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RE: The Nolan Anomalies Begin

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Sent Saturday, November 19, 2016 at 6:26 PM
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***I tried to send this message earlier today by smartphone, but there was a network issue with encryption and I
had to recover the file with my computer, to paste the text when I got home. I apologize for the delay because I tried
to get this to you immediately! Below is the email I attempted to send, in response to your thoughts this morning.***


RE: The Nolan Anomalies Begin 19/11/2016 1:08 PM

To: John

Hi John,

Please forgive if my email seemed unfriendly at all. There is nothing to worry about between the group of us and if
I'm getting excited it's only due to the frustration of this situation growing any worse. Also, please forgive any typos
because I'm responding as quick as I can from my cellphone, to make sure you're comfortable that everything is

What's got me perturbed is that many of us have email communications with Nolan (myself included, even since I
resigned) and it all has to be forensically vetted. I have no issue with everything needing to be vetted by police now;
but as of last night, someone other than Nolan began tampering with his evidence, in a way that makes the
SGFLRA appear suspicious. We'll have a hard enough time recovering our reputation without adding this extra
doubt and given Nolan's incarceration, it's entirely possible that whoever edited could be criminally accused of
tampering with the investigation. Changing the SGFLRA website was within our reasonable power and discretion,
but changing Nolan's own accounts that are currently seized as evidence is a different story altogether.

Considering these are child porn and child Internet luring allegations, it's not just possible but nearly guaranteed
that Nolan is prohibited from going online, or doing anything to communicate through others online, at least until the
forensic examination completes and his lawyer makes a good case to lift the bail, custody and/or pretrial

That means what happened last night may already be a breach of Nolan's conditions. There will even be conditions
associated with his weekend detainment and it's not unreasonable to wonder if additional charges could result for
this. It all depends how much of a hard line the judge is taking and pushing back the current bail hearing to keep
him in jail longer... is *not* a good sign for Nolan's prospects.

On a smaller scale and even if the Crown isn't throwing the book at him (but I think they are), the hijinks last night
will serve to put a darker cloud over members of the executive (including me, Stuart and Greg - and possibly you
and Lenore). It drew specific negative attention to us in the eyes of police and a rabid, right-wing media. I've
lectured about things like this to the journalism program at Western U.
In any event, Mr. Nolan's behaviour is being studied by a forensic task force and they will trace his steps even after
the charges were laid. Complicating matters is a kiddie porn ring the OPP has been working hard to dismantle in
our region and I get the feeling (due to the warrant for 11 computers) that they're considering if Nolan is part of
*that* network. An investigation like that has a mandate to look at everyone Nolan collaborates with and they'll
certainly be interested when they learn a third party has his password, to edit the Internet on his behalf while
incarcerated. The 4 of us realize that person must be related to the SGFLRA in some way, because our executive
was the only target of tampering. We may yet hear the Crown assert in a trial that Nolan conspired with an
associate to cover his tracks, as his biggest concern upon the charges being laid. (Please don't forget I have
unofficial word that a second executive is, or was, suspected. I'm trying to find out more but my sources are getting
tight-lipped since news of the charges was broadcast.)

I don't proclaim to know what will happen but these are reasonably distinct possibilities. It's not like Nolan could
afford an attorney like Marie Heinen (sp?) either. In the meantime we're all being suggestively implicated and we
can forget about a gentle ride the minute Nick Kouvalis catches wind of this. Moreover and as our MP, Kellie Leitch
will have the right to look into Nolan's case. We couldn't accuse her of a conflict of interest either.

I just think we're playing with fire and someone turned up the heat last night. I am genuinely concerned that our
executive, and perhaps the party, isn't taking this seriously enough. I say this in friendship because I care very
much about each of us and the threat of this drama interfering in our lives. A journalist only has their reputation and
the last thing I need is to be placed in the same boat as an accused child predator, when the 'you're either with us
or against us' soundbyte gets revived by the vitriolic Leitch camp. Lenore has a business. Stuart has children. And
you have an international reputation to protect.

With that said and in response to your question, I'm working on something big for iPolitics. I've also been asked to
be the contributing executive editor for a magazine that is in the process of being revived. I can't say too much until
it gets unveiled, but it's in collaboration with the Inter-American Press Association. Since I was having trouble
getting investigative journalism published in Canada, I went hemispheric-wide to overcome our lack of funding and
legal gumption! I suspect I'll publish infrequent stories at iPolitics that are pure Canadian interest, but these
agreements are negotiated one by one, because the work I do often requires lawyers to vet and/or defend against
takedown notices. Investigative journalism is nearly dead in Canada, but the good folks at iPolitics are putting up
the backing for my stories (the Molson family lawyers) when their coffers can afford it. Otherwise I remain
independent and I won't sign a staff contract that makes me beholden to any publisher or advertorial. It's not easy
to proceed this way but due to the massive corruption in our industry, I feel it's important more than ever to assert
these principles. Other reporters are starting to wake up but it will be a long process of rehabilitation (from political
and concentrated press ownership) till we see some improvements. And that's only if we stick to the good fight - but
I'm trying. (So is Stephen Maher who was hired as the new editor and Michael Harris who is mentoring me for this

Anyway, I do recommend iPolitics and they're trying harder to generate revenue that will help them expand in the
Canadian news market (decreasing OpEds as hard news becomes more integrated). I also hope I've cleared up
any hesitancy regarding the tone of my comments about Nolan. It's being brought to our own doorsteps any apathy
or carelessness (not yours but generally speaking, via the EDA and whoever tampered with the evidence) isn't
going to help us. All I know is that I respect Nolan's rights but if the police come calling at my house, I won't refuse
to answer their questions. Whether Nolan is guilty or innocent, there are a lot of vulnerable children in danger and I
won't obstruct an investigation to protect them. If Nolan is innocent, then the evidence will exonerate him too... just
not if any riding executive attempts to delete it, while the police are trying to recover and ascertain what happened.

I wish you, and us, all the best. I really do.

(PS. Sorry for not editing this email prior to sending)

Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


On 11/19/2016 at 5:58 AM, "John Gruetzner" <> wrote:


Please understand that I am engaging in this email conversation at a distance and in a

spirit of friendship. I do a lot of crisis management for a living and the key thing is to go
slow and get the facts. This is fortunately the same approach you take as a professional
journalist so I think we are in agreement that this situation is important but also
complex. It is important locally and terrible for the victims but the whole matter should
be kept as you are doing recording, for which I commend you, what facts exist.

Please note that I was referring to the hospital doing the right thing and respecting his
presumption of innocence. Mr. Nolan of course would not want to be the first to admit
the relationship with his employer was compromised. I was not suggesting you do not
believe or act in a manner that suggests you do not respect everyones presumption of

I will not comment on the riding association for the simple reason that I have no facts or
access to any information from the EDA of substance since the last AGM. I had also
looked when I first read about this that the riding changed the website. Who or when
this done I have no knowledge. This seems like a prudent thing to do.

The fact that Mr. Nolans LinkedIn was updated is as you point out also worthy of
observation. There are of course a myriad of people that could have made the change.
It could be that he has parole, asked his lawyer, a visitor in jail, a family member or flat
mate that knows his password , before he was detained or as you are suggesting a
male or female friend that is interested in isolating Mr. Nolans situation.

On a more personal note are you able to tell us where you will be hanging your hat as a
journalist as your first email suggested? If not I understand.

I wish you all the best.



From: Amy M []

Sent: Saturday, November 19, 2016 4:32 AM
To: John Gruetzner;;
Subject: RE: The Nolan Anomalies Begin

Thanks for your response, John, My comments now still don't reflect an opinion of guilt or
innocence and I don't believe in the court of public opinion. I was the only reporter in Canada
who cautioned the media against such behaviour when it came to the Ghomeshi trial and I still
take flack for advocating the Rule of Law in the way we report, regardless of hype or public
pressure. (I was in school to become a lawyer before a drunk driver changed the course of my
life and I ended up pursuing journalism after a 5 year hiatus that was spend in physical therapy.)

But that aside, Jared Nolan's ties to the SGFLRA are being edited while he's in jail right now -
and that means someone else is doing it, with access to his passwords. It also demonstrates the
editor's only concern is distracting from Nolan's political network. That means someone is
interfering with Nolan's digital data, at the very moment it's under investigation by police, the
hospital and media. I believe this is a serious issue that warrants deeper reflection, like who in
their right mind would tamper with evidence while it's being forensically collected? The only
person who couldn't do this is Nolan, and the only person close enough to have that kind of
access, only cares about editing our executive. That person is also apparently dyslexic, akin to
the dyslexia we've seen with one of our executives. Coincidentally, our dyslexic executive is on
the board of directors at Nolan's hospital and Nolan reports to him. (I mean nothing derogatory
about a disability and I reference it only as a unique identifying characteristic.)

It's an elephant in the room, for sure. I just can't seem to look away. It's an unavoidable
statement that a third party has tampered with evidence in a child luring and pornography case,
directly related to SGFLRA. I'm smacking myself in the forehead (albeit gently), wondering who
the heck would be so stupid to do this. It's a digital forensic examination that's been escalated to
a task force. And some genius thought it would be a good idea to break into Nolan's digital
accounts to edit them, while he is in jail? While the forensic investigators are surprised to log this
in real time? This kind of stuff is only supposed to happen in America.


On 11/19/2016 at 2:48 AM, "John Gruetzner" <> wrote:


Thanks for your email. I will only comment on part of your email as I have no specific
knowledge of this matter either way outside of what I read in the newspapers.

There is probably no need for him to remove his hospital connection. I would submit for
consideration that Mr. Jordan is probably technically still paid by the hospital until he
either is unable to show up for work for a specified number of days in a row or

The email or letter you sent to the EDA executive and senior members of LPCO/LPC
reinforced and a way that I reflected highly of your character the importance of the
presumption of innocence. It is, as we know, a critical part of the Magna Carta and the

I simply personally do not believe any organization outside of a court of law has the
right to judge any criminal charge. I will wait for the courts to decide to comment any
further on this matter. Naturally I am not happy should the charges stick for the hospital
and more importantly the victims. Stupefied is my current reaction.

At the moment I am also overcome by our American friends decision in the election but
hope that is will be cathartic long term.



From: Amy M []

Sent: Saturday, November 19, 2016 2:32 AM
Subject: The Nolan Anomalies Begin

How was Jared Nolan's LinkedIn account updated while he's still in jail, awaiting a bail hearing
on Monday?

See here:


And see here:

His LinkedIn page lists our EDA. It also says he's no longer the EVP. We know he wasn't
removed from the executive until after the charges were laid and since he's been incarcerated.
That means he has an accomplice scrubbing his Liberal connections and his photo was
removed from the account page as well (since CTV News used a copy of it this evening).

I archived the page because someone's got some explaining to do. Notice the update didn't
change his employment status at the hospital though. Whoever did this only cared about the
appearance of his relationship with the SGFLRA.