the elevator Steve presses the lobby button

with the same anxiety he was pressing the call button,
keeps tapping his feet and looking at his watch, the
elevator’s doors close and it starts moving down.


The elevator doors open spitting out Steve who rushes to

the building’s exit almost crashing into ERICA LEVI, his
neighbor who was coming back from walking her Siberian
Husky, he ignores her and pulls the door in so he can get


General shock takes Steve by surprise, he’s totally

confused and a little scared, everything he sees is the
living room of his apartment instead of cars, buses and the
street. He takes a step back bumping into his apartment
door. He’s trying hard to understand the situation but no
explanation comes to his mind, just a second ago he was
getting out of the building and now he's inside his
apartment again and for no apparent reason. A little scared
he walks around the place checking everything is normal, he
doesn't notice anything out of place, except for the
kitchen clock, it marks 9:30 am. So he shakes his head
trying to not think too much and reach scary conclusions,
he decides to ignore the whole thing and run out of the
apartment, the concern of losing his job was now bigger
than the fear.

Back in the anxious mood Steve continuously hits the call

button of the elevator.


Steve hits the lobby button with more anxiety than before,
but his beating of the button stops when his phone starts
ringing in his coat, he takes it out, the screen shows: THE
BOSS, he’s trying to think some good excuse for his delay
while the phone keeps ringing, takes a deep breath, clears
his throat and hits the answer button as the elevator doors


It happened again, this time he didn’t get to the exit

door, he was just getting out the elevator and now he’s
back in the apartment. He's in shock and can't hear his
boss's voice over the phone and the call drops. Steve walks
around the house again, everything seems normal, he then
goes to the bathroom and splash some water on his face
trying to prove he's awake, looks himself in the mirror,
slaps his face a little, the situation is getting him


Once again Steve presses the call button on the wall and
waits for the elevator, but when it gets to his floor and
the doors open he doubts, thinks for a moment and decides
to take the stairs instead, expecting this time a different


Steve starts running down the stairs as fast as he can, he

was on the 12th floor, so the way down would take some
time, but it was actually taking more than some time, it
was taking forever, so he stops for a second and looks
around, he’s on his own floor, all the time he was going
down from the 12th to the 11th floor and then somehow back
to the 12th in an endless cycle. Tired and frustrated Steve
leans on a wall and puts his right arm over his eyes to dry
the sweat from his forehead.


The sound from the TV goes gradually up through Steve's

ears, he takes his arm off his forehead letting the sun hit
his face and slowly opens his eyes, confused Steve
discovers himself laying on his bed, the credits of the
time traveling show were rolling down on the TV screen, his
watch marks 9:00 a.m. The doorbell sound brings him
completely back to reality, so he gets up the bed and walks
a little scared but curious to the door, looks through the
peephole but he doesn’t see a person, just the word
TRAPPED? written in big red capital letters, so he quickly
opens the door. It was Erica, the girl next door holding
this book in front of his face, she was just trying to be
funny letting him read the title through his door's
peephole instead of seeing her. The book was actually his,
she borrowed it some time ago and was giving it back now,
but Steve has no interest in the book right now, he throws
it on the couch, grabs Erica strongly by her hand and takes
her out.


Steve brought Erica to her own apartment, she smiles

thinking he’s just playing some weird game, so she stays
behind him watching curiously what he was doing. Steve
grabs the door and close it softly, he thinks the whole
thing got to be with doors, they always transport him to
his apartment, but the last time he didn’t go through any
door, so he wanted to see if he was still trapped in the
loop, closing someone else's door seemed to be a good way
to test the theory, so he closes his eyes and hears the
click of the door closing, he then opens the door again and
opens his eyes, he’s surprised to not see his apartment
this time, he looks back at Erica, she’s in her pajamas
looking really confused. Steve looks back at the door
closing it then open it back again several times laughing
like crazy, he looks back at Erica, goes to her and gives
her a big hug, over her back Steve looks the time on his
watch marking 9:05 a.m. so he gives her a kiss on the cheek
and runs out of the apartment, she walks to the door and
sees him stepping in the elevator, she smiles and closes
the door.


Frozen and totally confused Erica enters in shock, she had

just closed her apartment's door turned around and now all
she sees is Steve’s living room, still in total confusion
she walks around trying to figure out what’s happening, her
eyes wander scanning desperately the whole living room
until she sees the book, it was sitting on the couch with
its big red title: TRAPPED?


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