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Marquez, Roi Edward D.

March 14, 2016

JD 4101 Atty. Eiren Aguila

Court visit

Early in the morning of fourth day of march year of 2016, my colleagues and I went

to Branch 10 Manila Metropolitan Trial Court located at GSIS Cmpd., Arroceros St., Metro

Manila. When we entered at the court room, there were a lawyer seated at front and

plaintiff and her relatives. The presiding judge, Honorable Manuel Gerard Tomacruz,

arrived late for 15 minutes and trial started. We noticed that before the court proceeding to

start, there is Ecumenical Prayer for the Courts recited before the commencement of the

day's scheduled hearings.

The judge called the first case of the day. The lawyer presented his motion for

substitution of plaintiff and counsel in a particular civil case. The said lawyer was a

substitute because the main counsel of the said case was indisposed. The presiding judge

denied the motion for substitution of plaintiff and counsel. The Judge invoked the Rule 39

Section 47 of the Rules of Court provides the effect of judgments or final orders. The judge

explained that the particular case has already a final judgment and executory two years

ago. The lawyer seemed confused and asked the presiding judge for off record. The

former said that he didnt know that there has already a final judgment and executory and

he further explained that it wasnt disclosed by the main counsel. The presiding judge held

that in the case where it has final judgment and executory, any motion or appeal to the

latter cannot be granted.

The presiding judge heard the second and last motion for the day. The plaintiff,

without her counsel, submitted a motion for the separation of the civil and criminal case
against to a particular company. The said case was all about a money claims against the

defendant. The presiding judge granted the motion of the plaintiff.

After the court proceeding, the presiding judge asked us if we are law students,

what is our year level and what is our law school. Hon. Manuel Gerard Tomacruz was

surprised that we were first year in law school and said that it is still a long run to become

an Attorney.