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How can we link language learning and

communicative competence with Blooms

thinkings skills?

Nowadays, it is very important to be creative and to promote the

critical thinking in education . One example to promote these skills in
students is Bloom's Taxonomy. In this classification system six skills are
developed, from lower to highest level. Thus, it is easy to link these six
skills with a language learning because of a scaffolding process,
promoting the student's self-confidence and the meaningful learning.

Firstly, Bloom defenses the scaffolding process because he orders the

process of learning, where the students start in a lower level. It is like
when we learn a new language, only remembering through recognizing
the words, identifying and listing the new vocabulary, later we can move
up to the next level, comparing elements, explaining and in the last level,
we are capable of creating and producing new things.

Secondly, Blooms taxonomy promotes the self-confidence in our

students, similar to Vigotsky with hir ZPD, because if we work with our
students in the appropriate level , they will feel comfortable and feel sure
in their own learning process. What's more, it is necessary to give them
the opportunities to use their new language adjusted to their level.

Finally, the third reason is the meaningful learning. If we promote

learning where the student is the center and he/she is not only a passive
learner but takes an active part in his/her learning and we prepare the
environment carefully in order to enhance the learning, we will get a
learning adjusted to the reality of the students and not isolate them.

In conclusion, if we use the Bloom's Taxonomy when we plan lessons ,

we will stimulate the language learning and communicative competence
because of applying the scaffolding in the learning process. Also, we will

motivate students in their learning and in this way they feel more self-
confident and we will be able to meaningful learning because the students
build their own knowledge.
Lidia Garca