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Beneath the Coils

for Jill

Or between the sheets

Very fibers laid across and shot tightly
Play impractical in every way
Reveals the infinite in such micro-spacing
to be an immense utility

Contained in the vehicle of the fruit

Attaches itself to whichever tree of learning
Transports, feeds, and fortified the seeds we spread

Our fruit ascends by branches

It attaches itself on the fly
Body woven
Makes the chthonic acceptible
(Zeus provided Cthonie with a robe
become Ge shes dressed up and presentable

Now I wish she would dance with me.

But this ascent I suspect will go it alone
And it may seem that way
But spirits well populated within

The formless being undressed

Beyond the black of that pupil centered eye.
at ease with being nothing
with conceiving the inconceivable
Between the nooks & crannies
Finding the lost, beneath the cushions
A castle of crumbs perhaps
Made up
But once allowed in making
Me lord of the manner
I never knew
Such vastness could be
Cycling the creator through the absolute
Minimum reaches up
To the paint within the painter
Demands a due exchange.

Robert Podgurski