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Course Plan and Evaluation Plan

1. Course Code: EE243

2. Course Title: Mathematics for Electrical Engineers
3. L-T-P: 4-0-0
4. Credits: 4
5. Course Instructor: Sheron Figarado
6. Teaching Department: E&E Engg
7. Objective : The course is meant as an introduction to Linear Algebra with
applications, as well as introduction to the theory of complex variables. Study of
linear algebra helps us in solving the system of linear equations and various
properties of linear transformations. Systems of linear equations are needed to be
solved in several branches of Science and Engineering. In complex variables, the
method of solving contour integrals, and conformal mapping are introduced.
Students are encouraged to study MATLABs capabilities for solving linear algebra

8. Course Coverage (40 Lecture Schedule):

Stage Syllabus covering/Contents Approximate

no. of hours
1 Linear Systems: Systems of linear equations and their solution (5 hours)
2 Matrix Algebra: Matrix Operations, Determinants, Properties (8 hours)
of Determinants and Linear transformations
3 Spaces; Linear Maps, Isomorphism and Norms on vector (7 hours)
4 Orthogonality and Least squares Problems (6 hours)
5 Eigen Functions: Eigen Values, Eigen Vectors and Their (6 hours)
Applications to Differential Equations
6 Functions of complex variables, Cauchy Riemann equations. (8 hours)
Properties of analytic functions. Conformal mapping. Line
integrals in complex plane. Cauchy theorems
Additional topics: Power series, residues. Evaluation of standard real integrals using
contour integration*:
* Difficult to cover in 40 hours schedule.

9 References
1. Linear Algebra and Its Applications, David C. Lay, Third Edition, Pearson
2. Linear Algebra and Its Applications, Gilbert Strang, Fourth Edition,
Academic Press (Cengage Learning).
3. Matrix Analysis, R.A.Horn and C.R.Johnson, Cambridge University Press.
4. Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Erwin Kreyzig, 9th Edition,Wiley
India Pvt Ltd
5. Complex Variables: Introduction and Applications, Mark J Ablowitz,
Athanassios S Fokas, 2nd Edition.
6. R.V. Churchill and J.W. Brown, Complex Variables and applications, McGraw-Hill,
8th edition, 2008.

10. Evaluation plan :

Component Test 1 semester Assignments Test 2

Week W5 W8 * W14 W18

10% 25% 10% 10% 45%

* To be announced.

Tests 20% Weightage

Assignments 10% Weightage
Mid sem exam 25% Weightage
End sem exam 45% Weightage

Course Instructor
(Sheron Figarado)