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From the bar graph it can be extracted that the average house prices for

New York (USA), Tokyo (Japan) and London (UK) were found at the
negative trend as compared to both Madrid(Spain) and
Frankfurt(Germany) during 1990-1995. The graph reveals that the
percentage change in average house prices for Tokyo and London is
more than -5% while for Frankfurt it is around 2% during 1990-1995.

On the other hand, after the latter period from 1996-2002 the graph
demonstrated a positive trend except Tokyo for percentage change in
average house prices. The average house prices in London during the
period 1996-2002 shows an increasing trend and close it on around 11%
i.e. increase around more than 15% as compared to later period i.e.
1990-1995 . While the average house prices in Tokyo slightly decrease
and limited to -5%.

Overall, we can conclude that the average house prices can be found on
the increasing course while an average house price in Tokyo is seen on
the negative side.

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