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It is expected that you read these instructions

Non Fiction Book Analysis Project

For the second semester you will be required to read a full length work of Non-Fiction (Informational Text) that is
either a biography, autobiography, or about a specific historical event. After reading you are required to
independently complete an online analysis and a final product, both of which are described below and in the rubric
on the back side of these instructions.

2/28/17 Select a book of Non-Fiction, get teachers approval, and begin reading
3/14/17Online analysis will be emailed to you
4/14/17-Online analysis due
5/15/17Final Product Due Date

Your Final Product can be done physically or digitally. If you complete your project digitally, the link must be emailed
to both Mr. Feste and Ms. Langlois. Physical projects will be turned in to Mr. Feste. Because the due date is so late
in the year, any students with no project or incomplete work will be given a week of lunch and after school deten-
tions to complete their assignment. All missing projects will be assigned a zero after a week.

You will receive 50 points by completing one of the following Final Products:
1. Create a 30-second movie commercial/trailer
2. Design a room that your subject matter would live in and explain why
3. Make a CD/Soundtrack for an imagined documentary with an explanation for each song choice
4. Turn the book into a short play
5. Create a fan blog
6. Design a Movie Poster
7. Write a letter to the head of a production company convincing them to make a movie
8. Be a Talk Show Host interviewing the author
9. Dress up like the subject matter and retell book
10. Create a set for the movie version
11. Create a Graphic Novel version of the book
12. Create a song
13. Illustrate the book
14. Make a documentary
15. Be a newscaster reporting the story
16. Make an audition video for creating a part of the documentary
17. Create a Jeopardy game based on the book
18. Cast the movie/TV show
19. Create a photo album based on the book
20. Create a magazine based on the book
21. Write an advice column for the topic
22. Re-write it as a childrens book
23. Create infographics for a topic in your book
24. Create a Twitter account and tweet 15 times on behalf of your topic.
25. Create a college application for your topic (find a sample on line)

Graphic Organizer: The thinking map attached to these instr uctions is there for you to use
throughout your reading. It will assist you with completing your Online Analysis. You will get 5 extra
points for turning it in.
Book Analysis Grading Rubric
Name:_________________ Period: _________________
Online Analysis 50 Online Analysis Essay is 35 Three components missing 25 More than five compo- 0 Is not pre-
complete and correct and full of or work is not done in com- nents are missing, work is sent with project
textual evidence. plete sentences, and more than not done in complete sen-
2 answers do not have textual tences, and most answers do
evidence. not have textual evidence.
CREATIVITY 5 Your project shows creativity in some way. This can be through your drawings, something unique 0 Shows no ef-
you add to the project, etc. Put some of yourself into your work! fort at creativity
GRAMMAR 10 All written material is in com- . 5 Most written material is 0 Written mate-
& plete sentences, grammatically cor- in complete sentences with rial is not in
rect and spelled correctly. The only 4-7 grammar or spelling complete sen-
reason you would turn in work that errors. tences and has
is not grammatically correct is be- more than 7
cause you did not take the time to spelling or gram-
ask someone for help!! mar errors.
NEATNESS 5 All work is neat, organized, and appropriate for a final draft. This means that your work is on ap- 0 Work is not
propriate materials (Please use lined paper for written materials and poster board or construction pa- neat, organized
per for product completion), pictures have been colored or sketched with care, handwriting is neat or done on the
or work is typed, papers or poster boards are not crumpled/mutilated/wadded up or otherwise proper materials
messed up! Take pride in your work; care what it looks like!
THE PRODUCT 30 Your final product shows that 23 Your final product shows 13 Your final product shows 0 Your final
you were thoughtful and serious that you were thoughtful and very little thought and does product shows a
when creating it (This does not serious when creating it but not show a great deal of serious lack of
mean it cannot be humorous, but may lack details and some rele- effort. The product reflects thoughtfulness
that you took your work seriously). vancy to the book. The product your original idea but does and effort.
The product is relevant (relates) to does not appear to be complet- not show much relevancy book.
your book choice and is complete. ed thoroughly. to the book.
What is the tone? (check what applies) Please write an objective summary of the article. Please include the central
Humorous ________________________________________________________________
Scholarly ________________________________________________________________
Why did you make this selection? ________________________________________________________________
Use evidence to support your answer
Title of Article: What is the Structure? (check what applies)
Cause & Effect
Author: Problem/Solution
What is the Authors Purpose? (check what applies) Order and Sequence
Inform Description
If Persuasive/Argumentative, what is the
issue: Entertain Why did you make this selection?
Persuade Use evidence to support your answer
Why did you make this selection?
Use evidence to support your answer
What is the authors Point-of-View: