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Shot list

Shot 1:
Handheld camera pushing through crowd (to make audience feel a part of crowd)
Medium shot to make crowd look more intimate
Sound: Lots of people talking, people saying mean things e.g. what the hell is wrong with him, is he
okay, Elliot

Shot 2:
Steady cam Bird eye view over crowd and showing Elliot passed out on the floor.
Elliot looking up bewildered.
Medium shot

Shot 3:
Switch to Elliots pov, looking up at crowd Low angle / tilt up.
Slow motion blinks and heavy breathing (jump cut to black screen)
Medium close up
Sound: Sound of blinks in slow motion.

Shot 4:
Action match Focus pictures intro
Sound: short soft piano note

Shot 5: Flashback scene parent doctor

Over the shoulder shot two parents (cannot see their faces doctor directly in the middle)
Medium long shot
Sound: Soft melancholy music in the background, doctors telling parents about Elliots condition

Shot 6: Elliots POV

Jump cut Over the shoulder shot of Elliot walking to councillors office.
(Over the shoulder shot) E Sits down on chair in front of room with window
Able to see Theo and councillor arguing.
Theo looks up and catches Elliots gaze.

Shot 7: Elliots POV

Jump cut to Elliots pov hand held cam, medium close, up dolly shot of Elliots and then moves to his
Elliot looking down at his shoes, moving his feet awkwardly.
Door opens dolly cam from Elliots shoes to Theos shoes. Low angle dolly cam from Theos shoes to
his head.

Shot 7:
Slow motion close up of Theo screaming angrily
Slow motion Jump cut to him hitting a wall fade to black.

Shot 8:
Over the shoulder shot of Theo walking around the school sped up.
Catches Elliot playing piano very sadly side profile of theo looking down at Elliot.
Jump cut, side profile Elliot and Theo having a conversation no sound.
Elliot stands up and shakes Theos hand.

Shot 9:
Jump cut to gym.
Medium shot show both arriving from different sides.
Elliots pov, handheld dolly cam from his shoes up to boxing gym surroundings.
Over the shoulder following both into gym.
Jump cut to Theo so this is where Im going to train you Close up
Jump to Elliot Unsure nod close up.
Shot 11:
Continuous montage of Elliot and Theo meeting at the gym.
Medium profile shot Theo teaching Elliot to box. Elliot bad at boxing. First few scenes.
Eventually show Elliot improving.

Shot 12:
Hand held camera Elliot boxing Theo holding boxing pad.
Theo stops him midway and tells him he has signed Elliot up to a boxing match.
Elliot on floor bird eye view fade to white

Shot 13:
Action match white calendar with red X on first day of the month Medium close up.
Montage of Xs being added every day. First few days, duration of shots: long.
When closer to big match at end of month speed up montage.
When on big match stop

Shot 14:
Elliots pov close up of hand Slow motion crossing out big match
First line of cross (sound of squeaking on paper and bang when pen gets to end of line -
Jump cut to over shoulder shot of Elliot walking into ring with Theo slow motion)
Jump cut back to pen finishing cross squeak, bang at end.
At the End of the cross jump cut of Theo and Elliot walking in but lifting up Elliots hands like a
Sound of cheering in background.
Bright lights add title text with name of movie when scene ends.

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