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January 9, 2017

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to recommend Miss Shannon Krebs for a position with your school corporation. Miss Krebs
possesses many characteristics that qualify her for this scholarship. I had the pleasure of working with
Miss Krebs in the fall 2015 semester at Indiana University as part of a literacy field experience course.
During this course, Miss Krebs exhibited that she is an excellent student and a wonderful addition to the
teaching profession.

During her time at a local elementary school, Miss Krebs was responsible for administering formal and
informal assessments to an elementary-aged student. Miss Krebs administered informal assessments,
such as interest and literacy interviews and observations. Additionally, she administered formal reading
and writing assessments. She then analyzed these data and constructed literacy activities that met the
needs identified through these assessments. Miss Krebs demonstrated skill in building a relationship
with her student, determining the students strengths and needs, and then creating reading and writing
activities to move the student along in her literacy development. In our debriefing sessions, Miss Krebs
was able to clearly explain why she chose the activities she used based on her assessments. Her
explanations demonstrated a deep understanding of not only the connection between assessment and
instruction but also her understanding of the importance of designing instruction that addresses a
students needs and interests.

Miss Krebs also interacted with other students and school staff members. During my observations, Miss
Krebs was engaged with the students and staff. She eagerly completed any assigned activities. She also
demonstrated initiative when she saw a need and offered to complete other activities and work with
other students. Miss Krebs was one of a few students who worked in more than one classroom during
the field experience. Miss Krebs was able to build relationships with the teachers and students in both

During our work together in the field experience course, Miss Krebs demonstrated a high quality of
scholarly work. She was engaged in written assignments and group discussions that showed she thinks
deeply about many aspects of education. All her assignments were of high quality and submitted on
time. Her thinking on many issues was evident from the beginning of the semester and only deepened
through her experience in the course.

W.W. Wright Education Building 3044 201 N. Rose Avenue Bloomington, IN 47405 (812) 856-8270
As is evidenced in her resume, Miss Krebs has been active beyond her course requirements. These
involvements have allowed her to have a well-rounded experience at Indiana University. Her initiative
continues as she completes part of her student teaching in Australia. I have every confidence that this
unique experience will increase Miss Krebss effectiveness as a teacher.

Finally, I highly recommend Miss Krebs for a position with your school corporation. She demonstrates
the capability and disposition to provide high quality education to all students. Please feel free to
contact me if you need more information about Miss Krebs.


Sharon Daley, Ph.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor
School of Education
Indiana University

W.W. Wright Education Building 3044 201 N. Rose Avenue Bloomington, IN 47405 (812) 856-8270