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and Review

February 2017

The Mid-Year Review

Student learning goals provide an Adapting instruction in
opportunity for educators to inform response to the collected
the way in which their practice is data
evaluated. Approaching the Discussing progress
halfway point in the school year, towards goals with
Tina Morgan-Mosley has been a part of teachers should be meeting with educator teams and
the Clark County their administrator to monitor supervising administrator
School District from
progress on the student learning Revising supports and
the start of her own
education. After goal (SLG), professional practice interventions if students
graduating from goal (PPG), and professional are not progressing
Eldorado High growth plan (PGP). towards goals
School, Tina Make mid-year SLG and
began working as
support staff with the district while At the start of the school year, PPG adjustments as
completing her undergraduate work at the teachers sat down with their necessary with supervising
University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She administrator and shared their administrators
recalls thinking at the start of every school SLG. The SLG was used to help
year that she should be setting up her
own classroom and meeting her new develop and identify the PPG that Each PGP was designed with the
students. Well, now thats a would support improved PPG in mind. During Step 4 of
reality! Today, you can find Ms. Morgan- instruction and the attainment of the PGP documentation, teachers
Mosley making a positive impact at the SLG. have the opportunity to share the
Manch Elementary School.
progress that has been made and
Tina feels that Manch is a great fit for her Now, in Phase II of the SLG make any necessary
and is excited to come to work every day process, teachers should be: adjustments. Remember that
because her students are depending on Planning and delivering each educator is responsible for
her. She says, parents trust me with their own PGP and must maintain
their kids all day long and I think that is so
cool and it makes me feel like Im doing Monitoring progress evidence and ensure that
something important. Ms. Morgan- towards goals activities count toward contact
Mosley truly wants to make a difference in units and column advancement.
the lives of students and tries to expose
them to new experiences that they may
have otherwise not encountered. @ccsdpar

Frequently Asked Questions About PAR

Who does PAR serve? CCASAPE. The members of the
First-year teachers, across all PAR Panel meet with the CTs to
grade levels and content areas, receive updates on the
who are new to the profession are performance of teachers in PAR.
assigned a consulting teacher to Recommendations are then sent
work with. Currently, the PAR directly to the Superintendent,
program serves teachers at 25 who reviews and makes all final After teaching elementary school for 11
schools. decisions on matters related to an years, Kathleen (Kate) Schaeffer decided
individual teachers nonrenewal, that she wanted to teach mathematics all
dismissal, or continuation of day and moved
to the middle
How is PAR organized in the contract. school level.
structure of CCSD? Learning can
In an effort to provide enhanced be just as
support to schools, the PAR exciting for
What are the roles of the teachers as it
Program recently underwent a consulting teachers? is for students
change in leadership. The Talent Consulting teachers work and Kate is no
and Leadership Development collaboratively with the mentees exception.
Department, which includes on their caseloads with the goal of Feeling the desire to expand her horizons
Leadership Development and even further, 17 years later, Ms. Schaeffer
improving classroom made the decision to take on the challenge
AB394 training development, now instruction. While differentiating of the consulting teacher role. Her favorite
houses the PAR Program. The their support based on the needs part of this new job is being in the
Talent and Leadership of each teacher, CTs could be classrooms and seeing the students
Development Department is excited about what they are learning.
coaching mentees on teaching
overseen by Assistant strategies, offering suggestions Now, Kate is focused on relaying that
Superintendent Kim Mangino. pertaining to resources, message to new teachers. Her advice to
demonstrating lessons, engaging the teachers that she works with is to be
in team teaching experiences, and open to feedback and reflect on your
practice. With a focus on the NEPF in the
How are consulting teachers offering informal feedback. In classrooms she visits, Ms. Schaeffer has
selected? order to coordinate their efforts come to the realization that no matter
A consulting teacher (CT) is an with the many other supports that what grade level or subject area, the NEPF
experienced teaching professional exist, CTs maintain open lines of standards are just universally good
who was selected by the PAR communication with the teaching practices.
Panel. A rigorous selection administration at the sites that Kate was recently honored as a 2014
process ensures that they are they serve. Presidential Awardee in Mathematics and
outstanding teaching Science Teaching. During the summer of
professionals and that they are 2016, she traveled to India and visited
able to communicate their classrooms as a fellow for Teachers for
Whats the difference between a Global Classrooms. With her knowledge
knowledge and strategies about consulting teacher and learning of growth mindsets and National Board
best practices to adult learners strategist? teaching standards, we are excited to have
through a coaching While learning strategists could be Ms. Schaeffer as part of the PAR team and
relationship. Consulting teachers look forward to the help that she can give
tasked with a myriad of to first-year teachers.
can work a three-year term in the responsibilities, the focus of the
PAR Program. CTs is based on the Nevada
Educator Performance Talent and Leadership Development
Framework in the Department
What is the PAR Panel and classroom. Learning strategists
what is their role? are held accountable at their site Kim Mangino
The PAR Panel consists of ten and CTs are held accountable by Assistant Superintendent
members appointed by the the Talent and Leadership
Susan Unaite
Superintendent: five teacher Development Department. Administrative Secretary
representatives recommended by
CCEA and five school-based Area Service Center at Valley High School
administrators recommended by 702.799.1222