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I am going to speak about nuclear energy and if I think it is good or bad.

Well, to start I want to say that I think that nuclear energy is good for us and
that we could not live without it. I think that nuclear energy has also bad
things like all in this world but it has more favorable things.

Very important countries like France, Finland or United States prefer this
alternative before renewable energy. At the present time renewable does
not produce all the energy needed so our quality of life would be much
worse and there would be no electricity in some houses. If they proposed
another way to get electricity but with the way that they give us we cant
have all the electricity we need.

I am going to put the example of Spain. Nuclear energy secures electricity

supply to Spain because our nine reactors run 24 hours a day 365 a year.

All people who are against said that is because the contamination and
things like that but It is a clean energy, avoiding the emission of 60 million
tons of CO2 per year nothing is being done wrong or breaking any law.

Another reason to be in favor of nuclear energy is that in the nuclear power

plants people are needed so they created job and wealth to the area of
influence. The nuclear sector in Spain has employed 27,500 people.

Nuclear energy also reduces dependence on other countries. Spain is a

country that imports almost 80% of the energy raw materials it consumes,
mainly oil and gas, a figure well above the European average. Although our
country imports 100% of uranium, all nuclear fuel supply in Spain is
considered national. That gives us the security of having the energy when it
is necessary.