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Re: Criminal Charges Against Jared Nolan

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Sent Thursday, November 17, 2016 at 10:42 PM
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Hello Everyone,

Thanks to those of you who sent emails regarding my resignation from the EDA executive. They were very much
appreciated and I'll get back to some of you as time permits. In the meantime, can you please confirm the child
pornography charges against a 34-year-old 'Jared Nolan' from Alliston, Ontario, are in fact against our Executive
Vice President. Please see the information at the link here:
Ms. Gainey is aware of the reason for my un-related departure and impending conflict of interest (due to other
partisan advocacy), as a journalist returning to active employment. I've added her to this email because my
comments are both personal and professional, necessitating careful handling between the two. The timing of my
resignation from the EDA didn't prevent the riding's business from creating this conflict, unfortunately.

This matter with Mr. Nolan will be challenging for me to navigate, as a second, sexually-based issue, arose
yesterday involving MP Maryam Monsef. The party is neglecting to respond to my questions about that concern (as
a journalist) and I was already in a position to write a story about sexual violence in Canadian politics. As this
chilling trend entrenches and normalizes on social media, people like Ms. Monsef are paying the price for Kellie
Leitch's rhetoric that's inflaming it. We're now at a place where sexual-religious violent threats are tolerated against
female politicians and the LPC has overlooked the behaviour when it's happening to its own MP. The alt-right
hatred is bubbling in Canada and our riding happens to be the capitol, so in this regard I have a duty to report as a
witness who happens to be at the centre of it. It's social. It's political. And the outcome of apathy toward these
issues can be observed in the United States.

If our Mr. Nolan is implicated in a separate incident, it makes my personal and professional relationships with the
party relevant to the topic. There is also more to contemplate, given our EDA's slate of matters that have been
mediated and investigated by Issues Management since the election. I expect Ms. Gainey will need to be brought
up to speed and I ask that we do this by telephone for the sake of our EDA's privacy. I can only stress this is Kellie
Leitch's riding and problems within our EDA are documented and complicated, relating to the greater politic that has
bearing on the current developments. It's important we speak before the accusations in Simcoe-Grey get out of
control, require rebuttal or correction, and this blows up in favour of the Conservative leadership. Nick Kouvalis will
not let this go and he will use our riding as a poster child to damage the party. Child pornography and child luring
are two of the most heinous offences in our society and it behooves the national executive to receive our
information, in order to help our riding with effective damage control. I should also explain that I'm requesting a
phone call with Ms. Gainey to mitigate my conflict and keep party business off the record, separate from my

I would like to receive a statement from the Simcoe-Grey Federal Liberal Riding Association regarding their plans to
manage the situation with Mr. Nolan (my name still appears as a Director on the public record despite my
resignation and therefore I could be contacted by media for comment, especially as the press knows I'm a member
of it ). Although I'm positive we're talking about the same person, can you please
confirm our EVP has been criminally charged, so it's not possible to mistake an alias or mis-attribute if I am
questioned. Mr. Nolan is included in this email so he has an opportunity to speak for himself if he wishes (as the
still-active EDA EVP).

I believe strongly in our Charter rights, proper process and the presumption of innocence, so please don't perceive
my comments as judge, jury and executioner. Everyone deserves constitutional protection to access a full and fair
hearing, with the required evidence to reach a conclusion. But that doesn't help the LPC with political perception in
the interim, with the pre-existing issues in our riding and the nonchalance surrounding a campaign of sexual
intimidation against MP Monsef that I had already begun working on. The questions need to be asked and
answered, if or when females lack protection from sexual violence related to a political party. It is my hope they will
be and the LPC will approach these matters conscientiously, in keeping with the Canadian feminism narrative
promoted by the party. I find myself in an unenviable position today, concerning my affiliation with the Liberal Party
and the duty to do my job. When I resigned to prevent that conflict, I couldn't have known it would already be
unavoidable due to a serious police investigation that relates to our own executive.

Speaking now with personal concern and as an affected member, the 11 computers seized from Mr. Nolan will
undoubtedly include our EDA business and LPC emails. That means all of us are technically under investigation
and our communications with Mr. Nolan will need to be vetted by police (they've indicated a forensic examination of
his devices). I've also heard through the grapevine that another EDA executive is, or was, suspected of participating
in this child pornography allegation and there is reason to believe that we'll all need to be cleared of involvement.
This would include anyone elected to the executive since the last AGM, at the time Mr. Nolan became a regular part
of our communications and file sharing. Technically all of Mr. Nolan's communications will be investigated and I
don't see how the current executive can operate effectively with police oversight of our business for the indefinite
future. We will lose our social licence to solicit donations, participate with vulnerable groups, or utter a word about
morality against Kellie Leitch. And when she loses her leadership bid, we'll be further imperiled to run a by-election
campaign that is likely to coincide with a trial for Mr. Nolan, if she abdicates as everyone expects. It is therefore
important to appear pro-active now and I ask the party to consider taking control of Simcoe-Grey to re-instate the
old executive and preserve our reputation, until the new executive can escape this shadow of public doubt.

I look forward to hearing from the national party to discuss my suggestion and additional details, by phone. I look
forward to receiving a written statement from the EDA pertaining to Mr. Nolan, officially. I'm also pleased to chat with
each of you or as a group about the implications of these allegations, off the record. I'm just unable to answer
questions about the rumours related to additional suspects. Police haven't confirmed the details of their
investigation and it won't help to fuel the wagging tongues in our communities.

Your truly,

Amy MacPherson