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RE: Criminal Charges Affecting Riding AGM -

Important & Time Sensitive

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Sent Tuesday, January 31, 2017 at 9:38 PM
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Dear Anna and Rob,

It's been 75 days since I emailed you about criminal charges against the Vice President of the Simcoe-Grey
Federal Liberal Riding Association (SGFLRA). I've received no response from either of you regarding this
extremely heinous matter, in a riding that Kellie Leitch represents.

In that email (below), I included links that identify Jared Nolan as an alleged child predator, who abused his
power and access to youth information to select young female victims. The investigation has been escalated to a
special police task force because it is a serious probe, that may extend to a network of child victims and/or
criminal associates.

Here is an update that includes Mr. Nolan's bail terms some of the harshest possible in a Canadian court:

Although the media provided hyperlinks to Mr. Nolan's LinkedIn account in their coverage of the story, they
managed to bury that he was the vice president of our volunteer organization when these events allegedly
occurred. I'm extremely disappointed in the Liberal Party of Canada for failing to respond with advice for fellow
riding executives and intervention to help the EDA deal with the repercussions. Disappointed isn't the half of it,
but it's the most polite way I can manage to communicate this troubling lapse in judgment. I suppose everyone
hoped this matter would quietly go away if you ignored it.

But the SGFLRA is now faced with an AGM and electing, or re-electing, its executives and to my
understanding, the LPC isn't taking any preventative action to protect youths in our riding from alleged child
predators going forward. You're doing more to respect Mr. Nolan's access and/or the access of his associates, to
lure and harm young, impressionable girls by keeping this quiet.

I've written to you as a director of this very EDA, as a constituent and as a reporter, but you still refuse to
respond, as if youth information in the hands of LPC is free-to-abuse for anyone who wants it. This is not
acceptable. Full stop.
I'm now asking the LPC to intervene in the riding association's AGM on February 20 th, to implement oversight
and require a Vulnerable Sector screening for any executives seeking election.

I realize this isn't the status quo, but these are very special circumstances. To enlighten you further, I'm including
a section of the letter I also sent to the SGFLRA president:

I've heard that Mike declined to be the candidate in subsequent elections. Can you please confirm this for me
as well?

Also, I wish to understand the status of Jared Nolan with our EDA. Will this AGM replace him democratically, as
part of a natural process? Or did the executive hold a meeting to revoke his position as Vice President, due to
the current charges?

I'm also concerned that due to the ongoing criminal investigation, the SGFLRA and LPC should make some
attempt to include a Vulnerable Sector screening intervention, to run for a position. I realize this is above and
beyond the status quo, but our VP was charged with child luring, child porn and he allegedly abused his power
at the local hospital. We couldn't know if that abuse of power extended to children, families or contacts in our
riding association until the investigation is complete.

Moreover, Mr. MacEachern and Mr. Kerk are close associates of Jared Nolan. The three of them work(ed)
together at the Alliston hospital (location of these heinous allegations), in addition to the election campaign and
Simcoe-Grey EDA. I understand that Jeff Kerk departed the Alliston hospital for a different facility, around the
same time Mr. Nolan was criminally charged. It causes concern that Kerk managed the hospital records abused
by Nolan to select (alleged) victims, and the timing of his departure is causing suspicious chatter in our
communities. Therefore, I don't believe the SGFLRA has the public's trust, until the police task force finishes
clearing and/or implicating criminal associates.

Please let me be very clear that I am making no accusations regarding possible associates. I continue to
respect the Rule of Law and our Charter, quite deeply. But the fact remains that we have to weigh the public's
safety, through the Liberal organization, against the presumption of innocence. This isn't about allegations of
petty theft or even drunk driving. It's now about more than one girl and the situation is so serious that a special
police task force was tapped to investigate above and beyond the local authorities. It's about the heinous
abuse of children's information, and being an executive with the Simcoe-Grey Liberals puts plenty of youth info
in the hands of who we elect, without any checks or balances to protect them. I also note the task force informed
the court that this investigation continues and may be part of a wider probe, of alleged victims and/or criminal
associates. Nolan's bail conditions were the harshest possible and he remains under house arrest, because the
task force presented private evidence of the case expanding.

Needless to say, I am officially requesting that all prospective executives vying for a position at the AGM should
have to provide the riding or party with a clean Vulnerable Sector check upon application and/or before the
election on February 20th. I'm asking that you forward my request to the current executive and the Liberal Party
of Canada, as the riding president. In response to any objections, I reiterate the above and point out that nearly
all volunteer organizations require a criminal record check to participate. Many, if not most, also require the
Vulnerable Sector clearance. This is not an unreasonable requirement and failing to do so at this point may be a
breach of fiduciary duty, considering the details we're aware of. We know that an accused sexual predator is/was
an active part of the EDA during the time of allegation. We know the investigation is probing for a possible
network of associates, and two of Mr. Nolan's hospital colleagues are additionally close friends, through the
EDA. If this isn't enough reason to ensure the safety of youths within the SGFLRA, then I would be sadly
astonished. A clean Vulnerable Sector check can only validate the subsequent executive and thereby restore the
public trust.

I wish to know if the Liberal Party of Canada will intervene for the cautious protection of children, by simply
adhering to standard requirements for Vulnerable Sector checks in most volunteer organizations. I need this
answer before February 6th, because it's the cut-off date to register as a candidate for the AGM election. I would
also like to know why neither of you have responded to this situation, as yet. Regardless of your decision, it
needs to be communicated if the LPC is managing this calamity, or taking a hands-off approach. Everyone has
hundreds of emails to sift through in a day, so it's no excuse to ignore or overlook child predators, directly
associated with the Liberal Party of Canada. It's also no excuse to leave the LPC's info about youths handy for
criminal abuse.

Furthermore I note that when I contacted you as an EDA director on behalf of a persecuted federal scientist, you
refused to provide the name of the LPC whip so he could continue advocating for his issue. Ironically that
pertained to the LPC's abuse of his personal and professional information... and I'm growing exceptionally
concerned that I'm seeing a pattern here.

Your response is required as soon as possible.

Thanks and all the best,

Amy MacPherson