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Plan of Analysis: Define My Preferences

Step 1: Gather Information

What is your RIASEC code?

My RIASEC code is CIS- Conventional, investigative, and social.

What are your preferences according to the dichotomies assessed in the Myers-
Briggs Type Indicator?
My MBTI code is ISTJ- Introvert, sensor, thinker, and judger.

List the careers you wish to explore that are consistent with the types in your
RIASEC code, your MBTI type, or both.
Office Manager Judicial Law Clerk
Healthcare administrator Medical Secretaries
Paralegal Medical Technologist

Step 2: Evaluate the Information

What did your RIASEC code tell you about your preferences?
My RIASEC code reaffirmed most of my preferences. I enjoy organizing and clerical work. I
tend to be a thinker, enjoy helping people and cooperating well in a group setting.

What did your MBTI type tell you about your preferences?
My MBTI told me reaffirmed most of my preferences. I enjoy working alone, notice what
needs to be done now, doing the work in a logical order, and that I feel comfortable with
system and order.

What further information would be helpful to learn about the careers that reflect
your patterns of interest and personality characteristics?
I would want to see the environment of the jobs and what the daily tasks include. Do these
roles take on more responsibility in certain environments? I would want to make sure that
this is something I would like to do.
Step 3: Make Conclusions

Following your analysis, create a list of your top five preferences that you want to
focus on using in your career.
Helping other people. Being unbiased and impartial.
Consistency Using local reasoning.
Clear rules and regulations.

Following your analysis, create a list of the top five career areas or jobs that you
want to explore further based on your assessment of your preferences.
Judicial Law Clerk Healthcare Administrator
Paralegal Office Manager
Medical Secretary