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to keep up with his st

(eleven yea rs) in
Rangkuman Materi
Brazi In 2006, only 24
. Recount
y World Cup. Despite
the already said that
Ronaldinho ,
Ronalda media fans .
Recount adalah teks yang berfungsi untuk mencerita kan kembali pengalaman masa
la lu. Recountjenis ini disebut Personal Recount.
1. Having recognized Kc:
Selain Personal Recount, juga terdapat Biographical ya ng berfungsi untuk mencerita
professor suggested 1
kan kisah hidup seorang tokoh dari sudut pandang orang ketiga .
football school. (UN 21
a. he become a sup
Social ,Function Generic Structure Feat,we b. he enroll as a me
c. he accomoda e
Recount Orientation: provides the Focus on specific
setting and introduces participants
d. he practice more
To retell Events for the
purpose of informing or participants. Use of material processes e. spend his free
entertaining Events: tell what Circumstances of time and tim Jawaban : b
happened, in what place Pembahasan :
Biographical Recount sequence. Use of past tense
Jawaban untuk pertar
To retell biographical stories o Re-orientation: optional- Focus on temporal
closure of events. sequence. kamu tem ukan pada r
of famous people for the
Pada paragraf ter
purpose of informing or
entertaining. "His talent was soc
A professor called t,
suggested enrolling hi.
school. " erdasarkan
tersebut kita tahu pr<
Bedah IJ. menyarankan kepada
untuk memasukkanny .
sepak bola.
Read the text carefully and answer questions 1 to 3. 2. The main idea of para!
(UN 201312014)
Kaka was born in Brazilia. From age 4 to 7, his family lived in Culaba, follow ing
a. . his talent was
his father, a civil engineer . At the age 7, the family moved to the City of Sao Paulo, soo1
in the neighborhood of Morumbi, near the Stadium of Sao Paulo F. C. As FIFA says,
b. Kaka would start a
"Kaka fails to fit the Brazilian stereotype of the kid from the favela who first played
the game in the street with a ball made from rags. Coming from comforta ble and c. "the Magic Square"
cultured family, Kaka kept up his studies as long as they were compatible with this Kaka, Ronaldinho,
profession." A ndriano.
His talent was soon recognized. A professor called the family and suggested d. a professor sug!
enrolling him in a football school. At age 8, Kaka was playing with Sao Paulo F. C., fa mily enrolling hir
where he succeeded in all categories. At age 14, Kaka used to wake up two ours school.

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