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Overcoming poverty in solidarity

Fostering transformation through the power of God's love

PNA: A Brief Summary

The Puso Ng Ama Foundation (PNA) is a SEC (Philippines) registered foundation that aims to help
overcome poverty in solidarity with others and to foster transformation among the poor through the
power of God's love. The vision that inspires PNA is that of a world more like heaven. In heaven there is
no poverty, hunger, sickness, or evil, rather there is love, joy, peace, health, beauty, justice and
abundance. In heaven there is true human flourishing. The Mission of PNA is to work towards the vision
of a world more like heaven by helping people, especially those who are materially poor, to experience,
to be transformed by and to be impelled to action by God's love. PNA believes that God is concerned
with all spheres of human life and that God's love comes not simply through invisible spiritual ways
but also through tangible and visible ways. God's love comes through the material, economic, social,
emotional and other aspects of human life.

Collaboration, partnership, solidarity and empowerment are key values for PNA. Thus PNA does not try
to do everything itself or to keep control of everything itself. PNA seeks to increase its impact by
working with others whenever it can, by fostering collaboration, partnership, and strategic alliances and
by raising up, training, inspiring, equipping and supporting others to work for the overcoming of poverty
and for social and individual transformation. PNA seeks to carry out its mission in four main ways: a)
collaborating and partnering with others in joint work (roles, responsibilities and desired outcomes being
clearly defined), b) supporting the work of others, c) networking, linking and coordinating (to facilitate
and initiate work, to inspire people to work and to better equip people for work) d) running its own
events, activities, projects and programs through PNAMM (Puso Ng Ama Mission and Ministries).

PNA, which springs from the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, is faith-based and explicitly Christian.
However, it seeks to collaborate with, and build partnerships with, individuals, groups, or organizations
of any religion or of no religion that are willing to respect the values of PNA and that agree to work
together towards meeting specific aims and objectives.

PNA runs a number of initiatives. These include the Pope Francis Initiative (PFI), the Developing
Missionary Servants Initiative (DMS), the Love Your Neighbour Initiative (LYN), the 18:20 Initiative
(18:20), CETAP (Catholics and Evangelicals Together Against Poverty) and the PNA Friends. The PFI
seeks to bring together and to link up religious and secular individuals, groups, communities and
organizations in a way that contributes towards the twin goal of personal and social transformation
among the poor. DMS seeks to raise up, develop, encourage and support missionary servants who,
having experienced God's love for themselves through the person of Jesus Christ, seek to help others,
especially those who live in poverty, to also experience that love. The LYN initiative seeks to help
people be world changers, to help them make a significant difference in a world full of poverty, suffering
and need. The LYN initiative seeks to challenge and inspire people to love, through practical action,
those who live in poverty. 18:20 encourages people in poor areas to pray together frequently in small
groups. CETAP seeks to bring together Catholics and Evangelicals to work together in holistic mission
and transformational ministry among the poor and to fight together against poverty, while practicing a
convergent ecumenism which does not compromise their respective beliefs and practices. The PNA
Friends contribute to PNA's mission in one or more of three ways: by giving time, resources, or prayer.