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Test (Units 9-12) 9th grade

Name___________________________ Total 60/_____ Mark_______________

0-18=1 19-30=2 31-41=3 42-51=4 52-60=5

Present Continuous and Present Simple used for the future 2. 2.Shall we watch television?
3. 3.Shall we take a picnic?
I.Underline the correct alternative 7/____ 4.Shall we go to the beach?
1.What time does the train to Glasgow leave/is the train to 5.Shall we get up early tomorrow?
Glasgow leaving? 6.Shall we do our homework together?
2.The cafeteria opens/is opening at 8.30 am and closes/is
closing at 4pm. Answers
3.Where do you go/are you going tomorrow night? a.Yes,lets get our swimming things ready.
4.When does the film start/is the film starting? b.Yes,but lets go to bed early tonight.
5.I stay/am staying at school this afternoon. c.What a good idea!Lets make some sandwiches.
6.When does school start/is school starting this year? d.Why not?Lets see if theres a good film on.
7.My parents leave/are leaving for the States next Sunday. e.OK.Lets meet at the libraty after school.
f.Thats great idea.Lets have a barbecue in the garden.
II.Use the correct form of the given verbs to complete the
sentences. 12/____
get married/cook/not have/celebrate/travel/finish/start/leave/
1.School____________in July in England.
2.Tonight Joanna____________spaghetti alla carbonara.
3.This summer my friends and I__________to Canada.
4.The flight to NYC never___________on time.
5.Harrods Winter Sales always__________on boxing day.
6.________Prince Harry__________next year?
7.I_________Jack at the British Museum tomorrow.
8.What_______you_______next weekend?
9.Marco____________his birthday every October.
10.The twins__________a birthday party this year.

Going to/Will
III.Complete the sentences with the correct form of going to/will.
1.Have you booked your holiday yet? 7/____
Yes,I_________get the tickets this afternoon.
2.Weve run out of milk.
I_________get some.How many pints do we need?
3.Why are you washing your hands?
I__________ cook the dinner.
4.I have so much work to do today.
Dont worry,I__________help you finish everything in time.
5.Look at time!Our flight leaves in an hour.
The airports only ten miles away.We________be there.
6.Why are you dressed like that?
I______________do some gardening.
7.What can we do to make the house look brighter?
I know!I________pick some flowers from the garden.

Lets and Shall

1 IV.Match the suggestions to the answers. 6/____
1.Shall we have a party on Saturday?