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Making Reed Icculus Isk

HS Trade Hubs
o Amarr, Dodixie, Jita, Hek Rens

Off shoring Citadel Trading

o Check tax rates People will adjust rates

Important Trade Skills

o Accounting V Most Important (-10% less taxes per skill)
o Faction Standings (NPC Stations when listing sell orders)
o Broker Relations (NPC Stations: when listing buy orders)
o Retail, Trade, Wholesale, Tycoon (More Orders)
o Blockade Runner / DST
Learn the MWD/Cloak even in HS

2nd Account for trade use

o Trade, ORCA, Hauler, EYEs. Etc
o NPC Corp Only

Important Websites for Industry and Market Trading
Reeds Plan

Market Manipulation.
o When inventory is LOW buy everything and relist for 2x price
o When you get undercut dump back at original price.

Buy n Move
o Amarr typically +10% over Jita. Dodixie +15% , H&R +100000% over.

o FW Space T1 Drones Cap Boosters Nanite Paste

Always list at TOP STATION !

Pirate BPs
o Only BPCs that cannot be invented.
o Dramiel, Worm, Gila, Cruors

Items that dont drop

o Implants Skill and Attribute
o Rigs T1 Armor/Shield/Nav rigs

Dev notes
o Excavator Drones Ore Ship Rebalance
o This is speculation but can pay off huge.

o Alliance Tournament
Mets for Alliance Tournament Bombers
o Large battles/wars, Titan kill events
Interceptors - Bombers
o NPC Events Damage types
Drones Ammo
o Streamers Zarvox / Bjorn Public Fleets
Interceptor Fleets Find out the fleet comp before
Seed BPOs and Skill Books in alternate region trade hubs
o Faction items dont seed at opposite NPC stations. How do you think that Galante Freighter BPO got to The Forge?

New Bro Systems New Bro Items at 500% the cost


Akiainavas III - School of Applied Knowledge (Lonetrek region)

Jouvulen III - Science and Trade Institute School (Lonetrek region)

Uitra VI - Moon 4 - State War Academy (The Forge region)


Malukker I - Republic University (Heimatar region)

Hadaugago II - Moon 1 - Republic Military School (Heimatar region)

Embod IV - Moon 10 - Pator Tech School (Metropolis region)


Conoban VII - Moon 8 - Hedion University (Kor-Azor region)

Station - Pasha VII - Moon 3 - Royal Amarr Institute School (Tash-Murkon region)

Deepari II - Imperial Academy (Domain region)


Clellinon VI - Moon 11 - Center for Advanced Studies School (Verge Vendor region)

Couster II - Moon 1 - Federal Navy Academy (Essence region)

Trossere VII - Moon 3 - University of Caille (Sinq Laison region)