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Creche: 10/18 & 10/20

Objective(s) Students will be able to verbally say the names of shapes with a
successful intonation and accent.
Vocabulary/Content Shapes Las formas
Circle El circulo
Square El cuadrado
Rectangle El rectangulo
Triangle El triangulo
Oval El ovalo
Diamond El rombo
Star La estrella
Heart El corazon

Pentagon El pentagono
Hexagon El hexagono
Line La linea

Emotions Los emociones
Scared Asustado/a
Tired Cansado/a
Excited Emocionado/a
Sad Triste
Happy Feliz
Yucky Asco/a
Angry Enojado/a
Okay Asi-asi

Colors Los colores
Red rojo
Green verde
Blue azul
Yellow Amarillo
Purple morado
White blanco
Black negro
Grey gris
Orange anaranjado
Pink Rosado
Brown caf
Needed Resources Willie the Wildcat stuffed football
Emotion sticks
Daniel the Dinosaur puppet

Minutes/ Plan B
Pre-K/JR Pre-K If students
DAY 1 need more
10 minutes Play Como estas? game in circle with stuffed activity than
football just sitting to
- Students sit in circle and chant co-mo, co- review shape
mo, co-mo estas? names, allow
- After it ends, whoever has the football answers the use of the
our question with estoy (emotion) shape song
on YouTube
2 minutes Shape review with large pictures of shapes playlist

2 minutes Listen to shape song on YouTube (#authres)

14 minutes In large circle

Play memory game with shape cards
- Verbally call out the names of the cards
- Teach students responses in Spanish

8 minutes Have Daniel the Dinosaur ask individually:
- Como te llamas?
- Me llamo. Bella/Grayson/Liam/etc

5 minutes Shape review with large pictures of shapes

2 minutes Listen to shape song on YouTube (#authres)

13 minutes Give students the chance to create shapes using my

mini-whiteboard and marker individually
- Affirm each shape even if it is incoherent
- Ask class what they think it is
- Discuss the shapes out loud in Spanish


5 minutes Sing color song together two times

5 minutes
Have students point out who is wearing what color in
our circle
8 minutes
Review Los Emociones with Daniel the Dinosaur
- Have Daniel select students who are sitting on
their mat to choose from two of our emotions
and verbally say the word
3 minutes
Sing shape song
7 minutes
Play matamoscas
- One student chooses a shape after I say a color
- Ask them to say the name out loud

5 minutes
Sing itsy-bitsy spider (Incy, wincy araa)
5 minutes
Sing color song with the addition of colored toys
- Try to get verbal response from students (or
pick on Beckham and Khalani who will likely
say all of the words J)
3 minutes
Practice our emotions with gestures
2 minutes
Practice Adios! y Hola! with Daniel the Dinosaur