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English Grade 9 - Vocabulary Test 03

1. ________ do you prefer, country life or city life?
A. What

B. Where

C. How

D. Which

2. What do you _________ the weekend to go to Mary's birthday party?

A. put on

B. bear

C. wear

D. wear out

3. These clothes are fashionable and _________. Do you agree with me?
A. only

B. merely

C. unique

D. uniquely

4. What is your daughter named _________? - A kind of flower.

A. after Photocopiable
B. on

C. in

D. from

5. My grandfather was a musician. He had a large collection of _________ instruments.

A. musician

B. musical

C. music

D. musics

6. It is our tradition to wear this kind of costume on National days. We also have
_________ traditional clothes.
A. other

B. others

C. another

D. anothers

7. Poets are normally inspired with beauty. They write a lot of beautiful poems thanks to
this _________.
A. inspire

B. inspiring

C. inspiration Photocopiable
D. inspired

8. I like this design. Do you know who has designed this house? Can I have a chance to
meet _________ ?
A. the woman

B. the man

C. the designer

D. the designing

9. It is convenient to live in a modern house. I think I will modernize my bungalow. My

children will like __________.
A. modernize

B. modernizing

C. modernization

D. modernizer

10. I will improve my English. The improvement is necessary for my _________ study.
A. abroad

B. aboard

C. oversea

D. overseas Photocopiable