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Project By: Kasey Heath

I. Cover Page
II. Table of Contents
III. About Scot-Tex
IV. Typefaces
V. Color Combinations
VI. Logo & Logotype
VII. About the Logo
VIII. Advertisement
IX. About the Advertisement
X-XI. Brochure
XII. About the Brochure
XIII-XIV. Back Cover Page
2 - Brand Identity Guide
Scot-Tex Dairy was established in 1947 in Scotland, Texas. The family-owned
and operated dairy production is home to more than 100 registered Holsteins. Built
on the central principles of simplicity, quality, and tradition, Scot-Tex Dairy operates
much like it did 70 years ago at the birth of the business. Its modest production
facilities lack the fancies of modern technology but consistently yield a wholesome,
high-quality product in an efficient manner.
The dairy product produced at Scot-Tex Dairy is mainly distributed to
corporate businesses, the brands primary audience. The secondary audience is
the public perception of the brand. Middle class male and female consumers, ages
20-40, who have children and live in the Scotland, Texas area, influence the dairys
reputation as a reliable brand because of their proximity to the production location
and interaction with the brand through tours offered for elementary-aged children.
The current brand identity has become outdated, and the operation is
nearing a transitional period of ownership change. Scot-Tex Dairys last rebrand was
completed over 15 years ago, so a more current rebrand is necessary.

Brand Identity Guide - 3


Calibri Bold
30 Tracking
Body Content & Captions
Calibri Light
Extra Content
Garamond Italic
95% Vertical Scale

Corporate businesses and residents in the Scotland, Texas area rely on Scot-Tex Dairy to
consistently produce a high quality product, so we chose typefaces that promote authenticity
and convey dependability.

The typefaces for this brand are meant to convey an impression of lasting reliablility and
simplicity. Garamond is a traditional serif font that is simple yet strong enough to stand alone as
logo and heading type. Calibri Bold, a sans serif, was used to maintain the attitude of simplicity
and strength without overpowering the Garamond headings. We used Calibri Light for all
supplementary text to reemphasize the simplistic nature of the brand in a softer way. Garamond
Italic provides variation for any extra content, yet doesnt distract from the main body text.

The typeface selections are versatile in that they appeal to both corporate dairy processing
companies and consumers in the Scotland area by remaining simple, classic, and strong.

4 - Brand Identity Guide

1. R: 1 G: 34 B: 51
C: 98 M: 33 Y: 0 K: 80

2. R: 100 G: 15 B: 14
1 2 C: 34 M: 98 Y: 96 K: 52

3. R: 0 G: 67 B: 102
C: 100 M: 34 Y: 0 K: 60

4. R: 51 G: 23 B: 19
3 4 C: 0 M: 55 Y: 63 K: 80

This is a custom color scheme derived from a compound scheme. We wanted to combine blues
to provide a fresh feel but still maintain the brands traditional deep red color. The color scheme
is versatile in that it appeals to both corporate businesses and the residents of Scotland, Texas.
The The paired variations of each color create an attitude strength and reliability.

The two primary colors are dark blue and red. The dark blue and rich red will function as the
main colors for the logo and logotype, as well as the headings in copy material. Blue is a color
that creates a sense of dependability, cleanliness, and purity. These characteristics are highly
valued in the dairy industry, and are the foundation of Scot-Tex Dairys goals and values as a
brand. Red is the brands traditional color, and is utilized to maintain the brands past identity.

The secondary colors are a stoney blue and a deep red chosen as a variation of the compound
color scheme. We selected these different shades of the primary colors as a complimentary
color. Adjusting the shade from a bright, overpowering red to a strong, deep color helps us
to maintain a mood of tradition without losing the sense of reliability conveyed by the stoney

Brand Identity Guide - 5




Combination Logo/Logotype

6 - Brand Identity Guide

Scot-Tex Dairy Logo and Logotype
Our main goal was to create a simple yet flexible logo and logotype that
appealed to both audiences differing expectations of the brand. The
primary audience, which is corporate business audience, prioritizes a
quality product. The secondary audience is characterized as middle class
male and female consumers, ages 20-40, who have children and live in
the Scotland, Texas area. The characteristics of the second audience cause
the brand focus to shift toward traditional and family-centered values.
The logo and logotype must reflect these two focus areas while remaining
sleek and simple.

Consistency was achieved by using the same Garamond typeface and

custom compound color scheme in all logo and logotype variations. The
line under the T in Tex incorporates the operations T-bar cattle brand.
The slightly opaque Holstein is central within the logo to encompass
operations sole purpose. The star draws on the businesss Lonestar roots
and pairs with the established date to create a foundation of tradition.

Large marketing materials, such as signs and banners, will feature the
combination logo/logotype design. The logo and logotype can be used on
their own and are flexible enough to cover the online, print, and smaller
signage materials.

Brand Identity Guide - 7

8 - Brand Identity Guide
Scot-Tex Dairy Poster
When creating the poster, we decided to focus on the consumer audience.
This poster is meant to be displayed in schools and businesses in the
Scotland, Texas area. It encourages consumers to visit the operation, which
is the operations way of promoting positive brand perception. The tours
serve as an opportunity to educate elementary-aged children, but we must
first draw in the adult consumer crowd.

We chose a Z Layout form provides focus and flow while maintaining

the brands simplicity. Balance is achieved by positioning the image and
text box on opposite ends. The first interaction with the poster is in the
upper left, where the text promotes the brands focus on traditional
family values. The image appeals to the emotions of the adults and
elementary-aged consumers, encouraging both audiences to want to
visit the operation and interact with the animals. The contact information
is included at the end, finishing with a call to action for those who are
interested in touring.

The limited text variations and uniform color scheme provide consistency,
again reinforcing the businesss simplistic values.

Brand Identity Guide - 9

Youre welcome
Scot-Tex Dairy
123 FM 172
Scotland, Texas 76379 Simple.

10 - Brand Identity Guide

Schedule a group tour.
Experience Scot-Tex today!
Call: 940-733-1234 Tradition.
Brand Identity Guide - 11
A Family Tradition Our Operation
130 Holstein dairy cattle
Beef herd of 100 cattle
WHEAT SIMPLICITY: Managing smaller
500 acres of spring wheat herds allows us to give individual
attention to each animal.
QUALITY: Herd health is our
Our Story priority. We make sure our animals are
properly managed to ensure a
Scot-Tex Dairy is a family-owned highquality product.
and operated dairy production
located in Scotland, Texas.
Established in 1947 by the father TRADITION: We are proud of
of current owner Frank Wolf, our past. Our rich history directs how
Scot-Tex operates much like it did we make decisions for the future.
70 years ago at the birth of our
business. We built our business
on simplicity, quality and
tradition, and those values are
still evident in our operation
Our job is our passion. We love
what we do, and we do it for you.
We decided on a three-panel brochure based on the content we wanted
to provide. The combination logo/logotype on the front cover establishes
immediate brand recognition, and the core values place emphasis on the
central purpose of the brand. The inside content provides the background
of the brand, and pinpoints how it functions as well as its sole purpose.
The brochure concludes with contact information to schedule a tour,
presenting a call to action for the reader.

The fonts and colors used throughout demonstrate consistency and tie the
design together, eliminating any distractions associated with incompatible
design elements. Whitespace was used to provide balance and create
a clean, simple design. The pictures are the focus of the inside content,
and the text provides a path for the eyes to follow. Telling our story
and defining our values are two facets of the brand that appeal to the
traditional family values of consumers in the Scotland, Texas area.

The brochure is going to be distributed in schools, businesses, and stores

in the area. The target audience is characterized as middle class male and
female consumers, ages 20-40, who have children and live in the Scotland,
Texas area. The tours, however, are meant to draw in elementary-aged
student, so they could be considered a target audience as well.

12 - Brand Identity Guide

Brand Identity Guide - 13
Scot-Tex Dairy
123 FM 172
Scotland, Texas 76379
(904) 733-1234