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Response Needed TODAY - RE Young

Liberals & Criminal Issue

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Sent Friday, February 17, 2017 at 2:38 AM
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Dear Anna and Rob,

It's now been more than 3 months since I began contacting you for assistance. Although I have confirmation that
you received my emails, you are deliberately refusing to receive information that pertains to criminal charges, as
well as the safety of Young Liberals. Furthermore you're refusing to be cooperative or accessible in any way,
when you're aware this matter pertains to an active police report, an active police task force probe, an active
forensic warrant, an active partisan legal threat, and an active criminal trial that's related to a riding executive
involving child luring and child pornography allegations.

Instead of being transparent, I'm concerned you may be stonewalling to harbour the accused and obstruct police
from examining his access to youth information in The Liberalist. So long as you refuse to speak with me to
obtain the details of my police report, you purposely refuse to know why this is an issue.

This conduct is unbecoming of a Liberal, as per Section 9.1 of the LPC's Bylaw #2.

As the directors of our PTB (provincial/territorial board), you've also failed to strike a committee to remove Jared
Nolan from the Simcoe-Grey Federal Liberal Riding Association (SGFLRA), as per Section 9.3 of the LPC's
Bylaw #2.

Instead Mr. Nolan was erased undemocratically from the SGFLRA website, before any news could break that he
was the Executive Vice President of our EDA during the time of these allegations. This happened while a
forensic warrant was engaged and Mr. Nolan was banned from the internet, so it's possible this action could give
rise to a subsequent evidence tampering allegation. In any event, it blatantly conceals Mr. Nolan's access to
youth information within the Liberal Party of Canada, at the same time he's being investigated for abusing his
access to youth info from a position of trust, to select child sexual victims. There is no bylaw to guide party
members in matters of common sense or interfering with a police investigation, but the Criminal Code of Canada
contains numerous sections related to various obstructions.

As always, I reiterate my respect for Mr. Nolan's Charter rights and the presumption of innocence. But in no way
can a criminal trial be used to endanger children, nor can it be used to presume that evidence should be
excluded from an investigation. That's not my choice to make, your choice to make, or the Liberal Party of
Canada's choice to make. It's up to the court to decide what's relevant and prove what abuses might have
occurred, beyond any reasonable doubt. It is therefore imperative they have access to potential evidence, to
protect the innocent and/or rehabilitate criminal illness.

I requested that a reasonable middle ground be established, under these extraordinary circumstances. I believe
the LPC and SGFLRA have a fiduciary duty to protect youth data in The Liberalist and that requiring Vulnerable
Sector checks for riding executive applicants is not only unbiased, but the bare minimum standard of care the
party can now respond with. Anything short of this sides with the accused, purely against the interests of youth

Even if the OPP Child Exploitation Unit wasn't investigating, it behooves the party to protect youth data from
similar threats in modern times. I was therefore astonished when you denied a requirement for Vulnerable Sector
checks, despite the fact that sensitive criminal clearance is mandatory at most volunteer organizations working
with children. This should apply to the whole of LPC and every political party with a youth wing, let alone an EDA
where an executive is already accused. The data being collected on 14-18 year olds is enough to build a profile
that any child predator would covet, to target the vulnerable and assist with details to lure them.

But instead of being reasonable, you attempted to silence me. You permitted another SGFLRA executive to
threaten me and attempt to obstruct my police report through intimidation. As directors of the LPC-O you
supported this as the Liberal Party and did nothing whatsoever to control that abuse of power. You read the
threat directly and condoned the abuse of party power to harass a witness. You even did this to obstruct my
report to the Liberal Party of Canada and deny receipt of the evidence I provided to police (regarding the Nolan
trial and expanding investigation, that pertains to additional SGFLRA executives, including the one who
threatened me).

So the LPC will do nothing to protect youth complainants, even as a common-sense rule-of-thumb. They will
however let the members under investigation, in a heinous child sex crime, threaten a witness for performing
their civic duty and attempt to safeguard these potentially affected children. It's mind boggling, truly.

If that wasn't enough, the party then allowed the SGFLRA to limit attendance to the AGM. When people aren't
guilty of anything, they don't usually go to great lengths to silence members or revoke their rights. It's certainly
contrary to the LPC's new constitution and statements about Open Government.

The Notice of AGM reads that seating is limited to 75 people, with a $10 cost to attend: (Link is a cached copy of the SGFLRA website and may require captcha to retrieve)

It's not possible to separate the AGM meeting from a fundraising dinner in the way this notice was written.
Instead it repeatedly warns of limited space. It doesn't identify the AGM as free, or a different event from the
dinner. It doesn't state that an election will occur to select the new SGFLRA executive. It also doesn't include a
meeting Agenda, as required by Section 10.3 of the LPC Bylaw #2. For that matter the notice doesn't say which
town the AGM is being held in. Constituents in either end of the riding wouldn't be familiar with Sunnidale
Corners Hall, in the middle of the countryside and endless tracts of farming fields. The only thing it does say is
the event costs $10 and it's open to the entire public, unrelated to registered Liberals.

Moreover the AGM doesn't conform to bylaw standards, in that Section 10.5 requires easy access. The venue
isn't handicap-friendly and no one with mobility issues will be able to attend, because entrance to this older
building requires a flight of stairs in either direction as soon as you enter. There is no alternate access. There
isn't even parking to accommodate 75 people.

Adding insult to injury, this co-opted 'AGM' is scheduled on a holiday. It's as if the party developed a sick sense
of humour, by holding the event on Family Day. All ages of children are invited to be indoctrinated into The
Liberalist, without any Vulnerable Sector checks to protect their data during this child exploitation investigation.
You're actually recruiting new potential victims, without notifying anyone, taking any precautions, or cooperating
regarding the police. Has anyone considered the legal liabilities to the party, if our EDA's troubles persist
(bearing in mind that charges are pending for 2 newly identified victims)?

Stacking the building's capacity with non-voting children and the regular public also denies registered Liberals
the right to vote. The AGM doesn't say if alcoholic beverages will be served with dinner, adding another
dangerous aspect to a tawdry situation if they are. Booze, children, obstructing an election and disputes about a
child sex scandal don't seem to be a good mix.

The notice doesn't say who will be running for positions and/or who will be acclaimed, so every attendee will be
blindsided when they arrive. There is no ability to object to questionable persons, or alert the LPC if any
contestants are conflicted by this child exploitation investigation. There is no ability to research candidates,
period. And that's not consistent with democracy.

Due to your purposeful negligence, the LPC has ensured it doesn't know who's been affected by the task force
probe. I've made it exceptionally clear that while Nolan has been charged, there are other SGFLRA executives in
the process of being vetted by the police as well. It's unknown if they'll be implicated as part of a criminal
network, or cleared as unfortunate associates. But the fact remains that charges related to the hospital carry
over to our riding association, through these relationships that are currently being investigated. The LPC has
offered no explanation why it refuses to be notified about a criminal proceeding and why it won't accept a
member's evidence that the investigation affects a Liberal riding association deeply.

In a government position of trust, the parties are usually asked to step aside while an investigation completes.
So why is the LPC sending everyone under investigation to recruit children for The Liberalist, in the case of an
EDA? Why are they refusing to hear what's been reported to police and refusing to take precautions in Simcoe-
Grey? Why are they denying an internal party investigation, to ascertain if our youth were put at risk? Is the LPC
trying to hand this riding to Kellie Leitch on a silver platter? If you can't be responsible about the privacy and
protection of children, can you consider the political ramifications?

I'm appealing to you one last time to take control of the SGFLRA, until the police probe is resolved. Section 2.2
of the LPC's Bylaw #2 provides for this action in extraordinary cases and I don't believe the party has ever
seen one more exceptional. This isn't a he-said-she-said example of sexual allegations between adults. It's
about an alleged child predator and possibly his associates, receiving free reign to abuse youth info that may
extend to the Liberal Party of Canada. No matter your feelings about the situation, attempts to silence me won't
make it go away. All it will do is prove your complicity, if god forbid, the next wave of charges relates to the
Simcoe-Grey Federal Liberal Riding Association, or in any way the LPC's data.

In the meantime this Liberal government is pointing the finger at police, due to the Unfounded series about
sexual assault at the Globe and Mail. Wouldn't it be ironic if the party is impugning law enforcement for this
illness in our society, when the LPC is working twice as hard to shield its own executives from being
investigated? If a Liberal stands accused, does that automatically mean the allegation is Unfounded? Because
that appears to be the message you're sending by denying Vulnerable Sector checks and refusing to take basic
precautions with the data of children. I repeat that fulfilling your ethical obligations doesn't compete with Nolan's
presumption of innocence.
Your response is needed by the end of the day, today Friday, February 17 th, 2017. This is the last day of the
workweek before the AGM on a holiday Monday and it's not my fault this has come to the last minute. All my
letters have been ignored so far and I make this last attempt in the interests of the children. I encourage you to
face these matters bravely and show leadership before it's too late. However it turns out, may you sleep well with
your decision.

Yours truly,
Amy MacPherson

On 1/31/2017 at 9:38 PM, "Amy M" <> wrote:

Dear Anna and Rob,

It's been 75 days since I emailed you about criminal charges against the Vice President of the
Simcoe-Grey Federal Liberal Riding Association (SGFLRA). I've received no response from either
of you regarding this extremely heinous matter, in a riding that Kellie Leitch represents.

In that email (below), I included links that identify Jared Nolan as an alleged child predator, who
abused his power and access to youth information to select young female victims. The investigation
has been escalated to a special police task force because it is a serious probe, that may extend to a
network of child victims and/or criminal associates.

Here is an update that includes Mr. Nolan's bail terms some of the harshest possible in a
Canadian court:

Although the media provided hyperlinks to Mr. Nolan's LinkedIn account in their coverage of the
story, they managed to bury that he was the vice president of our volunteer organization when these
events allegedly occurred. I'm extremely disappointed in the Liberal Party of Canada for failing to
respond with advice for fellow riding executives and intervention to help the EDA deal with the
repercussions. Disappointed isn't the half of it, but it's the most polite way I can manage to
communicate this troubling lapse in judgment. I suppose everyone hoped this matter would quietly
go away if you ignored it.
But the SGFLRA is now faced with an AGM and electing, or re-electing, its executives and to my
understanding, the LPC isn't taking any preventative action to protect youths in our riding from
alleged child predators going forward. You're doing more to respect Mr. Nolan's access and/or the
access of his associates, to lure and harm young, impressionable girls by keeping this quiet.

I've written to you as a director of this very EDA, as a constituent and as a reporter, but you still
refuse to respond, as if youth information in the hands of LPC is free-to-abuse for anyone who
wants it. This is not acceptable. Full stop.

I'm now asking the LPC to intervene in the riding association's AGM on February 20 th, to implement
oversight and require a Vulnerable Sector screening for any executives seeking election.

I realize this isn't the status quo, but these are very special circumstances. To enlighten you further,
I'm including a section of the letter I also sent to the SGFLRA president:

I've heard that Mike declined to be the candidate in subsequent elections. Can you please confirm
this for me as well?

Also, I wish to understand the status of Jared Nolan with our EDA. Will this AGM replace him
democratically, as part of a natural process? Or did the executive hold a meeting to revoke his
position as Vice President, due to the current charges?

I'm also concerned that due to the ongoing criminal investigation, the SGFLRA and LPC should
make some attempt to include a Vulnerable Sector screening intervention, to run for a position. I
realize this is above and beyond the status quo, but our VP was charged with child luring, child porn
and he allegedly abused his power at the local hospital. We couldn't know if that abuse of power
extended to children, families or contacts in our riding association until the investigation is

Moreover, Mr. MacEachern and Mr. Kerk are close associates of Jared Nolan. The three of them
work(ed) together at the Alliston hospital (location of these heinous allegations), in addition to the
election campaign and Simcoe-Grey EDA. I understand that Jeff Kerk departed the Alliston hospital
for a different facility, around the same time Mr. Nolan was criminally charged. It causes concern
that Kerk managed the hospital records abused by Nolan to select (alleged) victims, and the timing
of his departure is causing suspicious chatter in our communities. Therefore, I don't believe the
SGFLRA has the public's trust, until the police task force finishes clearing and/or implicating
criminal associates.
Please let me be very clear that I am making no accusations regarding possible associates. I
continue to respect the Rule of Law and our Charter, quite deeply. But the fact remains that we
have to weigh the public's safety, through the Liberal organization, against the presumption of
innocence. This isn't about allegations of petty theft or even drunk driving. It's now about more than
one girl and the situation is so serious that a special police task force was tapped to investigate
above and beyond the local authorities. It's about the heinous abuse of children's information, and
being an executive with the Simcoe-Grey Liberals puts plenty of youth info in the hands of who we
elect, without any checks or balances to protect them. I also note the task force informed the court
that this investigation continues and may be part of a wider probe, of alleged victims and/or criminal
associates. Nolan's bail conditions were the harshest possible and he remains under house arrest,
because the task force presented private evidence of the case expanding.

Needless to say, I am officially requesting that all prospective executives vying for a position at the
AGM should have to provide the riding or party with a clean Vulnerable Sector check upon
application and/or before the election on February 20 th. I'm asking that you forward my request to
the current executive and the Liberal Party of Canada, as the riding president. In response to any
objections, I reiterate the above and point out that nearly all volunteer organizations require a
criminal record check to participate. Many, if not most, also require the Vulnerable Sector clearance.
This is not an unreasonable requirement and failing to do so at this point may be a breach of
fiduciary duty, considering the details we're aware of. We know that an accused sexual predator
is/was an active part of the EDA during the time of allegation. We know the investigation is probing
for a possible network of associates, and two of Mr. Nolan's hospital colleagues are additionally
close friends, through the EDA. If this isn't enough reason to ensure the safety of youths within the
SGFLRA, then I would be sadly astonished. A clean Vulnerable Sector check can only validate the
subsequent executive and thereby restore the public trust.

I wish to know if the Liberal Party of Canada will intervene for the cautious protection of children, by
simply adhering to standard requirements for Vulnerable Sector checks in most volunteer
organizations. I need this answer before February 6 th, because it's the cut-off date to register as a
candidate for the AGM election. I would also like to know why neither of you have responded to this
situation, as yet. Regardless of your decision, it needs to be communicated if the LPC is managing
this calamity, or taking a hands-off approach. Everyone has hundreds of emails to sift through in a
day, so it's no excuse to ignore or overlook child predators, directly associated with the Liberal Party
of Canada. It's also no excuse to leave the LPC's info about youths handy for criminal abuse.

Furthermore I note that when I contacted you as an EDA director on behalf of a persecuted federal
scientist, you refused to provide the name of the LPC whip so he could continue advocating for his
issue. Ironically that pertained to the LPC's abuse of his personal and professional information...
and I'm growing exceptionally concerned that I'm seeing a pattern here.

Your response is required as soon as possible.

Thanks and all the best,

Amy MacPherson

On 11/17/2016 at 10:42 PM, "Amy M" <> wrote:

Hello Everyone,

Thanks to those of you who sent emails regarding my resignation from the EDA executive. They
were very much appreciated and I'll get back to some of you as time permits. In the meantime, can
you please confirm the child pornography charges against a 34-year-old 'Jared Nolan' from Alliston,
Ontario, are in fact against our Executive Vice President. Please see the information at the link here:

Ms. Gainey is aware of the reason for my un-related departure and impending conflict of interest
(due to other partisan advocacy), as a journalist returning to active employment. I've added her to
this email because my comments are both personal and professional, necessitating careful handling
between the two. The timing of my resignation from the EDA didn't prevent the riding's business from
creating this conflict, unfortunately.

This matter with Mr. Nolan will be challenging for me to navigate, as a second, sexually-based issue,
arose yesterday involving MP Maryam Monsef. The party is neglecting to respond to my questions
about that concern (as a journalist) and I was already in a position to write a story about sexual
violence in Canadian politics. As this chilling trend entrenches and normalizes on social media,
people like Ms. Monsef are paying the price for Kellie Leitch's rhetoric that's inflaming it. We're now
at a place where sexual-religious violent threats are tolerated against female politicians and the LPC
has overlooked the behaviour when it's happening to its own MP. The alt-right hatred is bubbling in
Canada and our riding happens to be the capitol, so in this regard I have a duty to report as a
witness who happens to be at the centre of it. It's social. It's political. And the outcome of apathy
toward these issues can be observed in the United States.

If our Mr. Nolan is implicated in a separate incident, it makes my personal and professional
relationships with the party relevant to the topic. There is also more to contemplate, given our EDA's
slate of matters that have been mediated and investigated by Issues Management since the
election. I expect Ms. Gainey will need to be brought up to speed and I ask that we do this by
telephone for the sake of our EDA's privacy. I can only stress this is Kellie Leitch's riding and
problems within our EDA are documented and complicated, relating to the greater politic that has
bearing on the current developments. It's important we speak before the accusations in Simcoe-
Grey get out of control, require rebuttal or correction, and this blows up in favour of the Conservative
leadership. Nick Kouvalis will not let this go and he will use our riding as a poster child to damage
the party. Child pornography and child luring are two of the most heinous offences in our society and
it behooves the national executive to receive our information, in order to help our riding with effective
damage control. I should also explain that I'm requesting a phone call with Ms. Gainey to mitigate
my conflict and keep party business off the record, separate from my journalism.

I would like to receive a statement from the Simcoe-Grey Federal Liberal Riding Association
regarding their plans to manage the situation with Mr. Nolan (my name still appears as a Director on
the public record despite my resignation and therefore I could be contacted by media for comment,
especially as the press knows I'm a member of it ). Although I'm positive
we're talking about the same person, can you please confirm our EVP has been criminally charged,
so it's not possible to mistake an alias or mis-attribute if I am questioned. Mr. Nolan is included in
this email so he has an opportunity to speak for himself if he wishes (as the still-active EDA EVP).

I believe strongly in our Charter rights, proper process and the presumption of innocence, so please
don't perceive my comments as judge, jury and executioner. Everyone deserves constitutional
protection to access a full and fair hearing, with the required evidence to reach a conclusion. But that
doesn't help the LPC with political perception in the interim, with the pre-existing issues in our riding
and the nonchalance surrounding a campaign of sexual intimidation against MP Monsef that I had
already begun working on. The questions need to be asked and answered, if or when females lack
protection from sexual violence related to a political party. It is my hope they will be and the LPC will
approach these matters conscientiously, in keeping with the Canadian feminism narrative promoted
by the party. I find myself in an unenviable position today, concerning my affiliation with the Liberal
Party and the duty to do my job. When I resigned to prevent that conflict, I couldn't have known it
would already be unavoidable due to a serious police investigation that relates to our own executive.

Speaking now with personal concern and as an affected member, the 11 computers seized from Mr.
Nolan will undoubtedly include our EDA business and LPC emails. That means all of us are
technically under investigation and our communications with Mr. Nolan will need to be vetted by
police (they've indicated a forensic examination of his devices). I've also heard through the
grapevine that another EDA executive is, or was, suspected of participating in this child pornography
allegation and there is reason to believe that we'll all need to be cleared of involvement. This would
include anyone elected to the executive since the last AGM, at the time Mr. Nolan became a regular
part of our communications and file sharing. Technically all of Mr. Nolan's communications will be
investigated and I don't see how the current executive can operate effectively with police oversight of
our business for the indefinite future. We will lose our social licence to solicit donations, participate
with vulnerable groups, or utter a word about morality against Kellie Leitch. And when she loses her
leadership bid, we'll be further imperiled to run a by-election campaign that is likely to coincide with a
trial for Mr. Nolan, if she abdicates as everyone expects. It is therefore important to appear pro-
active now and I ask the party to consider taking control of Simcoe-Grey to re-instate the old
executive and preserve our reputation, until the new executive can escape this shadow of public

I look forward to hearing from the national party to discuss my suggestion and additional details, by
phone. I look forward to receiving a written statement from the EDA pertaining to Mr. Nolan, officially.
I'm also pleased to chat with each of you or as a group about the implications of these allegations,
off the record. I'm just unable to answer questions about the rumours related to additional suspects.
Police haven't confirmed the details of their investigation and it won't help to fuel the wagging
tongues in our communities.

Your truly,

Amy MacPherson