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The M.

(Multi - Social Party)
By ; Melany and Saalihah
International Relations Criminal Law

Environment Health Care

International Relations
Continue to communicate and aid
other countries

Keep connected,and develop our

international relationships

Working hard to create the best

possible worldwide policy solutions
that are reflective of Canadian values
and priorities
International Relations
Continue to be systematic
when making trades

Keep our countries best

interests in mind

Including by improving
border infrastructure

Widely expand free trade for

Canada, and increase
opportunities for our middle
class and those working hard
to join it.
International Relations

Continue to reserve and retain


Keep Tranquility and

contentment with all

Make immense with foreign


Provide greater security

growth for Canadians
Pollution Climate Change
Protect our communities
Require project advocates to
from the challenges of
choose the best technologies
climate change and grow our
available to reduce
economy by making
environmental impacts.
significant new investments
in green infrastructure.
We will create a new Low
Carbon Economy Trust.
We will also work in
materially reduce carbon
partnership with the United
emissions .
States and Mexico to develop
an ambitious North
We will endow the Low
American clean energy and
Carbon Economy Trust with $2
environmental agreement.
billion in our mandate.
Health Care
Free Assistance- To anyone
who is in need of a doctor or any
medical attention, free service will
be provided

Universal health Care-

No one is to be denied for
health care, regardless if she/her
can or cant afford it

Prescription drugs, more

We will lower the prices for
prescription drugs
Criminal Law
Law Justice Enforcement
Continue to Deal with all Enforce border
monitor the laws situations fairly and infrastructure, to
currently in place justly. enhance our border
guards ability to detect
illegal guns from the
United States entering
Make changes or Choose appropriate into Canada.
adjustments punishments for the
when necessary deserving crime, no Enforce background
or needed more no less. check for anyone seeking
to purchase a handgun.
Left Wing
We are in the Left Wing Party for the the political party spectrum because not only
do we have in mind for individual freedom for present and future generations,
human dignity, a just society, political freedom, religious freedom, national unity,
equality of opportunity, cultural diversity, and multilateralism. We determine to
encourage it more, since we understand how much these important topics mean to
citizens of Canada and how much Canada benefited from these decisions making,
making our country what it is today and we the M.S party continue to strengthen and
carry forward these objectives.

The M.S Party is here

Name : John Cusack

Gender : Male

Age : 45

Education : McGill University

Work experience : Lawyer, teacher,


Political experience : Senator in

the house of commons , Elected
Why John Cusack ?
We distinctly decided to choose John Cusack as our candidate for various of
reasons such as his experience in the political field and his passionate devotion to
making this country even more prominent than it already is. John cusack is
responsible, cooperative, and intelligent individual. John Cusack could lead
Canada into a appromainte an ethical country. Candidate Cusack will take notice
of the citizens of Canada of what they believe will make Canada a more sustained
and superior country and consider their needs and wants and make highly skilled
decisions. Thus to conclude candidate John Cusack based on his work experience
will lead canada into a more brighter and better future, listening to the needs and
wants of the civilians who live in this phenomenal country we call Canada.
M.S Party

Health Care Criminal Law

We dont build hope, we build futures.

International Trade Environment

Election Speach
Civilians of Canada, I am John Cusack the candidate running on behalf of the M.S party. We
are in the reach of making Canada a more highly and superior country. We plan to do various
of things that will not only benefit and asset our country, but also benefit the citizens that live
in this phenomenal country. Some of our objectives that we have in mind is continue
contributing to the climate change this country has already put in, we will require special
advocates, and reduce the use of carbon emission that is coming into our country. We also
plan to work on increasing the amount of international relations we have by trading with
more foreign countries and improving the border infrastructure. Another objective that we
plan on doing is developing and remodeling the health care system by putting in more
hospitals, increasing the amount of employment of nurses, giving free assistance and
lowering prescription drugs. Lastly, we also plan on elaborating on the criminal law by
monitoring the law force and giving appropriate punishment. The M.S party will not just
listen, they will take action of what you believe will make this country more phenomenal than
it already is, hear, contribute, and learn from you, because you are what makes up this
country, you are what makes this country what it is today. Standing up for you, because of
you, because we dont build hope, we build futures. Thank you.
Political ideology