61 ) An explorer is in a tent. It offers no protection from the weather. However, if he leaves it he will die. Why?

62) Chuck took his girlfriend to a restaurant. The cheapest item on the menu was GESG so he ordered it for them both. What did they get? 63) Tom has three, Dick has three, and Harry has three. How many do they have altogether? 64) The more you take away the bigger it gets; the more you add the smaller it becomes. What is it? 65) How do you divide 11 potatoes evenly between 4 boys? 66) When Henry Ford interviewed a candidate for a senior position in his company he often took the candidate out for lunch and ordered soup for them. Why? 67) A man sees an advertisement in the newspaper offering 100 cigarette lighters for $10. Why is he disappointed when his order arrives? 68) If it takes one man three days to dig two holes, how long will it take him to dig half a hole? 69) What kind of fruit can conduct electricity? 70) What occurs twice in a lifetime, once in a year, twice in a week, but never in a day?

61) The explorer is sick and in an oxygen tent. 62) Scrambled eggs ( Scramble the word EGGS into GEGS! ) 63) Three. Tom, Dick and Harry are brothers. Each has three sisters so altogether they have three sisters. 64) A hole 65) Make mashed potatoes 66) Ford watched to see if the candidate put salt or pepper into their soup before tasting it. If so, Ford would not hire them. He did not want people who prejudged situations. He wanted people who would test first before taking action. 67) The man received a box of 100 matches. 68) You can’t dig half a hole. 69) Currants 70) The letter E

Fear Not
By Unknown Author

Fear not that you might make a mistake in believing your dream. Fear rather that if you don't go for it You might feel regret and remorse for you could have succeeded had you had a little more faith. Fear not that you might fail. Fear rather that you will never succeed if you never try and if you are unwilling to take risks. Fear not that you might get hurt. Fear rather that you will never grow if you wait for painless success. The old man said to the young man, “Why not go out, on a limb, After all isn't that where the fruit is.”