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56 Apartment For Kent 65

Calendar of FRIDAY, S E P T E M B E R 1 4 -
s t a i r s a p a r t m e n t . Heat & Sale Dates
7 P.M. Special bred gilt and
sow sale. To be held at the
Beautiful Home? water furnished. Adults 6nly.
792-2773. SS-165-tfC Claimed Farmers Livestock Auction
located 2 west tt 4 north of

Buy- bu>idouble-wlde mobile ACROSS 53 Nearly all

and ;
Hwy. 71 it 30 Jet. Carroll. 1 Criticize UNITED Feature Syndicate
home on l a r g e lot In Farms For Rant Leonard Wieland. Owner. 55 Papal name.
Monday's Puzzle Solved:
L a n e s bo r o .... S t o v e , Auction Sales Dave Kerkhoff. Jack Kasper
5 Mobs'
10 Duad
56 Military
zone nana nann PEEED
refrigerator, A/C, & ACREAGE. NICE home; hog All types of auctions will be run bauer tt Meryl Kerkhoff. Auc-
fireplace stay. 1 bdrm., facilities. 3 miles south of Olid- in this Auction Calendar FREE - tioneers.
14 Premium 61 Throb n n n n annci n n n c n
den. Call 792-988:1 or 792-1445. 15 Greek 62 Destroy n r a n n n n r j O E BUGnn
bath, large patio, & dbl. 68-169-ltc
If we have the advertising copy SATURDAY. S E P T E M B E R assembly sscinaa n r j n o n n n r i n
garage. Call 656-2S89 after 6 of your ad in our office. 64 Chariot ^rnnrtrin n n n n n
15- V.". 16 Beguile route
P.mi , 5o-169-5tc 1 P.M. Closing out farm sale. 17 Owner / 65 Climb
nnnn nennnn
Farm Wanted 69 E V E R Y THURSDAY From Scranton l'a miles east 19 Ion annnnnQnc nnnnn
Use A Want Ad!
LOOKING FOR a small acreage 7:00 P.M. Carroll Livestock on old Hwy. 30.-Mrs. Clarence 20 Fabric
66 Sooner una nanoc enn
with or without house. Near Sale. Gliem. Owner. Rupiper.
67 Forfeiture ararjrjfj ooDiiEiDnoE]
for Ment 57 21 Scoundrel 66 Recounts npnaorj QDDD
Carroll. 792-5023. 69-189-5tc Scharfenkamp it McCarville. 22 Pros and 69 Adorn aaaaa QDDDDD
SMALL OFFICE space on Hwy. E V E R Y SATURDAY Auctioneers. / 23 Storehouse a t a a a a a a a D DGEJDG
YOUNG CARROLL-GLIDDEN 1 P.M. Farmer's Livestock
30. Reasonable. 792-3974. couple need farm to rent for SUNDAY. S E P T E M B E R 1 8 - 25 Pain
57-157-tfc 1980. Have good line of Auction. 1 P.M. House tt household 26 Tumor DOWN uuuaa nana HDQH
machinery. Please write Box WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 2 - goods sale in Arcadia. Iowa. 30 Lair 1 Berets aaaaa anna anon
Wanted t o Kent 58 H-8, % Daily Times Herald or 1 P.M. Complete closing out Marcellus Grundmeier. 31 Firstborn 2 Taj Mahal
WANTED: PASTURE to rent in phone 659-2194, 89-169-5tp farm machinery sale. Owner. Gerken it Grote. Auc 34 Distant site
1980.659-2194, 58-169-5tp Located 3 miles east & 2 tioneers. 36 Stop: Naut. 3 Mob action 1ft Radical 40 Copy
Used Cars * Trucks 71 miles north of Lake City. Don SUNDAY, S E P T E M B E R 1 6 - 38 Consumed 4 Pius or John 24 Tranquility 41 Ump's kin
Nichols. Owner; Schar- 1 P.M. Mrs. Verna Musfeldt 39 Kind of 5 Profited 25 Change 46 Flowers
Houiet For Sale 63 1978 PONTIAC B o n n e v i l l e fenkamp.. Rupiper It McCar- closing out farm sale. 2 miles refugee: 6 Lifetime 26 Coot 48 Hacks
Brougham 2 dr.. 2 tone, blue, ville. Auctioneers. east it 4 miles south of Man- 2 words 7 Unordlnary: 27 Quick 51 Barrier
ACREAGE FOR SALE full power! air, tilt wheel. Mc-
Carville & Son Motors.
FRIDAY, AUGUST 3 1 - ning. Iowa. Meryl Kerkhoff. 42 Holiday time 2 words 26 Shrubs: 52 Wreath
in Roselle Twp. 71-169-ltc
1 P.M. Elmer Schettler Hog
Equipment Sale. 'a mile East
Jack Kasperbauer It Dave
Kerkhoff. Auctioneers.
43 Place verti 8 Hull-less 2 words 53 Letters
cally grain - 29 Zenith 54 Numerical
Terms available. 1973 PONTIAC Catalina 2 dr. of Breda. Grote. Gerken & SUNDAY, S E P T E M B E R 1 8 - 44 Is giddy 9 Chalcedony 31 Sixth s e n s e : prefix
792-9376 hardtop, full power, air, tilt Mescher. Auctioneers. 1 P.M. Large antique auction. 45 Kickback 10 Peaceful Abbr. 55 Endure
wheel. Runs good. 792-3219. SUNDAY, S E P T E M B E R 2 1109 N.W. St in Carroll. Em- 47 Dress 11 Car renter: 32 Boa 57 Dolt
Call after 6 p.m. 71-169-ltc
1 P.M. Household goods and mett Lahr; Owner. Rupiper. 49 Absolve 2 words 33 Rigid 58 Accept
1974 VEGA Kamback station farm machinery consignment Scharfenkamp & McCarville. 50 Avail 12 Press 35 Groove 59 Aural
GIVE US a try before you buy, wagon. Excellent condition sale. Located 1' a miles west Auctioneers. 51 Kind of 13 German 37 Append: 60 Fume
Halbur Realty Co. Carroll. Air conditioned. See to ap of Lidderdale. Rudy Rlese TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER exam river 2 words
792-2866. 63-169-ltc 63 Indisposed
preciate. 792-3427 after 5 p.m Owner. McCarville, Schar 1&-
FOR BUYING or selling homes, 71-169-3tp fenkamp & Rupiper. Auc 6:30 P.M. 5 bedroom home. PEANUTS
a c r e a g e s or commerciaal 1978 LUV Pickup. 9.000 mi. under tioneers. 127 South Carroll. Mr. it Mrs.
property coontact M & N Real warranty. AM-FM radio. '4000, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEM Merle Dailey. Owners. Grote
E s t a t e . 792-5355. 792-1189. Alter 5 p.m. Ph.: 792-21W. B E R 5 it Gerken. Auctioneers.
792-2565. 792-5559. 792-15528. or 71-169-3tc 1 P.M. Farm equipment sale SUNDAY. SEPTEMBER 2 3 -
792-11616. 63-91-tfc Located southeast of Glidden
1977 CHRYSLER Newport 4 door 1 P.M. Home it furniture auc
TO BUY or sell homes, farms, sedan. Fac. air. speed control R o g e r Adamson. Owner. tion at 718 West 19th St.
acreages, commercial tilt wheel, padded roof, plus Rupiper. Scharfenkamp & Richard Luchtel. Owner. Mc
Wilson Real Estate. 792-3974. many other extras. Just 38.000 McCarville. Auctioneers. Carville. Scharfenkamp &
After hours 792-9605. 792-1161. local 1-owner miles. Will SATURDAY, S E P T E M B E R Rupiper. Auctioneers.
792-4203 or 792-9261, 63-69-tfc please the most discriminating SUNDAY, S E P T E M B E R 2 3 -
EASTGATE REAL Estate and buyer. 1974 Ford LTD 4 door 1 P.M. Don E. Winnett closing 1 P.M. Antiques, household
Insurance. Insure with con fac. air, tilt wheel, speed con. out farm machinery tt an goods & machinery auction.
fidence. 792-5278. 63-123-tfc trol. super sharp inside & out tique auction. Located 10 Arthur Hulsing. Lake View.
Both units just in and ready miles south tt ' 4 west of Glid Iowa O w n e r . W a y n e
SERVING THE Carroll area for many trouble-free miles den. IA. Dave Kerkhoff. Jack Stewart. Auctioneer.
o v e r 30 y e a r s . P u d e n z - Wittrock Motors. 71-168-tfc MONDAY, S E P T E M B E R
Kunecke Real Estate. Hwy. 30 K a s p e r b a u e r . & Meryl
1969 OLDSMOBILE Delta. 2 dr Kerkhoff. Auctioneers. 24
West. Erv Pudenz. 792-1440:
Gary Kunecke. 792-3239. Red title. Good motor, needs SUNDAY, S E P T E M B E R 9 1:30 P.M. 40 acre farm.
63-221-tfc back tires. 792-9564, 8 a.m.-: 1 P.M. Household goods & an- Located I 1 mile east of Vail.

p.m. 71-168-3tp tiqes of Clarence L. and Mary John Rosener. Owner. Paul
CALL US to buy or sell your Goreham. 819 West 6th St..
home, farm or commercial 1974 F O R D R a n c h e r o 351 Grote. Auctioneer.
Carroll. Auctioneers: Jack SATURDAY, S E P T E M B E R
property. Fleshner Family Cleveland. PS. PB, air con Kasperbauer. Meryl Kerkhoff
Realty. 792-1513. 63-137-tfc ditioned. 792-5107 . 71-167-3tp 29
tt Dave Kerkhoff.
1974 MALIBU Classic 2 door har 1 P.M. House & household
dtop. Green. Average mileage 1 P.M. House, lots & contents. Leonard Schoessler.
cial, residential, rentals.
792-5555. 63-55-tfc Many options. 792-1016. household goods. Lanesboro. Owner. Westside. Walt John
71-166-5tc Iowa. Lydia Dial Estate. son. Auctioneer.
, COMES REAL Estate. 792-4295 SUNDAY, S E P T E M B E R 30
or 792-1679 to buy or sell TO FINANCE your new or used Owner. Scharfenkamp.
Rupiper & McCarville. Auc 1 P.M. Closing out equipment
homes, acreages, farms. car see Personal Lenders auction. F r a n c i s Tunink.
63-146-tfc Thomas Plaza. Carroll. Call tioneers.
792-2555. 71-233-tfc SUNDAY. S E P T E M B E R 9 Owner. Located Odebolt.
TEXTOR REALTY serves Car 1 P.M. Antiques & household Iowa. Meryl Kerkhoff. Jack
roll residents and newcomers GRIFFITH FORD-MERCURY goods. Wayne tt Phyliss Jans K a s p e r b a u e r it D a v e
Phone 792-1540. 63-131-tfc Inc. Authorized sales & ser Westside. Walt Johnson. Auc Kerkhoff. Auctioneers.
vice. Jet. Hwy. 71 & 30 Car FRIDAY, OCTOBER 5
roll. 792-1505. 71-16-tfc tioneer.
For Sale 1:30 P.M. 136 acre Carroll Co.
authorized GM dealer in Car 10 F a r m ) . Newton Township.
TO BE M O V E D roll. Top dollar paid for used 7 P.M. 3 bedroom home. 1146 From Dedham. 3 miles east
from premises. cars. 792-9236. 71-124-tfc North Grant Road. James & on Hwy. 141. '-J mile north on
Matt Kuker FOR SALE: 1976 Honda. Only
P a t r i c i a Carroll. Owners east side of road. Seldl &
Ph.: 792-3063 10,000 miles. Excellent. 3150. s J a c k ^"Kasperbauer. Dave Rupiper'. Auctioneers': '
63-166-StC 792-4418. 71-166-41C Kerkhoff & Meryl Kerkhoff SATURDAY. OCTOBER 6 -
Auctioneers. 1 P.M. household goods. Mr.
Houses For Rent 64 TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER & M r s . J u c r g c n Luetic.
Motorcycles 73 11
i SMALL HOUSE. 175 plus Owners. Westside. Iowa. Walt
64-168-3tc 1973 TS 185 S u z u k i . "150. 1 P.M. Closing out farm sale Johnson & Lorcn North. Auc
! deposit. 792-4234. 73-167-3tp 3 4 miles north of Carroll on
792-2162 tioneers.
3 BEDROOM home northside. Highway 71. Ervin SUNDAY. OCTOBER 7
A v a i l a b l e S e p t . 1. P h . : FOR SALE: 1979 Yamaha 750 Baumhover. Owner. Jack
Special. 500 mi. "2500. Ph.: 1 P.M. house & furniture auc
792-9013. 64-169-tfc Kasperbauer. Meryl Kerkhoff tion. 1916 Quint Avenue. Car
792-9726 . 73-169-2tc
2 BEDROOM home. New fur & Dave Kerkhoff. Auc roll. Emmett & Eileen Peter-
nace. Central air. Available FOR SALE: 1979 Honda 650. tioneers. son. Owners. Jack
immediatelv. 658-2663. P r i c e d to sell Audubon.
563-3086. 73-165-5tc Kasperbauer. Dave Kerkhoff
H4-lB9-:itc DONT LOSE out on a service or
installation job because people & Meryl Kerkhoff. Auc
NEW THREE bedroom house for don't know what you can do. tioneers.
Auto Service 75
rent. Must have references. Everybody reads these Want THERE'S A big market in Clas
792-5791 after 6 p . m . or ED & L E O S E Z : Ads advertise your services sified lor your useful but 110-
792-1407. 64-167-3tc A widow, asked why she had married here. longer-used items.
a millionaire, an actor, a preacher and
Apartment For Rent 65 an undertaker, replied: "One for the
money, two for the show, three to
2 BEDROOM apartment, stove &
refrigerator. 792-9535. make ready, four to 0 0 " Nice to have
WANTED: 2 girls to rent unfur
around the house
nished new apartment. "240.
per month. All utilities fur
nished. No pets or children.
Tank Wagon Delivery
Corner Highway 71 & 3rd St.
792-9132 Carroll
the Times Herald.
Call 792-4241 over the Labor
Day weekend for appointment Petroleum
to see.
ROOMMATE TO share nice
65-169-4tc 11 Products
* The C h o i c e
Call 792-3573
small house. Write Box P-16 i
Daily Times Herald. 65-168-3tc
>5.j7j.iit of Thrifty P e o p l e to have it delivered
to your home.
Main Street, Dedham, la.
Will sell for less than one half the appraised SIDING
price. .
No down payment. Owner will hold 2 or 3 year It Belongs on Your Home
Stops Costly Pointing
To see buildings call 683-3324.
For further information on sale, Saves Fuel, Outside Repairs
call collect 303-772-3148. wux There is a difference. If you don't
know siding Know your local
dealer. Talk to a reliable local com


We are insured with hundreds All Types

8 Acres with excellent of satisfied customers as
our best sales persons.
Vinyl Steel Aluminum
4 BEDROOM HOUSE Check with us . . . We will
Doors Windows
Awnings Gutters Shutters
Morten building and
farrow-to-finish hog buildings. SCHROEDER
Aluminum Products
Ron Burdine, Glidden Call colltcHjo^oroFREE^STIMATE
Phone 659-3750 611 N. Main ^ Carroll

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