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Southern California Saxophone Camp Application

Name: ________________________________ Age: ______

Address: ___________________________________________________________________________
City: ______________________________________________________________________________
State and Zip Code: __________________________________________________________________

Phone Number(s): ___________________________________________________________________

Student email: _____________________________ Parent email: ______________________________

High School: ______________________________ Current Grade: ____________________________

Instrument(s) you have available for camp (please circle all that apply):

Soprano Alto Tenor Baritone

Have you studied privately? (please circle one): Yes No

If yes, how many years ____ and name(s) of teacher(s) ______________________________________

If applying as an existing ensemble, list names of other membership ____________________________


Adult size (please circle one): S M L XL

I realize that this saxophone camp will be hard work as well as fun. I promise to arrive on time each day to my schedule of
events, show respect for myself and others, and participate fully with a positive attitude! I also promise to practice
throughout the week to the best of my ability to prepare for the featured student concerts and rehearsals. If for some reason I
have to cancel my attendance to the Southern California Saxophone Camp, I will give the camp director at least 2 weeks
notice so that someone on the waitlist can have my spot.

We/I authorize the staff members to act in the best interest of our/my child in case of emergency. We/I realize that insurance
is not provided and therefor, we/I assume all risks of injury. I agree that the Southern California Saxophone Camp, its
director and staff members shall not be liable for any claim, demands, injuries, damages, actions or causes of actions. I have
read this agreement and understand it and agree to all of it.

Name of Camp Participant ___________________ Signature_____________________ Date ________

Parent/Guardian Name ______________________ Signature_____________________ Date ________