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-Fernando: Hello Leo, how are you?

-Leo: Hi Fernando, Im Fine and you?

-Fernando: Me too, hey, what are you doing tonight?

-Leo: I dont do nothing, only I'm watching TV.

-Fernando: Do you like to go to dinner tonight?

-Leo: Yes, of course, I'm need relaxing a little.

-Fernando: What your telephone number? I ask you because I lost my previous

-Leo: My telephone number is 555-123-4567

-Fernando: Ok thank you, and tell me, what do you like to do in your free time?

-Leo: I love to be watching memes on my cellphone, I like reading some books or

investigate about petroleum. You know, Im studding about oil engineery

-Fernando: Okay, I think you are smart and prepared

-Leo: Now tell me, Where do you living now?

-Fernando: Im living in New York, I love its parks and gardens too, its lakes.

-Leo: I don't travel to New York. its a pretty place but for me is stressful

-Fernando: You have the same thought than my sister, she thinks is a stressful

-Leo: She knows those is real

-Fernando: well, I call you to go for you.

-Leo: Okay, we have a lot to talk about tonight.