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CRT Online Sample Questions

CRT Online is a test of broad reasoning skills at university entrance level.

The following are examples of some types of question that might be found in a CRT
Online test. Note that these are examples only and the actual questions in a CRT Online
test may vary in style and content.

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Questions 1 3

The following passage is from a novel. The narrator is an adult recalling his teenage


I think that at this time I got so far into my own head that I became lost. The gap between
fiction, between abstract speculation and so-called reality became blurred for me. I felt
myself lose contact with the outside world. It was as though my self had become concentrated
into a tiny nucleus inside my head, except that I was still fully myself, if you know what
I mean. Instead of walking around outside I was walking around inside. My eyes seemed 5
like windows away from which I turned. I watched them become mere specks of light as I
moved further back into this inner gloom. At first it was totally dark, but as my eyes became
accustomed to their new surroundings I gradually began to perceive vague shapes and
contours, until eventually everything in this imaginary world became as real and tangible
as the world outside. 10

1 The narrator refers to so-called reality (line 2) because he wants to

A suggest that he has never experienced reality.
B alert readers to the uncertain nature of reality.
C consider what name should be given to reality.
D express his confidence in understanding reality.

2 At the end of the passage the narrator could best be described as

A isolated. C depressed.
B ignorant. D doubtful.

3 By the end of the passage the imaginary world had

A disintegrated.
B become more and more confusing.
C helped the narrator to understand reality.
D become as comfortable as the real world.


Questions 4 7

Consider the following passage and answer the questions that follow.

Humans may have reached northern Europe (including England) 200 000 years earlier than previously
thought. Stone tools found in England suggest that early humans were there 700 000 years ago.
The stone tools were discovered at a site in Suffolk. The tools have been dated using several methods.
Firstly, the magnetic polarity of iron-containing minerals in the sedimentary rocks where the tools were
found is aligned north-south, just as it is today. Since the Earths magnetic field underwent a polarity reversal
780 000 years ago, the site must be younger than that.
The tools were found beneath glacial ice deposits laid down during a period 450 000 years ago when
the region was blanketed in ice, so they must be older than this. Also present at the site were fossils of a
water vole Mimomys, which was superseded by another vole species called Arvicola around 500 000 years
A new amino-acid dating technique gives an estimate of 700 000 years old. The method was used to
measure the breakdown of amino acids within shells of a freshwater snail species found with the tools at the

4 When were humans previously thought to have reached northern Europe?

A 450 000 years ago
B 500 000 years ago
C 700 000 years ago
D 900 000 years ago

5 Without the amino acid evidence, which one of the following is the best estimate of the age of the
A 500 000 years old
B 700 000 years old
C 450 000 to 500 000 years old
D 500 000 to 780 000 years old

6 Of the following, which best indicates the value of the water vole fossils to the dating of the site?
A The fossils confirm the date of the glacial deposit.
B The Arvicola fossils indicate that the site is more than 500 000 years old.
C The Mimomys fossils indicate that the site is more than 500 000 years old.
D The fossils suggest that the glacial deposits were 50 000 years older than first thought.

7 If found, which one of the following would place the most doubt on the conclusion that early humans
were at the site 700 000 years ago?
A the freshwater snail species was part of the diet of Mimomys
B the freshwater snail species was part of the diet of Arvicola
C the freshwater snail species became extinct 500 000 years ago
D the freshwater snail species did not exist before 500 000 years ago


1 B
2 A
3 D
4 B
5 D
6 C
7 D

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