Money Science Pt.

By Bongani Khumalo We all strive on the daily, doing our daily nine to fives, but we hardly think about what is considered as money and what system governs these so called bling-notes we chase. Truth is, what most of us call “money” is not physical money as such, and by physical money, I mean coins, cash, gold or property. Truth is some of this money is in the form of figures generated and passed from one computer to another electronically in the form of money transfers, electronic accounts, credit cards and cheque books, and to give it to you straight - that’s where we all get hustled. In my definition, money represents real tangible things such as cars, houses, and any possessions one has. Money’s all good and blingy except for one strange rule that kind of bothers me; If a bank has one million rands, by law, it is legally allowed to lend out ten million to the public and charge interest on money it did not have a cent of in the first place. Thing is, these bean-counters are not even printing more money to make the loans available for the ten million they lend, the Banks merely types the amount of the loan into your bank account and send you off with a kick me sign on your back. You then use this money with other people also owning this bank account, and they accept it as legal tender, as they also have loaned from the bank the same way you did and the cycle continues.

It’s truly not rocket science to foresee such a system is eventually headed for a crash landing, and eventually monetary shocks will follow affecting the poorest at first, and then ultimately hit the elite who

came up with this whole game in the first place. I mean, if you’re going to borrow out more money than you actually print, then how is your slaves going to pay you back what they are not in possession of? The problem arises when you cannot not pay back the loan the bank gave you initially you are then forced by law to agree that the bank can repossess any REAL wealth you have(property, cars and other physical possessions you had).The same principles outlined above are applied to all world countries, instead of creating their own interest-free money (by making a law which restricts production of money by backing it with real gold or something) governments borrow and use a different type of money created by two infamous banking cartels called the World Bank and the INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND (IMF) which formed as a result of international delegates signing the Bretton Woods Agreements in 1944.(link ods.html) Then the governments pay the loan and interest by raising the taxation of their beloved people they vow to have their best intentions at heart! The question is; why don’t the countries wizen up and start agreeing their own money system? Sadly, no government anywhere is no longer sovereign, they have in many ways sold vital infrastructure to private bodies in a deal called privatization that agrees to use the money system of the World Bank and the IMF, such as VISA and MASTERCARD. In order to accomplish this in a global scale, the IMF and World Bank hired people like the United Nations to convince nations of the world to privatise, and they all fell for it and slowly we all slowly signed up like a tasty gym membership. Then countries are now trapped to use the money system of the outside bodies, because all their vital resources are owned by these outside bodies. In fact, the Third Word debt was manufactured to replace physical occupation with today’s financial occupation, which is stealing the wealth of resource rich or strategically situated in Third World countries (Blood diamonds, Oil jackings, and e.t.c.). Rules, rules, rules they hold the fragments of day to day life like putty I guess…and when all opportunities are well exploited, when everyone’s truly knee deep in it that you too broke to pay attention you turn on the telly and guess what the news say? World Economic Crisis!!!!