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Unit 6 Worksheet 8
too much, too many, (not) enough

1 Complete the chart with these 2 Circle the correct words.

1 Try not to make too many / too much noise.

2 I dont like it here. There are too many / too much
money noise people places problems
queues rain time traffic tourists tourists.
3 Wow! Im sorry but it costs too many / too much
too many too much
4 Do we have enough time? There are too many / too
people money much places to visit.
5 There are too many / too much problems.
6 I think theres too many / too much rain in Britain.
7 Come on! There really isnt too many / too much

3 Put the word enough in the correct place in each sentence.

We dont have time.
We dont have enough time.
1 There isnt time. 
2 Do you have money? 
3 Is the music loud? 
4 There isnt to do. 
5 She looks happy. 
6 Do you have food to eat? 

4 Complete the dialogue with too many, too much or enough.

leyla Where are we going today?
ramn I dont know. There are (1) places to choose from.
emma Why dont we go to the Tower of London?
ramn Wont there be (2) people there?
emma No, it should be okay.
leyla Yes, but it costs (3) money.
ramn Dont worry. I have (4) money, I can lend you some.
leyla Okay. Come on lets go.
ramn Can we walk down by the river?
leyla Well, we dont want to take (5) time.
emma Itll be okay. We have (6) time.
ramn Yes, and when we go by underground I dont like it.
leyla Why not? Isnt it fast (7) ?
ramn Its fast, but it isnt interesting (8) . I want to see things.
emma Come on, lets go. Otherwise we really wont have (9) time.

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