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The Stages of British Education and Exams

11-16 years old

5 -7 years old Secondary school /
Primary school Comprehensive
2-5 years old
7-11 years old school/
Kindergarten / Play
Junior school Grammar school

Age / School

Art & Design

Business Studies
Design &
Art Technology
English Drama
Geography English
History Geography
Subjects Modern History
Play Languages (French/German) ICT (Information and
Literacy Communications
Numeracy Technology)

PSHE - (Personal Social and Modern Languages

Health Education) Maths
Science Music
PE (Physical Education)
PSHE (Personal Social and
Health Education)
RE (Religious Education)

Terminology Pre School Primary Education

After 16
16+ 18+
Sixth form/
College University

Tertiary Education
Further Education


GCSE Degrees
A Levels PhD

GCSEs (General A-levels (Advanced In England, Wales A doctorate is an

academic degree of
Certificate of Level) are taken by and Northern
the highest level.
Secondary students in the final Ireland there are Traditionally, the
Education) are two years of two different types award of a
taken by secondary secondary education of degree: Honours doctorate implies
recognition of the
school students, at (commonly called the degrees and
candidate as an
the age of 14-16 in Sixth Form), after Ordinary degrees. equal by the
England, Wales, they have completed The degrees university faculty
Northern Ireland GCSEs. It is a non- awarded carry a under which he or
she studied.
and Gibraltar (in compulsory designation related
Scotland, the qualification taken to the broad
equivalent is the by students in subject area such
Standard Grade). England, Wales, and as B.A. (Bachelor of
Northern Ireland. In arts), B.Sc
GCSE courses are Scotland, students (Bachelor of
taken in a variety usually take Highers Science), B.Eng
of subjects, which and Advanced (Bachelor of
are usually decided Highers of the Engineering) etc.
by the students Scottish Most degrees are
themselves Qualifications honours degrees,
between the ages Certificate. However, with an option not
of 13 and 14 (in schools may choose to take honours.
Year 9). Study of to offer the A-Level The standard
chosen subjects as an alternative. length of a
normally begins at Honours bachelor's
age 14 (Year 10), degree is 3 years.
and final
A-levels are graded On successful
examinations are
from A to E, along graduation from a
then taken at age
with a fail bachelor's degree,
16 (Year 11).
grade, U (Unclassified it is possible to

At the end of the or Ungraded). extend your

two-year GCSE studies in the
course, each United Kingdom to
student receives a study for a degree
grade for each of Master of Arts
subject. These (MA) or Master of
grades, from best Science (MSc) etc.
to worst,