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( + ) Nina and Amy are active

( - ) Nina and Amy are not active
( ? ) Are Nina and Amy active
Yes, Nina and Amy are
No , Nina and Amy are not

2. ( + ) She has many friends from

( - ) She has not many friends
from indonesia
( ? ) Has she many friends from
Yes, she has
No, she has not
3. ( + ) I am twenty-five years old
( - ) I am not twenty-five years
( ? ) Are you twenty-five years old?
Yes, I am
No , I am not

4. ( + ) John is a barista in a cafe

( - ) John is not a barista in a cafe
( ? ) Is John a barista in a caf?
Yes, John is
No , John is not

5. ( + ) We have many interesting

( - ) We have not many
interesting places
( ? ) Have we many interesting
Yes, we have
Complete the following sentences with
No , we or have

1) My sister and I have a pet. It is a cat.

It is very cute
2) Ratna has a nice pencil case. It is
brown with white stripes.
3) Mr. and mrs. Haryanto have two
1) My father is a teacher
2) I am fourteen years old
3) We are very smart
4) She has a beautiful bag
5) Mr. and Mrs. Doni have three

children. They are smart students.
4) Denny is tired. He has a lot of work to
5) Lia is a friendly girl. No wonder she has
a lot of friends.
6) Fonda has a new mobile phone. It is
not too expensive but beautiful
7) Sita is interested in becoming an
entrepreneur. She has many books about
8) Ronald and Arman are my classmates.
Their house is near my school.they have a
big cat called kitty
9) Vivi is angry. She has a beautiful doll
but her brother destroyed it.
10) the student has a math assignment. They
have studied hard all day. They are really