Tamarillo Rose

Monza Tiger Lily

Scarlet Tulip

Botticelli Lily

Sunshine Cosmos Lemon Daffodil

Dolly Daisy

Spring Wood Laurel


Eggplant Carnation

Amethyst Iris

Petite Orchid Azalea

Stratos Bud

Astronaut Lilac

Scooter Cosmos

Cerulean Tulip

W. Atlee Burpee & Company

Product Redesign

Add the essential Amethyst Iris to your garden’s color palette!

Company & Product Name
W. Atlee Burpee & Co. flower seed packaging

Target Group
Gardeners and plant enthusiasts (ages 20-60), most likely female audience.

Brief history
“Burpee was founded in 1876 by seed pioneer W. Atlee Burpee. The company remains privately owned by George Ball, a third generation seedsman, who serves as chairman and CEO of W. Atlee Burpee & Co. and is past president of The American Horticultural Society. Today, Burpee is the largest, most progressive garden company in North America offering seeds, garden plants and gardening supplies through the company website (www.burpee.com), direct-mail catalogs and via retail garden centers nationwide. Burpee offers both heirloom and hybrid varieties, and is credited for introducing the world to numerous ornamental and edible breakthrough varieties during its 134 year history. Burpee’s headquarters, display gardens and research farm are located in historic Bucks County, Pennsylvania.” Add the romantic Tamarillo Rose to your garden’s color palette!

The Big Idea
Each individual packaged plant will be like a color swatch in a painter’s palette — like the garden is the canvas and the gardener is the painter. Each plant will be associated with a specific color. These color swatches will be squares in the lower right corner of each package with both their color and scientific names. The plant will be hand painted by a professional artist, with an emphasis on the brush strokes and paint medium (by letting it drip and bleed into the substrate). The packaging will contain a lot white space with the only color being the swatch with which the plant is associated. The overall goal is to allow the consumer to push their expressive qualities and build a garden of color by using a variety of the Burpee products as a group of allocated personalities.

Product Plan

history & big idea

Adobe Garamond Pro Futura

italic, regular

Use Adobe Garamond Pro for body copy. Use 12pt type. Body copy leading will be 20pt, with an optical kerning. Adobe Garamond Pro will also be used for sub-titles, where the size will be 18pt in italics.

medium Use Futura for titling. Use 24pt type for header text, and 16pt type for titling on body copy text.
Pantone 7473 C # 3daa8d R 61 G 170 B 141 C 73 M 10 Y 56 K 1


Pantone 343 C # 105743 R 16 G 87 B 67 C 88 M 41 Y 76 K 37

Pantone 513 M # 974797 R 151 G 71 B 59 C 46 M 86 Y 2 K 0

Pantone 116 M # ffcb00 R 255 G 203 B 0 C 1 M 19 Y 100 K 0

Iris Raw Umber Cerulean
Pantone 140 C # 855a14 R 133 G 90 B 20 C 38 M 59 Y 100 K 27 Pantone 285 M # 0081cc R 0 G 129 B 80 C 82 M 42 Y 0 K 0

Daffodil Sunshade
Pantone 138 M # ff9716 R 255 G 151 B 22 C 0 M 48 Y 99 K 0

Tulip Tamarillo
Pantone 132 C # b07e09 R 176 G 126 B 9 C 29 M 48 Y 100 K 9 Pantone 200 M # 9c000b R 156 G 0 B 11 C 24 M 100 Y 100 K 23



more colors will be added depending on the products made available

Style Guide
typography & color

Add the deep Cerulean Tulip to your garden’s color palette!


Hot Toddy


Logo Personality & Brand Identity
The new logo provides a clean identity. The icon of the seed along with the name will provide a strong association. The simplicity compliments the white space and vibrant colors that will be used in the packaging and design work.

Logo Modification Improvements
The initial letter ‘b’ is a lighter value than the rest to provide a nice end or vice versa. This will allow them to pan across the entire name making it more memorable for them. The colors are meant to focus more on the process and relationship of green plants springing from the raw earth. The greens in the lettering and the browns in the seed reflect this relationship, yet doesn’t rely on detailed illustrations or graphics. Add the vibrant Sunshade Cosmos to your garden’s color palette! focal point, where the consumer will follow through to the seed at the

Size and Placement Recommendations
For the individual packages, the logo will be placed 0.25 inches from the top edge and centered. The logo’s dimensions will be 1.25 by 0.5 inches. For websites, the logo will be centered 50 pixels down from the top of the browser, with dimensions of 188 by 38 pixels.

Style Guide
logo redesign

Original Design
The packaging feels offset, as if the images don’t align with the edge of the package. Information is redundant, and placed in corners or arbitrarily within the copy. The green background behind the flowers in the image doesn’t read with fierce clarity. It takes away the power and vibrance of the blossoms. Add the soft Petite Orchid Azalea to your garden’s color palette!

Package Redesign


New Design
Instructions will be available on the Burpee website, it may even be a good idea to put up detailed videos for consumers as a great way to become involved with Burpee. The new packaging utilizes white space and vibrant color to bring a simple yet attractive face to the package. The painted flower will correlate with the big idea of your garden being your canvas, and it creates a very authentic, human touch. Information is now more concise and is grouped by proximity regarding their relevance to each other. Add the bold Astronaut Lilac to your garden’s color palette!

Packaging Redesign
new design

Additional Products
In all advertisements and marketing, products should be displayed together. The products were designed to work with each other. Alone they are bold, but together they create a community. If a consumer were to see all the colors that correlate, they will be influenced to by more products. Add the robust Scooter Cosmos to your garden’s color palette!

Package Redesign

additional products

Product Comparisons
The strong focal point will attract the consumer. The authentic, professionally painted flowers will draw them in. The name of the flower, scientific name, and phrase on the right edge trailing up the package will gain the consumer’s interest because of the use of information and writing style. The best part of the new package is how it will communicate with the other products. The original artwork presented will make each package seem like a collectable in a series of work. It will encourage consumers to revamp their entire garden with new colors and fragrances that were designed to work together! Add the fierce Scarlet Tulip to your garden’s color palette!

Package Redesign

product photography

Mailer Advertisement
This mailer piece presents the collection of flowers available for purchase. The vibrant color of the real flower will show how much personality and organic form can be introduced to the consumer’s garden. The copy is serious yet respects the consumers’ expressive voice as a gardener and/or artist.

Product Advertisement
mailer piece

Add the expressive Lemon Daffodil to your garden’s color palette!


Mailer Advertisement
The back side gives contact information for the consumer to reply to as well as a simple display of the top 5 products. The website is the number one resource for consumers, it contains detailed information about the company, its products, and provides the online catalog.

Product Advertisement
mailer piece

Add the dominant Monza Tiger Lily to your garden’s color palette!


All work for this project was created for educational purposes. None of the designs, writing, or information within this project was created by the W. Atlee Burpee & Company.

Credit & Contact
Any comments, questions, or concerns are greatly appreciated. Jacob McAdam, Graphic Designer jacob@deoxgraphics.com www.deoxgraphics.com

All history research was quoted off of the Burpee website. Names of colors were provided by Chirag Mehta.

All paintings for each individual package were hand painted by Jacob McAdam in acrylic paint.

Product & Advertisement
Doug Holladay photographer David St. John lighting director Jacob McAdam set designer Blair Wells hand model Kody Jason assisted advertisement copy

contact & resources


Add the perky Botticelli Lily to your garden’s color palette!

Original Paintings