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Safe Dates -, 7 P.M. 3 bedroom home. 1146 TODAY'S CROSSWORD PUZZLE
792-2866. North Grant Road. James ft
v 63-171-ltc 1.977 Chevy Cheyene Pickup
ion. ISO enalAe, auiomatte, -M> P a t r i c i a Carroll. ^Owners.
FOR BUYING or Mltiitg femea. P.S., P.a.v.diwi aas .tenkt, runalnt J a c k Kasperbauef, -Dave
acreage* o n commerclaal fiiNraKit.topaV. t,N0.MiiM. anon-
Auction Sales Kerkhoff ft Meryl Kerkhoff. v
ACROSS ' ' ' 47 Salmon
4a Lone
UNITEb (feature Syndicate V
property coontacf M A N Real lent. will. MJTetHrttjnt ,er,.,tenfier All types of auctions will be run Auctioneers. '1 Caper Wednesday's Puzzle Solved:
feltate. 7t!-53S5, 7M-118I, eidtr pickup Ineood condition. .a. TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 0 Spread Ranger'aptl
7IM866, 7K-S6M, 7W-1M, or Coon Rapids 712-684-5629 If w i l i v T the iavftisng copy 11- 10 Scorch 41 Wall n n n n a n o n nanoG
miuw. mx-itc ofyourodlnourarflee. 1 P.M. Closing out farm sale. 14 Machine 50 N: Oak.'a n n n n aaraa IDODGD
tool neighbor; [juna a o n a n o
TO BUY or aell homes, farms, 1974 CHEVROLET * tori pickup. 3 4 miles north (if Carroll on
15 Numerical . 54 Conquer noono
acreages; commercial 792-9325 or 792-4912, 71-171-StC EVERY THtJRlbAY- H i g h w a y 7/1. E r v i n
57 Car style
Wilson Real Estate. 7W-3W4. 7:00 P.M. Carroll Livestock Baumhover, Owner. Jack prefix DDE
After hours 792-9605, 792-1161, 1978 .MONTE.Carlo, cream, full 16 Idol 58 maiesty Lifjuuu aaaa aaac
power, air, rear defogger, Sale. - V Kasperbauer, Meryl Kerkhoff 59 Relieve
792-4203 or 792-9261. 63-69-tfc ft Dave Kerkhoff. Auc 17 Each and all m a a aariGin a n n a
12,000 miles. McCarville 4t Son 7
tioneers. 18 Libra: 60 Kind of |ob aaa aaaa
Motors. 71-171-ltc EVERY SATURDAY- , 2 words 61 Gaelic .: iauQ a a a a a a a
Houses for Kent 64 1977 F O R D 150 p i c k u p - i P;M. Farmer's Livestock FRIDAY, S E P T E M B E R 14 62 Breed ana aaanaac
20 Existed
TWO BEDROOM, possibly 3, automatic, air, cruise. Excel Auction. : . 7 P.M. Special bred gilt and I f
21 Bill and 63 Leftward. caaaaaaaaEiaa nan
l e n t c o n d i t i o n . L ' y t t o n IHIDAYiAUQUVril-,
sow sale. To be held at the
22 Coalesce DOWN >
. country home, 659-229S before Farmers Livestock Auction aaaaa nana
noon. . > 64-170-3tc 4>M67>; 7M70-3tp located 2 west ft '4 north of 23 Don 1 Winged u a a a a a a a a caarjB
Equipment Sale.i mile East 25 Waives 2 Rant
TWO THREE bedroom house 1973 BEL Aire Chevrolet 9 pas of Breda. Orate, Gerken.It Hwy. 71 ft 30 Jet. Carroll. 27 More daring
in Carroll. 652-3961, M170-3tp senger station wagon, 40,000 Leonard Wieland, Owner. 3 Roman road
Meecher , Auctioneers. ^ 30 Search 4Cannlfy 27 Clubs 41 Corral
miles, automatic. Very good. SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER t -t
Dave Kerkhoff, Jack Kasper
3 BEDROOM home northside. 1050 or best offer. 792-3616. 31 Coral Isle 5 Look opener 28 Siouan lan 43 Main dish
A v a i l a b l e S e p t . 1. P h 1 P.M. Household goods and bauer ft Meryl Kerkhoff, Auc 32 Eccentric: 6 Turbine guage
71170-&C tioneers. 44 Performed
7924013. 64169-tfc farm machinery consignment Eng. 7 Nymph 29 Isolation 45 Robbed
1977 DODGE midsise. 21 mpg, sale. Located 1>V miles west SATURDAY, S E P T E M B E R 33 Plunder 6 Dined 30 Raid 46 Swain
excellent. Only 23,000 ml. of Lldderdale. Rudy. Rlese, 15-*- 36 Man's name 8 Angeles 32 Of hair 47 Authority
Aporimont for Kant 65 3500. Ph.: 792-4418. 71470-Stc 1 P.M. Closing out farm sale.
Owner. McCarville, Schar 37 Charters 10 Alter 34 Pearl Buck 49 Ms. Pon-
FURNISHED 2 bedroom apart' 1975 FIAT 2 dr, 4 spd, Only 14,000 fenkamp it 'Rupiper, Auc From Scranton 1W miles east 38 Welfare 11 Bloodstone heroine . selle
ment. Ideal for 2 working mi., 35 mpg. Very good. 'MOO. tioneers. on old Hwy. 30. Mrs. Clarence 39 Diocese 12 Sharp ridge 35 Sugar 51 Cord or Reo
girls. Inquire Jung's Bakery. 9 Ph.: 792-4418. 71-170-3tc W E D N E S D A Y , S E P T E M Gliem, Owner. Rupiper, 40 S. American 13 Flowers source 52 Prick
a.m. to 5 p.m. 65-171-3tc B E R 5 Scharfenkamp ft McCarville. weapons 19 Comb 37 C D . or Julia 53 Retained
1974 VEGA Kamback station Auctioneers. 41 Chrysalises 21 Sedan Ward 55 That girl
ONE BEDROOM apartment - wagon. Excellent condition. 1 P.M. Farm equipment sale.
stove, refrigerator, heat It Located southeast of Glidden. SUNDAY, S E P T E M B E R 1 6 - 42 Latitude 24 Lamprey 38 Easy job: 56 Explorer
Air conditioned. See to ap 1 P.M. House ft household 44 Respectable 25 Festivals 2 words John
water furnished. 792-2772. preciate. 792-3427 after 5 p.m. R o g e r Adamson, Owner.
. 65-171-tfc Rupiper, Scharfenkamp It goods sale In Arcadia, Iowa. 45 Hurler 26 Crumbs 40 Procreated 57 Tax pro
71-l9-3tp Marcellus Grundmeier.
McCarville, Auctioneers.
NEW 2 bedroom duplex apart 1978 LUV Pickup. 9,000 ml. under SATURDAY, S E P T E M B E R Owner. Gerken ft Grote, Auc PEANUTS
ment. full basement. Large warranty. AM-FM radio. MOOO. tioneers.
garage. Central air. .Available After 5 p.m. Ph.: 792-2162. S -
Sept. 1st. Phone 71-169-3tc 1 P.M. Don E'. Winnett closing 1 P.M. Mrs. Verna Musfeldt
792-1549. 65-171-3tc out. farm machinery ft an closing out farm sale. 2 miles
1977 CHRYSLER Newport 4 door tique auction. Located 10
WANTED: 2 girls to rent unfur sedan. Fac. air, speed control, east ft 4 miles south of Man
miles south ft V, west of Gild ning, Iowa. Meryl Kerkhoff.
nished new apartment. '240 tilt wheel, padded roof, plus den. IA. Dave Kerkhoff, Jack
per month. All utilities fur many other extras. Just 38,000 Jack Kasperbauer ft Dave
local 1-owner miles. Will K a s p e r b a u e r , ft M e r y l Kerkhoff. Auctioneers.
nished. No pets or children. Kerkhoff, Auctioneers.
Call 792-4241'over the Labor please the most discriminating SUNDAY, S E P T E M B E R 1 6 -
Day weekend for appointment buyer. 1974 Ford LTD 4 door, SUNDAY, S E P T E M B E R 1 1 P.M. Large antique auction.
to see. 65-169-4tc fac. air, tilt wheel, speed con 1 P.M. Household goods ft an 1109 N.W. St in Carroll. Em-
trol, super sharp inside It out. tlqes of Clarence L. and Mary mett Lahr. Owner. Rupiper.
Both units just in and ready Goreham. 819 West 6th St. Scharfenkamp St McCarville.
Form Wanted 69 for many trouble-free miles. Carroll. Auctioneers: Jack Auctioneers. '
{LOOKING FOR a small acreage Wittrock Motors. 71-168-tfc Kasperbauer, Meryl Kerkhoff TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER
with or without house. Near ft Dave Kerkhoff. 18
Carroll. 792-5023. 69-169-5tc TO FINANCE your new or used SUNDAY, S E P T E M B E R I
car see Personal Lenders, 6:30 P.M. 5 bedroom home.
YOUNG CARROLL-GLIDDEN Thomas Plaza. Carroll. Call 1 P . M . H o u s e , l o t s It
couple need farm to rent for 792-2555. 71-233-tfc household goods. Lanesboro. 127 South Carroll. Mr.ftMrs.
1980. Have good line of Iowa. Lydla Dial Estate. Merle Dailey. Owners. Grote
machinery. Please write Box GRIFFITH FORD-MERCURY Owner. Scharfenkamp ft Gerken. Auctioneers.
H-8, % Daily Times Herald or Inc. Authorized sales & ser Rupiper ft McCarville. Auc SUNDAY, S E P T E M B E R 2 3 -
phone 650-2194. 69-169-5tp vice. Jet. Hwy. 71 & 30 - Car- tioneers. 1 P.M.. Home ft furniture auc
roll. 792-1505. . 71-16-lfc SUNDAY, S E P T E M B E R tion at 718 West 19th St.
Used Cora * Trucks 71 KOBERG CHEVROLET Your 1 P.M. Antiques ft household ' Richard Luchtel. Owner. Mc
authorized GM dealer in Car goods. Wayne ft Phyliss Jans, Carville, Scharfenkamp &
1974 OLDS 98 loaded. 792-9325 roll. Top dollar paid for used Westside. Walt Johnson. Auc Rupiper. Auctioneers.
or 792-4812. 71-171-5tc cars. 792-9236. 71-124-tfc tioneer.

Located VA miles straight west of Lidderdale
Oak dining room table with 6 chairs & buf Super 1000 Fox chopper with corn & 7 ft.
fet hay head, A-1 condition
Love seat near new New Idea pull type mower like new KELLY & DUKE

Large sofa M tractor with 2 MH corn picker WHAT DO YOU WANT AH'VE. RESISTED ALL BEING-
42" round table with 4 chairs near new 1969 VW camp mobile new rubber, new WAS - f H t ?
motor A-1 condition
Upholstered rocker
13 ft. Allis Chalmers disk
Oak end tables
90 Allis Chalmers combine with 7 ft. grain
Several lamps head, A-1 condition
Toastmaster broiler 2 Calhoun 3 beater forage boxes
, 3 piece bedroom set No. 207 New Idea manure spreader PTO ~JLA'
2 piece bedroom set 2 wooden feed bunks
Dehumidifier Smidley 8 hole hog feeder FRANK A N D ERNEST
Several crocks 2 two ton round hog feeders
Utility tray 1953 Ford Mainline inspected
oP 40Ouft*e THERE
FARM MACHINERY 8 16 ft. hog panels
460 IHC tractor good rubber, A-1 con 2 wheel trailer for skid loader
dition 2 row pull type Oliver corn picker, A-1 con IN THE WORLD...
Stanhoist loader with snow bucket 460 dition
mountings U r THAN Bo-PROof i
13-6-38 tractor chains
Sears Craftsman welder
IS feVli..
250 bu. gravity flow wagon with 10 ton gear
1 yr. old RICK O SHAY
Battery charger, 6 or 12 volt W H E N y/A M A T C H
Air compressor WCVMAN/ A R A P A
Picnic table
W electric drill
Skill saw
Several small tools too numerous to men
tion Not Responsible for A c c i d e n t s .

S c h a r f e n k a m p . M c C a r v i l l e & Rupiper Auctioneers, OMTI-UC
Rolfes & Gronstal Clerks

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