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APC Questions Building surveying

1. What remedies are in place when a contractor defaults on a contract

2. What is a bond?
3. What is a parent company guarantee?
4. What is the difference between a bond and a PCG?
5. What is CDM and whose responsibility is it?
6. What is the difference between a principle and main contractor?
7. What role does a planning supervisor undertake during the construction phase of
a project?
8. What is the difference between value engineering and value management?
9. What is risk management and give an example of what you would do to manage
10. You are working for a client and a contractor contacts you on the morning of
the return dateand states he can not make the deadline, what do you do?
11. He returns his tender and it is 100,000 less than the nearest competitor, what
do you do?
12. After completing a tender analysis you realise that you have made an
arithmetical error, andthe tender you thought was cheapest is not the case, what
do you do?
13. What would you do if a contract was returned to you from a client and the LADs
section was leftblank?
14. You get a certificate back from the clients QS and it has been overvalued by
100,000, what doyou do?
15. The internet and telephone connections are down on site, you need to source a
subcontractorhow do you do it?
16. How did you go about procuring the earthworks subcontractor?
17. If a subcontractor is procured and needs an early start on site, what would you
18. What would you expect in a letter of intent?
19. Is a letter of intent a binding contract?
20. What are the environmental impacts of crushing concrete on site?
21. It is valuation date, and an assistant QS comes to site, you are very busy and
give him the taskoff measuring stockpiled crushed concrete, what would you do?
22. How do you deal with contamination on site?
23. How do you deal with asbestos on site?
24. How do you value a variation?
25. Can materials be paid for off site?
26. What would you expect to receive from a subcontract if applying for materials
off site?
27. What is a vesting certificate?
28. Who has to insure materials off site

Quantity surveyor

Weekly report

RICS APC Questions Session I & II (2011):
M006 - Conflict Avoidance, Management and Dispute Resolution
P r o c e d u r e s Session I (2012):
1. What is ADR? Can you list alternative dispute resolution methods?2. How do you
avoid conflicts in the pre-contract and post-contract stage?3. What is the mechanism for
dispute resolution in the industry?4. How do you deal with the arbitration award in the dispute
between UK contractor and theemployer in UAE?5. What is dispute resolution procedure in your
contract?6. How you can enforce arbitration award in UAE?7. What is Ad-
Hoc arbitration?8. What is adjudication?, What are the advantages over arbitration?9. How
do you differentiate dispute resolution procedure in FIDIC 1999 and FIDIC 1987?
Session I (2012):
10. What are the difference between Adjudication and Arbitration?11. Do you advice to your
employer adjudication or Arbitration?12. Is adjudication used in UAE?13. Explain disputes
settlement Procedure?14. Explain the adjudication?15. What is the difference between
Mediation and Conciliation?16. If the Contract contains Adjudication clause, how you deal with
it?17. What are the differences between Arbitration and Litigation?18. When parties go for ADR
and what are the benefits of ADR compare to litigation?19. What is a conflict?20. What is the
dispute resolution method in your contract?21. Please tell me UAE arbitration centers?22. If
there is dispute and two parties want to go for arbitration, what will be the procedurewith your




Feasibility studies (cost per key, cost per m2 etc.);

Cost Planning and estimating (BCIS and NRM1);
Value Engineering, cash flow forecasts, Whole Life Costing, risk management;
Bills of Quantities production (POMI and CESSM3);
Tender services including compilation, tender analysis, negotiations and recommendations;
Contract drafting (FIDIC).

Post Contract:

Management of bonds, insurances and guarantee logs;

Interim valuations and payment certificates;
Variations analysis, recommendations and management;
Risk and value management and cost control functions;
Costs analysis project work;
Identifying, analysing and developing responses to commercial risks;
Preparation of progress/ cost reports;
Reporting to Commercial Hospitality Director on all commercial issues;
Understanding the implications of health and safety regulations;
Attendance and representation at commercial meetings