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naAYT paso at ee LESSONS men 3 Advanced eer Scale Concepts Ss lala Leese The Complete Resource for Applying = Pr mC Ta A cr POT eae Me] Ce = a | De Tet Belkadi PRIVATE LESSON Advanced Scale Concepts and _ Li for’ ‘The Complete Resource for Applying Pentatonic, Harmonic Minor, Melodic Minor, Whole Tone, and Diminished Scales by Jean Marc Belkadi ISBN 0-7935-9288-7 Pa ia.-Leonarp: ce onal Copyright Secured All Rights Racorves No pat is putteaton or by any mane without te pe Table of Contents About this book About the audio The Pentatonic Scale Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales The Dominant Pentatonic Scale Altered Pentatonic Seales The Major Lydian Pentatonic Scale The Minor Lydian Pentatonic Scale The Harmonic Minor Scale Construction of the Harmonic Minor Modes First Mode—Harmonic Minor Second Mode—Locrian #6. Third Mode—tonian #5 Fourth Mode—Dorian#4.........0.... Fifth Mode—Phrygian #3... . 20.2.0 Sixth Mode—tydian #2... 0.2.00... se eee Seventh Mode—Altered +7 Additional Ideas for Harmonic Minor The Melodic Minor Scale Construction of the Melodie Minor Modes First Mode—Melodic Minor Second Mode—Dorian b2 Third Mode—Lydian Augmented . . Fourth Mode—Lydian +7 Fifth Mode—Mixolydian b13 Sixth Mode—Locrian #2 Ai Seventh Mode—Altered (Super Locrian) The Whole Tone Scale The Whole Tone Scale in a Tonal Context. . The Whole Tone Scale in a Modal Context Additional Whole Tone Ideas The Diminished Scale The Diminished Scale in a Tonal Context Diminished Arpeggios and Polytonalities Diminished Variations in a Modal Context . Acknowledgments About the Author Guitar Nolation Lesend: CD Track 14 58 9-14 15-18 . 19-23 24-25 26-27 . 28-29 30-31 - 32-33 . 34-35 36-38 - 39-45, 46-47 48-49 50-51 52-53 54-55 56-57 58-60 61-68 69-76 77-84 85-91 92-95 96-99