After 333years Under The Malpractices Of The Friars O Philippines, My Philippines What Have You Become? From Greedy Spaniards To Corrupt Politician's? You Are Independent But Not Free Ruled By Those Who Have Tainted Hands Where Are Our Heroes Efforts Been? You Are Being Destroyed By Your Own Flesh Shuttered In Void Blinded By Disillusions Under The Hands Of Those Leagues With No Unity How Can We Stand Strong In The Battlefield? Danger Is All Around While Our Readiness Flustered By Facade Of Fake Reality Thy People Are In Hunger And Thy Hands Are In Gamble Blinded By Money And Power O Philippines, My Philippines What Have You Gained? My Country Full Of Paradise Slowly Being Rotten By Greed And Poverty The Sea Of Lively Fish, Now A Dump Site Of Humanities The Fine Wide River, Look At It, After Years Became A Pitiful Waste Answer, What Can We Leave Our Next Generation? These Words Of Sympathy, I Don't Wish To Rage Any Entity Those Who Will Be Angered Are Those Of Guilt Truth Be Spoken With Danger Will Awaken With My Pen And Sheet I Share My Words Against Mischief I Who Suffer From Poverty Can Only Stand With False Identity Hoping My Country To Hear Me Those Who Cheat Even In Discreet Shalt Be Sensor Ed By The Eye Of The Almighty Don't Be Afraid Of People Around, Fear God Who's Above Bestow Beyond All The Beneath