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Book Trailer for independent Reading

CATEGORY 5 Points 3 Points 1 Point Total Score

Presentation Trailer is Trailer holds the Trailer does not

is persuasive attention- attention of the hold the
grabbing, reader, however audience's
inspiring the trailer lacks a attention. No
viewer to read hook; or strong or
the book. Trailer conversely, compelling
contains a hook contains a reason given to
while not giving spoiler. read this book;
away too much. no hook.

Plot and Key scenes, Some plot and There is little

character themes and/or character details supporting plot
details characters from are present, or character
the book are above and detail provided,
mentioned using beyond what beyond what
language and would be found would be found
detail that on the book in a book jacket
indicate the jacket, indicating summary, thus
creator of the the creator of the there is no
trailer both read trailer read a evidence that
and understood least a portion of the creator of the
the book. the book. trailer read any
of the book.

Visual Theme template, Compelling Lacks overall

imagery slide layouts and images are visual interest.
images selected present, Either images
work together however either not compelling,
effectively to theme template or theme and/or
create a does not match slide layouts
compelling, overall mood of distract from
evocative trailer book, or slide visual quality
which matches layouts are not (i.e. too much
the mood of the interesting and text in caption
book. varied enough. area makes it
difficult to read;
alternative layout
Music Music selected Music selected The music
soundtrack (either in Spark (likely from selected is a
or from outside Spark and not disconnect,
source) outside source) distracting from
enhances the is an okay fit for the visual
visual imagery the imagery and imagery and
and mood of mood of book, mood of the
book, serving to but does not book (example:
further persuade further enhance happy music for
a viewer to read the trailer, or the a sad or scary
the book. sound levels are book). Sound
Volume level is either too low or levels may also
neither too high high. be off.
or low.

Citations All images and Majority of No outside

music used (but images and/or images or music
not provided by music used has have been cited.
Spark) have been cited if
been cited in a obtained outside
properly of Spark in a
formatted Works Works Cited
Cited slide. slide.

Presentation Presentation Presentation Presentation

and slide falls within the 1 falls within the 1 does not meet
duration to 1-1/2 minute to 1-1/2 minute the 1 minute
length, or is length, or is length minimum.
slightly longer. slightly longer.
Slide lengths are However, slide
long enough so lengths either
that text can be too long
read, but change (causing the
often enough to trailer to drag a
add interest to bit) or too short
the trailer. (making the text
difficult to read.)

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