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Assignment 2

Set: 27 February 2017

Due: 15:30, 13 March 2017

Please submit your assignment (Question 1 below) through the assignment

box at the School of Mathematical Sciences Office WGB 157 by the due date:
15:30pm, 13 March 2017.

Please sign your submission to indicate that this is wholly your own

If you hand this assignment in late or to the wrong location or without

your signature indicating that this is wholly your own work, a mark of
zero will be recorded unless you make a case for mitigation by submitting
supporting documentation (e.g. medical certificates) to the School of
Mathematical Sciences Office WGB 157.

1. (a) The streamfunction for an incompressible, two-dimensional flow field is

= 3r3 cos(2) + 2

Determine an expression for the shearing stress r ?

(b) For a flow field obtained by superimposing a uniform flow along +ve x-direction
and a free vortex located at the origin. Neglect the effect of the fluid weight.
Determine an expression for the pressure variation in this flow field in the form
of uniform velocity U , the vortex strength and the pressure p0 , far from
the origin. [Hint: consider polar coordinates and use Bernoulli equation once
velocity is determined.]
(c) i. State Navier-Stokes equation in cartesian coordinates and interpret each
ii. For a two-dimensional incompressible flow in the cartisian coordinates (x, y),
show that the transport equation for the z-component of the vorticity (z )
reduces to
for the inviscid fluid.

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Additional information
v 1 vr
r = r ( ) +
r r r

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