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Assalamualaikum w.b.

t and good morning

We are the students of Sekolah Kebangsaan Kampung Raja Uda will present
Kalam Jamaie entitle
Gedek..Ong Gedek..Ong GedekOng GedekHuhuhuhuhu

Visiting the Zoo

Welcome to this big and beautiful Zoo.
Aina,do you know what is a Zoo?
Yes I know.
A Zoo is a place where the animals are kept and monitored.
Lets go and walk around this zoo.
Hoorey..Hoorey..Hoorey..We are very excited and happy right now.

We learn a lot of new things from our observation about different kind of animals
in this Zoo.
For example their colour,their size,their habitat and many more.
There are also wild and tame animals.

Aina, can you give an example of tame animal?

Yes, bear is one of the tame animal.

No, bear is not a tame animal,it is a wild animal.

So what are the example of tame animal?

The example of tame animal are cow, Mooo.Moooo

Chicken, KokokKokok.Kokok
Goat, EmbekkkkEmbekkkkk
And many more.
Oh, so cats and rabbits are also the tame animal.
Is that true?
Yes,you are right Anisah.
Ok now we understand.

Do you know what wild animal is?

Yes we know.Wild animal are the animals that can bring harm to human being.
Yes that true.

Elin,can you give examples of wild animal.

Yes I can.
Example of wild animal are tigers..NggaaaauuummmNgaaauuummmmmm
And many more.

Look,there is a beautiful bird.

Where is it?
There,do you know what is the name of that bird Damia?
This is a peacock.It is blue in colour and it feeds on grains.It is very beautiful and
live in the forest..UuukkkUuukk
Subhanallah..It is so beautiful

What is that?On those trees?

That is a monkey..huhuhuhu..huhuhu
It is brown in colour and feeds on plants and fruits such as banana.

Look in the water.

There are fish,duck and turtle
And crocodile
It has short legs,long tongue and vary hard skin.
It eats meat and live in the river
It is clearly that crocodile is a wild animal and it is dangerous to us, humans.
On those trees.. scary.

Look there
Ha ha ha ha.. I am a lion..I have strong body and very sharp claws.
I have thick fur around my head.
I am the kind in the jungle.
I eat meat from other animal for example cows and buffalos.. is so delicious

I am an elephant. I am strong and I eat plants. I have thick skin.

Lets walk around the zoo for more wonderful creation of Allah.

Look,there are lions..

Look,there are monkeys..
Look,there are elephants..
Look,there are birds..
Big lions,small monkeys..big elephants..small birds..
Small and big small and big animals

It is so beautiful
All those creations of Allah
Allahu Akhbar Allahu Akhbar.. Allahu Akhbar. Allahu Akhbar

Now is the time for Zohor prayer..

Let us together go and perform our prayer
After that we will go home by bus.

We feel so grateful to Allah in this life.

We must praise Allah in our life.
We feel very happy after we visits the zoo

We hope that we will be able to come to this zoo again in the future.
In sha Allah.

Till we meet again in the future.
Assalamualaikum w.b.t

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