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Awesome Asia

Asia is the largest continent,

in both size and population.
It covers about 30 percent of
the worlds land area, and
about 60 percent of its
Asia extends from Africa
and Europe
in the west to the Pacific
ocean in
the east. Asia covers an
area of 44,579,000 square
kilometers, about 30% of
Earth's total land area and
8.7% of the Earth's total
surface area.
Awesome Asia

The Huang He river is also

called the Yellow river,because
of its silts that are carried
downstream in its flow. The
Huang He river has really pretty
surrounding areas, some rocky
or some flat grassy. It is the 6th
river in the world, and the 2nd
biggest in China. Its length is
3,395 miles. The people who
live near the river use it for food,
water, and for washing
their clothes.
Awesome Asia
The Himalayas
have the biggest
mountain range
in the world, and still
rising. There are some
temples there.
Down in the lower
part of the Himalayas
there are
some flowers, and
streams. In the high
part of the Himalayas it
is very
cold. The biggest
mountain in the world is
in the Himalayas, Mount
Everest. There are a lot
of animals including
leopards, tigers,
monkeys, elephants, and
Awesome Asia

The Gobi is Asia's biggest

desert. It stretches 1,000
miles north and
south over big parts of
Mongolia and
China. In all, it
covers 500,000
square miles. In Gobi less
than eight inches falls
every year in the desert. The
Gobi is dry but also cold.
Gobi is
about 3,000 feet
above sea level,
so sometimes it's
temperature drops certain
times and is very low. It can
be hot and cold
on the same day
quite often. Winter in Gobi
can be filled with
icy sandstorms and
snowstorms. There are a
lot of animals in Gobi like
Awesome Asia
Most Chinese
people live in
big or small apartments. Some
in China don"t
have cars because of the
traffic plus trains
are also good
In China family
units are very
important. Chinese New
Year is also very important to
Chinese people,
they celebrate
the new YEAR!
Yams are an
important food
crop in many
countries. People cook and
eat the tuber a
part of the stem
that grows underground.
Yam plants are climbing
vines that have small,
green flowers. The plants
grow in areas with warm,
damp weather and a long