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I. Generalidades:

Asignatura: Nivel:
Ingls Educacin Media

Recursos: Grado:
Vocabulary book, Journal book and Notebook 11th grade

Individual homework. Written and oral 1rd

Instrumento de evaluacin: Unidad:

Rubrica I

Ponderacin: Tiempo:

35% 2 week (6 hours)

II. Objetivo:

Produce spoken and written discourse related to personality traits of famous people, life
accomplishments dreams and wishes by listening to classmates teacher and authentic audio
material and reading texts in order to fulfill intended communication needs in the target

III. Indicadores de logro:

Successfully completes a listening guide with information from a biography.

Speaks with clear voice and correct pronunciation when making an oral presentation
about a famous persons life.

Writes a biographical article with correction and coherence.

IV. Contenidos (recursos a movilizar):


Personality traits and professional background of famous people

Life accomplishments of famous people.
Fashion, working trends, types of housing, entertainment.


Recognizing personal and professional information from different sources.

Identifying famous peoples accomplishments
Talking about present and future achievements.
Expressing thoughts about famous people.


Valuing the role of positive traits famous people

Paying careful attention to pronunciation, stress, rhythm and intonation, grammar and
word choice according to purpose and audience

V. La actividad integradora

Planteamiento de la Actividad integradora (situacin problema)

You have in your hands the notebook, the vocabulary and the journal book, in the ones you
already worked in class or in your home.

Referring to the information that you have written in the 3 notebooks, you are going to
speak in English in class about some topics that you studied with the teacher, from those
you are going to choose one or two. These topics are: famous peoples Biographies, Your
own biography, famous peoples achievements, your achievements, types of housing in El
Salvador, your houses description and fashion. Each student will have 2 minutes to speak
in English about some of the topics already mentioned. The teacher will evaluate
pronunciation, fluency; creativity and the time the student speak in English. By presented
this integrated activity the students will show have much they have learned until now in the
English classes, how much they have improve their English skills.

VII. Rbrica para obtener la calificacin de la actividad integradora (35%)

(Indicadores de logro:)

Fluency (Pronunciation) Creativity Time (2 minutes)

Student Grade
50% (0.05 each mistakes) 30% 20%