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County of Los Angeles

Department of Parks & Recreation

Frank G Bonelli Park Puddingstone Lake

Invasive Species (Quagga) Policy Update

Mar. 01, 2017

1. Effective immediately, the only wet boats allowed to launch at

Bonelli are those bearing the orange bands issued by county personnel
at Frank G Bonelli Park - Puddingstone Lake.
Obtain from boat inspection
No Charge for band or exit
station upon leaving for the day

2. This action is in response to the recent discovery of a quagga mussel

presence affecting Perris & Silverwood Lakes. In addition, there was a
similar, but separate discovery affecting Pyramid & Castaic Lakes in
December of last year.

3. Boats bearing a band from any other lake, including those mentioned
above, must be cleaned drained and dried at the time of our
inspection, and are subject to a full inspected by our personnel. As
with any other boat, any standing water or moisture will disqualify the
boat for a 7-day period regardless of wherever else it was banded.
Boats will be able to be launched on the 8th day.

4. On rainy days, only boats with a band from Bonelli Park will be allowed
to launch. Boaters may have their boats inspected and banded on
days prior to rain if desired. Always call the park (909) 599-8411 for
the current status.
We apologize for any inconvenience these new restrictions may cause. However it is necessary
for the continued access and enjoyment of Puddingstone Lake. Furthermore, we certainly
appreciate our many boaters who have been proactive by keeping their boats clean, drained,
and dry when they arrive at our lake. Thank you!